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Knott County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Knott County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alum Cave Branch Hindman
Alum Cave Branch Hindman
America Branch Vest
Baker Branch Vest
Baker Branch Carrie
Ball Branch Handshoe
Bates Branch Kite
Bear Branch Wayland
Bee Branch Vest
Bee Branch Vicco
Bee Creek Noble
Beech Branch Vest
Beech Creek Carrie
Beechnut Fork Hindman
Big Bend Branch Handshoe
Big Branch Wayland
Big Branch Tiptop
Big Branch Carrie
Big Branch Carrie
Big Branch Hindman
Big Cutoff Branch Vest
Big Doubles Branch Blackey
Big Firecoal Branch Handshoe
Big Fork Carrie
Big Laurel Branch Vest
Big Springs Branch Wayland
Bill D Branch Kite
Birch Branch Vest
Black John Branch Blackey
Blair Branch Blackey
Bloomer Branch Kite
Bolen Branch Handshoe
Boughcamp Branch Vest
Bracken Fork Vest
Bradley Branch Vest
Branhams Branch Hindman
Breeding Branch Blackey
Breeding Creek Blackey
Bruce Branch Handshoe
Brushy Fork Handshoe
Brushy Fork Vicco
Buck Branch Kite
Buck Branch Carrie
Buckeye Branch Hindman
Buckhorn Branch Vest
Bucklick Branch Vest
Bucks Branch Handshoe
Buffalo Branch Vest
Buffalo Branch Kite
Buzzard Den Branch Carrie
Buzzer Branch Kite
Cabin Log Branch Tiptop
Calfpen Branch Kite
Calhoun Branch Hindman
Cane Branch Noble
Caney Fork Wayland
Cave Branch Hindman
Chestnut Log Branch Carrie
Clear Creek Carrie
Clear Fork Carrie
Cockerell Trace Branch Carrie
Coles Fork Carrie
Collins Branch Kite
Combs Branch Hindman
Combs Branch Handshoe
Combs Branch Handshoe
Cottonpatch Branch Kite
Crabapple Branch Vest
Crager Fork Kite
Cutoff Branch Vest
Dans Fork Vest
Dead Mare Branch Blackey
Deadland Branch Vest
Deadman Branch Hindman
Deephole Branch Vest
Deer Fork Vest
Deerlick Branch Blackey
Defeated Creek Blackey
Devilhouse Branch Vest
Dicks Fork Carrie
Dickson Branch Carrie
Dismal Branch Handshoe
Duck Branch Vest
Duck Branch Vest
Edwards Branch Hindman
Eli Fork Vest
Elisha Fork Carrie
Elisha Fork Vest
Elk Fork Carrie
Elklick Fork Carrie
Ellis Lick Kite
Emory Branch Vest
Fallenrock Branch Vest
Fallenrock Branch Vest
Fitch Branch Handshoe
Flat Rockhouse Branch Handshoe
Flaxpatch Branch Blackey
Fourmile Branch Wayland
Garden Branch Vest
Garden Branch Vest
Gauley Branch Kite
Gearhart Fork Carrie
Gibson Creek Wayland
Green Branch Wayland
Grithy Branch Vest
Hale Branch Blackey
Hall Branch Kite
Hall Branch Kite
Hard Branch Vest
Hemppatch Branch Kite
Hickory With Branch Carrie
Hicks Branch Handshoe
Holbrook Branch Kite
Hollybush Creek Kite
Hollylick Branch Vest
House Seat Branch Handshoe
Huff Branch Wayland
Hunter Branch Wayland
Hurricane Branch Vest
Irishman Creek Blackey
Isaac Fork Kite
Jack Branch Vest
Jacks Branch Carrie
Jakes Branch Vest
Joe King Branch Kite
John Riley Branch Vest
John S Combs Branch Vest
Johnson Lick Branch Vest
Jones Fork Wayland
Joshua Branch Handshoe
Kelly Branch Vicco
Kelly Fork Carrie
Kitchen Branch Vest
Knob Bottom Branch Handshoe
Laurel Branch Vest
Laurel Fork Vest
Laurel Fork Quicksand Creek Vest
Left Fork Dry Creek Kite
Left Fork Elk Fork Carrie
Left Fork Holly Bush Creek Kite
Left Fork Trace Fork Carrie
Left Fork Troublesome Creek Hindman
Lick Branch Vest
Lick Branch Carrie
Lick Branch Vest
Lick Branch Carrie
Lick Branch Handshoe
Lick Branch Blackey
Lickskillet Branch Wayland
Little Branch Handshoe
Little Carr Fork Blackey
Little Doty Branch Wayland
Little Doubles Branch Blackey
Little Firecoal Branch Handshoe
Little Smith Branch Blackey
Long Branch Carrie
Long Branch Vest
Long Branch Handshoe
