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Wayne County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wayne County

Place USGS Topo Map
Auburn Brook Cambridge City
Awl Branch Hagerstown
Bat Branch Hagerstown
Bear Creek Hagerstown
Beard Run Cambridge City
Berg Brook Fountain City
Bethel Creek Whitewater
Black Brook Whitewater
Black Run Jacksonburg
Black Water Branch Jacksonburg
Boro Brook Whitewater
Boston Creek Richmond
Brethren Run Jacksonburg
Brick Creek Hagerstown
Bridge Brook Fountain City
Bryant Creek Jacksonburg
Butlers Creek Brownsville
Center Run Jacksonburg
Centeral Run Jacksonburg
Centrum Run Jacksonburg
Chester Creek Fountain City
City Run Cambridge City
Civil Run Hagerstown
Clay Run Whitewater
Clear Creek Richmond
Cold Run Jacksonburg
College Corner Branch Jacksonburg
Collor Creek Greens Fork
Common Run Jacksonburg
Cool Brook Jacksonburg
Coon Creek Cambridge City
Corey Run Hagerstown
Cream Run Liberty
Crietz Creek Cambridge City
Crown Creek Jacksonburg
Dover Run Fountain City
Dry Branch Cambridge City
East Fork Whitewater River Brookville
Economy Run Greens Fork
Elkhorn Creek Richmond
Evans Creek New Paris
Far Run Jacksonburg
Fellow Brook Fountain City
Flight Run Hagerstown
Fork Creek Richmond
Fountain Creek Fountain City
Franklin Creek Jacksonburg
Franklin Run Hagerstown
Free Run Jacksonburg
Fruit Branch Fountain City
Garden Run Fountain City
Gray Brook Whitewater
Greens Fork Jacksonburg
Grove Creek Fountain City
Hartley Run Hagerstown
High Brook Fountain City
Hiser Drain Jacksonburg
Hopewell Run Fountain City
Horn Creek Cambridge City
Jordon Creek Greens Fork
Knoll Run Fountain City
Land Drain Fountain City
Lick Branch Cambridge City
Lick Creek Richmond
Line Brook Fountain City
Little Creek Hagerstown
Locust Creek Liberty
Long Creek Fountain City
Martindale Creek Cambridge City
Middle Brook Whitewater
Middle Fork East Fork Whitewater River Richmond
Middle Run Jacksonburg
Milton Drain Cambridge City
Mixed Creek Connersville
Mono Run Hagerstown
Mop Run Greens Fork
Morgan Creek Greens Fork
Morgan Creek Fountain City
Mud Creek Whitewater
Mud Run Brownsville
Nail Creek Fountain City
Nettle Creek Hagerstown
Nolands Fork Brownsville
Odd Run Fountain City
Oser Creek Greens Fork
Our Run Jacksonburg
Pale Run Greens Fork
Pinhook Drain Jacksonburg
Point Run Jacksonburg
Pole Creek Fountain City
Price Creek Greens Fork
Pronghorn Run Cambridge City
Propeller Run Hagerstown
Quack Creek Fountain City
Quill Creek Fountain City
Reel Run Fountain City
Rich Creek Richmond
Shaker Run Falmouth
Short Creek Richmond
Show Run Hagerstown
Silver Brook Fountain City
Silver Creek Liberty
Silver Station Brook Fairhaven
Single Creek Fountain City
Single Run Hagerstown
Sleet Brook Jacksonburg
Slow Run Fountain City
Small Run Fountain City
Smith Creek Richmond
Snow Run Brook Jacksonburg
Spike Brook Fountain City
Spring Run Whitewater
Springs Run Cambridge City
Square Run Fairhaven
Sugar Shack Slue Lynn
Tea Creek Richmond
Tie Run Fountain City
Town Creek Fountain City
Tree Brook Fountain City
Ulrich Creek Hagerstown
Value Run Greens Fork
Vernon Brook Fountain City
Warm Run Jacksonburg
Wash Branch Greens Fork
Web Branch Fountain City
Web Creek Fountain City
Webster Creek Fountain City
Well Brook Fountain City
West Brook Greens Fork
West Fork East Fork Whitewater River Richmond
West Lawn Run Hagerstown
West River Hagerstown
White Branch Hagerstown
White Creek Whitewater
William Creek Fountain City
Williamsburg Creek Greens Fork
Willow Run Fountain City
Wilson Run Cambridge City
Wing Branch Hagerstown
Winter Run Jacksonburg
Woodclinch Brook Lynn
Woods Branch Fountain City
Youngs Brook Fountain City

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wayne County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wayne County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.