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Bell County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Bell County

Place USGS Topo Map
Apple Blossom Branch Balkan
Baker Branch Beverly
Beans Fork Fork Ridge
Bear Creek Kayjay
Becky Branch Kayjay
Bee Branch Varilla
Bell Branch Beverly
Bell Jellico Branch Artemus
Ben Carrol Branch Beverly
Ben Howard Branch Balkan
Bennetts Fork Middlesboro South
Bens Fork Kayjay
Betsie Branch Balkan
Big Branch Beverly
Bills Branch Middlesboro North
Birch Lick Branch Beverly
Bird Branch Middlesboro North
Blacklick Branch Varilla
Blacksnake Branch Balkan
Blacksnake Branch Varilla
Blanton Branch Balkan
Bratcher Branch Kayjay
Brooks Branch Kayjay
Browne Branch Middlesboro North
Brownies Creek Balkan
Buck Creek Eagan
Buckeye Branch Balkan
Buffalo Branch Pineville
Buffalo Creek Balkan
Bull Branch Balkan
Bullins Branch Balkan
Bunchs Branch Artemus
Burst Branch Balkan
Butcher Branch Beverly
Camp Branch Balkan
Camp Branch Beverly
Campbell Branch Balkan
Campbell Branch Kayjay
Caney Creek Pineville
Caney Creek Kayjay
Cannon Creek Middlesboro North
Carter Branch Artemus
Carter Branch Kayjay
Centers Branch Kayjay
Clear Creek Middlesboro North
Clear Fork Middlesboro North
Coal Creek Fork Ridge
Coal Stone Branch Varilla
Collins Branch Kayjay
Coon Branch Beverly
Coppers Fork Kayjay
Country Club Branch Balkan
Cow Branch Beverly
Cowans Branch Varilla
Cox Branch Wallins Creek
Cranes Creek Middlesboro North
Crooked Branch Balkan
Cubage Creek Varilla
Cy Hoskins Branch Balkan
Davis Branch Middlesboro South
Deer Branch Balkan
Devils Garden Branch Varilla
Dorton Branch Pineville
Dry Branch Balkan
Dry Branch Beverly
Dry Fork Balkan
East Jellico Branch Artemus
Elk Branch Varilla
Elliott Branch Pineville
Flat Branch Middlesboro North
Fortner Branch Fork Ridge
Fourmile Creek Pineville
Fourmile Run Middlesboro North
Furnace Branch Kayjay
Fuson Branch Middlesboro North
Fuson Branch Kayjay
Gabe Branch Balkan
Gamphor Branch Kayjay
Gibson Branch Kayjay
Gibson Branch Kayjay
Goodin Branch Artemus
Greasy Creek Artemus
Green Howard Branch Balkan
Hances Creek Varilla
Head Branch Kayjay
Hen Wilder Branch Varilla
Hignite Creek Fork Ridge
Howard Branch Pineville
Ingram Branch Kayjay
Jack Branch Kayjay
James York Branch Balkan
Jennie Branch Varilla
Jim Branch Beverly
John Branch Balkan
Johnson Branch Balkan
Jones Branch Fork Ridge
Kettle Island Branch Balkan
Knuckles Branch Balkan
Langley Branch Fork Ridge
Laurel Branch Middlesboro North
Laurel Branch Beverly
Law Branch Kayjay
Lawson Creek Beverly
Lee Andrews Branch Balkan
Lee Branch Kayjay
Left Fork Caney Creek Pineville
Left Fork Straight Creek Pineville
Left Fork Williams Branch Middlesboro North
Levi Branch Pineville
Lick Branch Balkan
Lick Fork Middlesboro North
Little Camp Branch Beverly
Little Clear Creek Middlesboro North
Little Creek Pineville
Little Yellow Creek Middlesboro South
Long Branch Pineville
Long Branch Fork Ridge
Madon Branch Kayjay
Major Branch Kayjay
Marsee Branch Fork Ridge
Martins Branch Fork Ridge
Mary Branch Balkan
Mason Branch Kayjay
McFarland Branch Balkan
Meadow Branch Balkan
Meadow Branch Varilla
Meetinghouse Branch Balkan
Middle Fork Watts Creek Balkan
Mile Branch Pineville
Mill Branch Varilla
Mill Creek Balkan
Minton Branch Balkan
Moore Branch Middlesboro North
Mose Messer Branch Pineville
Mud Lick Branch Beverly
Nelson Branch Kayjay
Newt Branch Kayjay
Newton Branch Balkan
Newtown Branch Balkan
Oak Branch Varilla
Oat Field Branch Kayjay
Old House Branch Beverly
Oldhouse Branch Balkan
Parker Branch Middlesboro South
Partin Branch Kayjay
Patterson Branch Middlesboro North
Peach Orchard Branch Beverly
Phoebe Branch Kayjay
Pickerin Branch Balkan
Pine Creek Frakes
Pitmans Creek Varilla
Pound Mill Branch Balkan
Puckett Creek Balkan
Right Fork Caney Creek Pineville
Right Fork Cubage Creek Varilla
Right Fork Williams Branch Middlesboro North
Roaring Fork Balkan
Rock Lick Branch Fork Ridge
Rockhouse Branch Balkan
Rockhouse Branch Fork Ridge
Rough Branch Balkan
Sam Low Branch Varilla
Saw Mill Branch Kayjay
Saylor Branch Balkan
Schoolhouse Branch Balkan
Shade Branch Fork Ridge
Shelton Branch Middlesboro North
Shillalah Creek Varilla
Sill Branch Kayjay
Simpson Branch Kayjay
Sims Fork Pineville
Slickrock Branch Fork Ridge
Smith Branch Middlesboro North
Sowder Creek Eagan
Steve Creek Fork Ridge
Stevenson Branch Middlesboro North
Stewart Branch Pineville
Stillhouse Branch Balkan
Stillhouse Branch Middlesboro North
Stoney Fork Balkan
Stony Fork Middlesboro South
Straight Creek Pineville
Sues Branch Fork Ridge
Sugar Run Middlesboro North
Sugarcamp Branch Varilla
Sugarcamp Branch Varilla
Tom Fork Balkan
Turkey Creek Pineville
Turnhole Branch Middlesboro North
Vaughn Branch Pineville
Watts Creek Varilla
Webb Branch Kayjay
Wheeler Creek Frakes
White Row Branch Kayjay
Wieser Branch Pineville
Wildcat Branch Kayjay
Williams Branch Middlesboro North
Willis Branch Kayjay
Wolf Pen Branch Balkan
Wolfpen Branch Varilla
Woolum Branch Pineville
Yellow Branch Middlesboro North
Yellow Cliff Branch Balkan
Yellow Creek Middlesboro North
Yellow Creek Bypass Middlesboro North
York Branch Balkan

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Bell County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Bell County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.