Long Fork Handshoe
Long Point Branch Vest
Loomhouse Branch Vest
Lower Bearpen Branch Vest
Lower Field Branch Vest
Lower Twin Branch Handshoe
Lower Whit Branch Vest
Lynn Log Branch Vest
Madden Fork Hindman
Mallet Branch Hindman
Mart Branch Vest
Martin Branch Wayland
Meadow Branch Hindman
Meadow Branch Kite
Messer Fork Vest
Mile Fork Hindman
Mill Branch Wayland
Mill Branch Vest
Mill Branch Hindman
Mill Branch Handshoe
Mill Creek Carrie
Mill Creek Hindman
Miller Branch Vest
Millstone Branch Tiptop
Mine Branch Handshoe
Montgomery Creek Carrie
Motts Branch Wayland
Mud Lick Branch Vest
Mullins Branch Kite
Nealy Branch Hindman
Nealy Branch Kite
Newman Branch Handshoe
Ogden Branch Carrie
Oil Well Branch Vest
Oldhouse Branch Wayland
Oldhouse Branch Kite
Oldhouse Branch Handshoe
Oldhouse Creek Kite
Onion Blade Branch Kite
Orchard Branch Vest
Orchard Branch Vest
Owens Branch Hindman
Panther Fork Vest
Panther Lick Kite
Parks Branch Hindman
Patten Branch Wayland
Patten Fork Vest
Peg Brown Branch Vest
Pencil Fork Vest
Perkins Branch Hindman
Perkins Branch Blackey
Peter Branch Vest
Pigman Branch Hindman
Plum Branch Wayland
Plum Branch Handshoe
Pond Branch Handshoe
Poplar Fork Vest
Possumtrot Branch Hindman
Potato Branch Kite
Poundmill Branch Kite
Prince Fork Vest
Puncheon Branch Kite
Puncheoncamp Branch Vest
Push Back Branch Carrie
Red Oak Branch Vicco
Reynolds Branch Hindman
Reynolds Fork Hindman
Right Fork Big Branch Carrie
Right Fork Elk Fork Carrie
Right Fork Fourmile Branch Handshoe
Right Fork Troublesome Creek Hindman
Righthand Fork Kite
Road Branch Vest
Road Branch Carrie
Road Fork Tiptop
Roaring Branch Carrie
Roaring Branch Kite
Rockhouse Branch Handshoe
Rocklick Branch Kite
Rocklick Creek Carrie
Ropeworks Branch Kite
Saddle Branch Vest
Salisbury Branch Wayland
Sams Branch Hindman
Sand Lick Vest
Sandlick Branch Handshoe
Sandlick Branch Carrie
Sassafras Creek Vicco
Sawpit Branch Hindman
Schoolhouse Branch Vest
Scip Branch Kite
Shephard Branch Vest
Shingle Branch Blackey
Short Branch Carrie
Short Branch Hindman
Short Fork Handshoe
Short Fork Vest
Short Fork Hindman
Slone Branch Wayland
Sly Branch Wayland
Smith Branch Blackey
Smith Branch Hindman
Snag Fork Handshoe
Snag Ridge Fork Vest
Sparkman Branch Hindman
Spicewood Branch Kite
Split Log Branch Vest
Spring Branch Kite
Spring Fork Vest
Spruce Pine Branch Handshoe
Squire Branch Vest
Stable Branch Carrie
Steer Fork Hindman
Stewart Fork Handshoe
Stillhouse Branch Hindman
Stillhouse Branch Carrie
Stonecoal Branch Vest
Straight Fork Vicco
Sugar Branch Vicco
Sugar Branch Blackey
Sugarcamp Branch Wayland
Sweetgum Branch Carrie
Swiftshoal Branch Carrie
Sycamore Fork Handshoe
Sylvester Branch Carrie
Terry Branch Handshoe
Terry Branch Wayland
Terry Fork Handshoe
Terry Fork Handshoe
Thornsbury Branch Wayland
Trace Branch Vest
Trace Fork Handshoe
Trace Fork Hindman
Trace Fork Hindman
Trace Fork Hindman
Triplett Branch Wayland
Turtle Branch Handshoe
Twin Branch Vest
Upper Bearpen Branch Vest
Upper Garden Branch Vest
Upper Twin Branch Handshoe
Upper Whit Branch Vest
Walkers Branch Carrie
Walnut Branch Vest
Watkins Branch Hindman
Watts Fork Hindman
White Oak Branch Vest
White Oak Flat Branch Handshoe
Wiley Branch Handshoe
Willard Branch Hindman
Wolfpen Branch Carrie
Wolfpen Branch Blackey
Wolfpen Creek Blackey
Yellow Creek Vicco
Youngs Fork Carrie
Zach Branch Vest

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Knott County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Knott County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.