La Salle County Fishing Streams

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Streams in La Salle County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Creek Summerville
Alligator Bayou Holloway
Alligator Branch Nebo
Bacon Run Nebo
Bayou Funny Louis Little Creek
Bear Branch Jena West
Bear Branch Olla East
Big Branch Fishville
Big Bushley Creek Bird Island Point
Black Branch Nebo
Browns Branch Bird Island Point
Buck Creek Nickel
Buck Holly Branch Bird Island Point
Bull Bayou Buckeye NE
Bushyhead Bayou Powell Point
Camp Bayou Bird Island Point
Castor Creek Tullos
Chickasaw Creek Tullos
Clear Branch Nebo
Clear Fork Jena West
Clear Prong Jena West
Cochran Creek Tullos
Constantine Branch Nebo
Cow Creek Nickel
Cowpen Bayou Bird Island Point
Delaney Branch Summerville
Devils Creek Bird Island Point
Doyle Branch Bird Island Point
Drake Creek Tullos
Duck Slough Holloway
Earl Creek Bird Island Point
Evans Branch Holloway
Ezell Branch Jena East
Fish Creek Little Creek
Franklin Branch Summerville
French Fork Buckeye NE
Gelvin Creek Bird Island Point
Gotch Branch Fishville
Hair Creek Jena East
Hemphill Creek Bird Island Point
Hickory Branch Bird Island Point
Hodges Branch Nickel
Horsepen Creek Nebo
Hurricane Creek Fishville
Indian Bayou Buckeye NE
Indian Creek Nebo
Island Bayou Bird Island Point
Jones Branch Bird Island Point
Jones Creek Little Creek
Jumping Bayou Powell Point
Jumping Gully Creek Jena West
Kitchen Creek Little Creek
Kitterlin Creek Fishville
Lacroix Creek Little Creek
Lick Branch Hurricane Creek Fishville
Lincecum Bayou Little Creek
Little Chickasaw Creek Tullos
Little Cow Creek Nickel
Little Creek Little Creek
Little Creek Little Creek
Little Creek Nickel
Little Jordan Branch Nebo
Little Saline Bayou Holloway
Long Branch Bird Island Point
Long Slough Buckeye NE
Mack Branch Fishville
Mason Branch Nebo
Mill Creek Fishville
Mill Creek Nebo
Mill Creek Summerville
Mound Bayou Buckeye NE
Muddy Bayou Powell Point
Muddy Prong Jena West
Muddy Slough Powell Point
Neal Branch Holum
New Union Creek Tullos
Nolan Bayou Powell Point
North Fork Big Saline Bayou Buckeye NE
Palmetto Creek Jena East
Pound Branch Nebo
Rabbit Branch Olla East
Riley Branch Jena West
Rocky Creek Nickel
Routh Creek Holloway
Safety Creek Summerville
Salty Creek Nickel
Sandy Bayou Buckeye NE
Sandy Creek Olla West
Sandy Creek Tullos
Sandy Run Bird Island Point
Schoolhouse Branch Holloway
Sulphur Creek Little Creek
Tar Kiln Branch Jena East
Tarver Creek Tullos
Taylor Bayou Powell Point
Thompson Branch Nebo
Trout Creek Fishville
Waterhole Branch Tullos
West Prong Hemphill Creek Jena West
Whiskey Run Nebo
Zimmer Creek Jena West

Above is a map and a list of the streams in La Salle County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within La Salle County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.