Letcher County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Letcher County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abner Branch Roxana
Adams Branch Blackey
Allen Branch Mayking
Andy Branch Tilford
Andy Branch Roxana
Appletree Branch Mayking
Archies Branch Louellen
Bad Branch Whitesburg
Barkcamp Branch Tilford
Barkcamp Branch Jenkins West
Barlow Branch Jenkins West
Barlow Branch Roxana
Bartesta Branch Whitesburg
Bates Fork Tilford
Bear Branch Louellen
Bear Branch Tilford
Bear Branch Jenkins West
Beaverdam Branch Mayking
Bee Branch Whitesburg
Bee Tree Branch Blackey
Beetree Branch Blackey
Bens Branch Jenkins East
Big Bottom Branch Roxana
Big Branch Mayking
Big Branch Roxana
Big Branch Roxana
Big Eli Branch Roxana
Bill Harris Branch Roxana
Bill Moore Branch Jenkins West
Blair Branch Blackey
Blair Branch Mayking
Bo Fork Roxana
Boone Fork Jenkins West
Bottom Fork Mayking
Bottom Fork Jenkins West
Brown Branch Whitesburg
Brown Branch Whitesburg
Buck Branch Jenkins West
Buck Creek Mayking
Bunker Branch Whitesburg
Camp Branch Mayking
Camp Branch Roxana
Camp Fork Mayking
Campbell Branch Tilford
Cane Branch Jenkins East
Cane Fork Mayking
Carrion Branch Roxana
Caudill Creek Blackey
Chopping Branch Jenkins West
Cliff Branch Tilford
Coal Branch Roxana
Cole Fork Tilford
Colliers Creek Roxana
Combs Branch Mayking
Company Branch Mayking
Coon Branch Tilford
Cornetts Branch Roxana
Cottonpatch Branch Roxana
Cow Branch Mayking
Cowan Branch Whitesburg
Cowan Creek Whitesburg
Crafts Colly Creek Whitesburg
Craiger Branch Whitesburg
Cram Creek Mayking
Crases Branch Blackey
Daniels Branch Blackey
Day Branch Whitesburg
Day-Long Branch Roxana
Deadening Branch Tilford
Deadening Branch Roxana
Defeated Creek Roxana
Dick Branch Mayking
Doty Creek Blackey
Dry Fork Roxana
Dry Fork Roxana
Elk Creek Blackey
Elkhorn Branch Blackey
Elkins Branch Roxana
Fairchild Branch Mayking
Fishpond Branch Jenkins West
Flintfield Branch Roxana
Franklin Branch Mayking
Franks Creek Whitesburg
Frazier Branch Roxana
Friday Branch Mayking
Fugate Branch Roxana
Gap Branch Mayking
Garner Creek Blackey
Gibson Branch Tilford
Grapevine Branch Whitesburg
Grassy Fork Jenkins West
Grays Branch Jenkins East
Grays Branch Jenkins West
Hammonds Branch Whitesburg
Hampton Branch Whitesburg
Hayes Branch Whitesburg
Henry Maggard Branch Whitesburg
Holcomb Branch Roxana
Hollybush Branch Blackey
Horseshoe Branch Whitesburg
Hurricane Branch Mayking
Ike Branch Roxana
Indian Branch Tilford
Indian Creek Mayking
Ingram Branch Tilford
Ingram Creek Roxana
Island Branch Roxana
Jakes Creek Louellen
Jenkins Branch Whitesburg
Jim Hogg Branch Mayking
Joe Day Branch Whitesburg
Joes Branch Jenkins East
Johns Fork Jenkins East
Johnson Branch Blackey
Johnson House Branch Whitesburg
Kingdom Come Creek Roxana
Kings Creek Roxana
Koyle Branch Louellen
Laurel Branch Roxana
Laurel Fork Jenkins West
Laurelpatch Branch Louellen
Left Fork Bates Fork Tilford
Left Fork Koyle Branch Louellen
Left Fork Millstone Creek Mayking
Lewis Creek Roxana
Lick Branch Roxana
Lick Branch Blackey
Lick Branch Mayking
