Greenup County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Greenup County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allcorn Creek Greenup
Annis Branch Brushart
Archy Branch Load
Ash Branch Oldtown
Backs Branch Tygarts Valley
Bear Branch Portsmouth
Bear Branch Argillite
Bear Run Ironton
Beechy Creek Load
Bellamy Branch Oldtown
Big Branch Oldtown
Big Rocky Branch Portsmouth
Blackbird Branch Load
Briery Fork Brushart
Brush Creek Argillite
Brushy Branch Load
Brushy Creek Load
Buck Branch Oldtown
Buck Creek Portsmouth
Buck Lick Brushart
Buck Run Load
Buck Run Load
Buckner Branch Brushart
Buffalo Branch Oldtown
Buzzard Roost Fork Brushart
Cane Creek Argillite
Cat Fork Load
Caudle Branch Argillite
Cedar Riffle Branch Greenup
Chadwick Creek Argillite
Chinns Branch Greenup
Clark Branch Brushart
Claylick Creek Argillite
Coal Branch Greenup
Coal Branch Argillite
Cooper Fork Oldtown
Crane Creek Oldtown
Craycraft Branch Portsmouth
Cub Run Load
Culp Creek Greenup
Daniels Fork Ashland
Deer Hill Branch Greenup
Drumm Branch Brushart
Dry Branch Portsmouth
Duck Puddle Greenup
Dugan Branch Argillite
Duncan Fork Oldtown
East Fork Little Sandy River Greenup
Far Fork Sandsuck Creek Argillite
Fisher Creek Oldtown
Fisher Fork Brushart
Frazer Branch Oldtown
Gilham Branch Oldtown
Grassy Creek Greenup
Grays Branch Wheelersburg
Greenbriar Branch Oldtown
Ham Branch Brushart
Henry Branch Argillite
Holbrook Branch Oldtown
Hoods Run Load
Horner Fork Brushart
Hunt Branch Portsmouth
Indian Run Argillite
Jacks Branch Oldtown
Jameson Fork Brushart
Joes Branch Oldtown
John Branch Argillite
Laurel Creek Oldtown
Leatherwood Branch Tygarts Valley
Left Fork Beechy Creek Brushart
Left Fork Smith Branch Load
Lick Branch Portsmouth
Lick Run Load
Lime Branch Load
Limeville Branch Portsmouth
Little Leatherwood Branch Tygarts Valley
Little Oak Creek Load
Little Rocky Branch Portsmouth
Little Sandy River Greenup
Long Branch Argillite
Long Branch Oldtown
Lost Creek Oldtown
Lost Creek Load
Lost Lick Argillite
Lowder Fork Brushart
Lower Hog Branch Oldtown
Lower White Oak Creek Portsmouth
Madden Fork Garrison
McGlone Fork Garrison
Meade Run Ironton
Mill Branch Load
Mud Lick Brushart
Muddy Branch Ashland
Near Fork Sandsuck Creek Argillite
Newberry Branch Portsmouth
North Fork Cole Branch Greenup
North Fork Oldtown Creek Oldtown
Odett Run Greenup
Old Stream Branch Argillite
Oldtown Creek Oldtown
Peter Cave Branch Portsmouth
Petercave Branch Oldtown
Pigott Branch Argillite
Pitch Branch Wheelersburg
Plum Fork Portsmouth
Pond Run Greenup
Pruitt Fork Oldtown
Raccoon Creek Greenup
Raccoon Fork Brushart
Rattlesnake Branch Oldtown
Right Fork Smith Branch Load
River Fork Brushart
Rock Branch Greenup
Rockhouse Fork Ashland
Rocky Branch Oldtown
Sandsuck Creek Argillite
Sawmill Branch Argillite
Schultz Branch Load
Schultz Creek Portsmouth
Shackle Run Greenup
Shaws Branch Tygarts Valley
Sheep Branch Portsmouth
Shores Branch Oldtown
Short Branch Greenup
Siloam Branch Portsmouth
Sinking Branch Argillite
Skillet Handle Branch Argillite
Slash Branch Wheelersburg
Smith Branch Greenup
Spicy Branch Oldtown
Stockholm Creek Brushart
Stony Fork Greenup
Stumps Run Load
Sugarcamp Branch Wheelersburg
Sugarcamp Branch Load
Sugarcamp Creek Brushart
Tarkiln Branch Load
Taylor Hunt Branch Portsmouth
Three Prong Branch Tygarts Valley
Tough Branch Argillite
Town Branch Greenup
Town Branch Portsmouth
Tunnel Branch Oldtown
Tunnel Branch Argillite
Turkey Lick Argillite
Turkeypen Fork Tygarts Valley
Tygarts Creek Portsmouth
Uhlens Run Greenup
Upper Fall Branch Oldtown
Upper Hog Branch Oldtown
Warnock Branch Oldtown
Whetstone Creek Greenup
White Oak Creek Ironton
White Oak Creek Load
Wingo Creek Portsmouth
Wolf Creek Tygarts Valley
Wolf Hollow Oldtown
Wolfpen Branch Load

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Greenup County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Greenup County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.