Whitley County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Whitley County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ace Branch Williamsburg
Adams Branch Jellico West
Amos Falls Branch Cumberland Falls
Archers Creek Cumberland Falls
Bacon Creek Corbin
Bailey Branch Williamsburg
Bark Camp Creek Sawyer
Bear Branch Rockholds
Becks Creek Hollyhill
Bee Shoals Creek Cumberland Falls
Ben Rose Branch Saxton
Bennett Branch Frakes
Bennetts Branch Saxton
Bingham Branch Corbin
Blake Fork Wofford
Bradford Branch Saxton
Brier Creek Williamsburg
Browns Creek Wofford
Bryant Branch Saxton
Buck Creek Saxton
Buck Creek Cumberland Falls
Buckeye Branch Williamsburg
Bucks Branch Hollyhill
Buffalo Creek Frakes
Bunch Branch Williamsburg
Bunch Creek Saxton
Bunches Creek Cumberland Falls
Buzzard Creek Cumberland Falls
Calf Pen Fork Cumberland Falls
Campbell Branch Williamsburg
Cane Creek Cumberland Falls
Cane Creek Williamsburg
Cane Creek Saxton
Caney Branch Rockholds
Cantrel Creek Cumberland Falls
Carr Creek Rockholds
Carr Creek Vox
Catfish Creek Cumberland Falls
Charlie Branch Frakes
Clear Fork Williamsburg
Coalstone Branch Frakes
Conoe Creek Vox
Corn Bread Branch Williamsburg
Corn Creek Corbin
Cotton Creek Williamsburg
Cotton Creek Rockholds
Cow Creek Cumberland Falls
Cripple Creek Wofford
Criscillis Branch Williamsburg
Crow Creek Cumberland Falls
Darbs Branch Sawyer
Davenport Branch Williamsburg
Deep Branch Saxton
Devil Creek Sawyer
Dix Branch Vox
Dog Slaughter Creek Cumberland Falls
Doolin Branch Frakes
East Fork Lynn Camp Creek Corbin
Eaton Branch Corbin
Elk Creek Jellico East
Fishing Creek Sawyer
Frozen Camp Creek Vox
Goldens Creek Frakes
Grassy Branch Sawyer
Griffith Branch Williamsburg
Gulf Branch Cumberland Falls
Hall Branch Williamsburg
Harpes Creek Frakes
Hogbed Branch Cumberland Falls
Hominy Creek Hollyhill
Idiot Branch Wofford
Indian Creek Hollyhill
Indian Creek Jellico West
Jackie Branch Sawyer
Jacks Creek Hollyhill
Jacks Fork Rockholds
Jackson Creek Jellico West
Jellico Creek Cumberland Falls
Joe Branch Saxton
Jordan Branch Williamsburg
Laurel Fork Jellico East
Laurel River Sawyer
Lick Fork Frakes
Limestone Branch Frakes
Line Creek Vox
Little Bunches Creek Cumberland Falls
Little Cane Creek Jellico East
Little Cane Creek Williamsburg
Little Dog Slaughter Creek Cumberland Falls
Little Patterson Creek Saxton
Little Spruce Creek Vox
Little Wolf Creek Williamsburg
Long Branch Cumberland Falls
Long Fork Frakes
Long Rocky Branch Saxton
Longfield Branch Williamsburg
Lynn Camp Creek Corbin
Maple Creek Saxton
Martins Fork Sawyer
Meadow Creek Barbourville
Middle Fork Sanders Creek Wofford
Miller Branch Frakes
Mud Creek Jellico East
Mulberry Branch Williamsburg
Mulberry Creek Saxton
North Fork Dog Slaughter Creek Cumberland Falls
North Fork Indian Creek Hollyhill
Opossum Creek Williamsburg
Owens Branch Barbourville
Paint Creek Hollyhill
Parks Branch Hollyhill
Parks Branch Vox
Patterson Creek Saxton
Perry Branch Jellico West
Peter Branch Cumberland Falls
Phoebe Fork Rockholds
Pigeon Roost Creek Jellico East
Pleasant Run Hollyhill
Pond Branch Cumberland Falls
Poplar Creek Saxton
Powers Branch Frakes
Puncheon Branch Frakes
Rattail Branch Williamsburg
Reese Creek Saxton
Ridner Branch Williamsburg
Rocky Fork Frakes
Rose Creek Saxton
Ross Branch Williamsburg
Rough Shoals Creek Wofford
Ryan Branch Cumberland Falls
Saltpeter Branch Williamsburg
Sanders Creek Wofford
Sandy Branch Frakes
Sarah Sparks Branch Saxton
Seminary Branch Cumberland Falls
Seng Branch Frakes
Sheep Creek Williamsburg
Shop Branch Cumberland Falls
Slick Shoals Branch Cumberland Falls
South Fork Dog Slaughter Creek Cumberland Falls
South Fork Indian Creek Hollyhill
Spice Mortar Branch Sawyer
Spruce Creek Vox
Stillhouse Branch Sawyer
Stoles Fork Rockholds
Tackett Creek Saxton
Thomas Branch Williamsburg
Tiny Branch Frakes
Trace Branch Frakes
Turkey Creek Rockholds
Tyes Fork Saxton
Walker Branch Sawyer
Watts Creek Wofford
Whetstone Creek Rockholds
Whippoorwill Creek Vox
White Oak Creek Cumberland Falls
Whitman Branch Sawyer
Wolf Creek Williamsburg
Youngs Creek Wofford

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Whitley County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Whitley County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.