Lick Fork Jenkins West
Licking Rock Branch Mayking
Line Fork Vicco
Little Colly Creek Blackey
Little Cowan Creek Whitesburg
Little Creek Jenkins West
Little Dry Fork Mayking
Little Elkhorn Creek Jenkins West
Little Fork Whitesburg
Little Joe Day Branch Whitesburg
Little Laurelpatch Branch Louellen
Little Potter Branch Jenkins East
Long Branch Whitesburg
Long Branch Louellen
Long Branch Tilford
Long Branch Mayking
Long Branch Mayking
Long Branch Jenkins West
Looney Branch Roxana
Loves Branch Mayking
Low Gap Branch Blackey
Low Gap Fork Louellen
Lower Appletree Branch Mayking
Lower Gap Branch Mayking
Lower Lick Fork Vicco
Lucky Branch Roxana
Lynn Branch Roxana
Maggard Branch Whitesburg
Mare Branch Vicco
McPeak Branch Jenkins East
Meadow Branch Whitesburg
Meadow Fork Jenkins West
Meadow Fork Whitesburg
Middle Fork Beefhide Creek Jenkins West
Mill Branch Roxana
Mill Creek Mayking
Millstone Branch Mayking
Millstone Creek Mayking
Muddy Branch Roxana
Muriel Branch Tilford
Mussel White Branch Whitesburg
Ned Branch Roxana
Oldhouse Branch Roxana
Oldhouse Branch Tilford
Orchard Branch Vicco
Ovenfork Branch Whitesburg
Owens Cabin Branch Tilford
Pacies Branch Roxana
Perkins Branch Blackey
Persimmon Branch Mayking
Pert Creek Whitesburg
Pigeon Fork Tilford
Pine Branch Flat Gap
Pine Creek Mayking
Pitcher Branch Tilford
Polly Branch Mayking
Potter Fork Jenkins West
Pratts Branch Blackey
Presley House Branch Whitesburg
Quillen Fork Jenkins West
Raleigh Fork Appalachia
Ramey Fork Jenkins West
Razorblade Branch Mayking
Rhoades Branch Mayking
Right Fork Doty Creek Blackey
Right Fork Millstone Creek Mayking
Road Fork Louellen
Road Fork Tilford
Roberts Branch Whitesburg
Roberts Branch Flat Gap
Rockhouse Creek Blackey
Saltlick Branch Tilford
Sandlick Creek Whitesburg
Schuler Branch Mayking
Scotts Branch Louellen
She Fork Jenkins West
Shipley Branch Tilford
Shop Branch Whitesburg
Slick Rock Branch Whitesburg
Slipfield Branch Whitesburg
Smith Creek Whitesburg
Smoot Creek Roxana
Solomon Branch Whitesburg
South Fork Collier Creek Whitesburg
Sparkman Branch Roxana
Spicewood Branch Roxana
Spring Branch Blackey
Spring Branch Roxana
Staggerweed Branch Roxana
Stampers Branch Blackey
Stevens Fork Jenkins West
Sturgill Branch Whitesburg
Sugar Branch Mayking
Sumpter Branch Whitesburg
Talent Branch Vicco
Thicket Branch Mayking
Thompson Branch Mayking
Thornton Creek Mayking
Tolby Branch Roxana
Tolson Branch Roxana
Tom Biggs Branch Jenkins West
Trace Branch Louellen
Trace Fork Mayking
Trace Fork Mayking
Trace Fork Whitesburg
Turkey Creek Tilford
Upper Lick Fork Vicco
Valley Branch Louellen
Walters Branch Blackey
Webb Branch Mayking
Webb Branch Jenkins West
Whitaker Branch Roxana
Whitaker Branch Whitesburg
Wilson Branch Tilford
Win Branch Roxana
Wolfpen Branch Tilford
Wolfpen Branch Mayking
Wright Fork Jenkins West
Wright Fork Jenkins West
Yellowhouse Branch Mayking
Yonts Fork Jenkins West

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Letcher County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Letcher County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.