Natchitoches County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Natchitoches County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antoine Creek Martin
Ash Bayou Natchitoches South
Batina Branch Bellwood
Bay Spring Bayou Lena
Bayou Amulet Natchitoches North
Bayou Barbue Aloha
Bayou Blue Flora
Bayou Boulet De Canon Natchitoches South
Bayou Brevelle Cloutierville
Bayou Camitte Cloutierville
Bayou Charette Cloutierville
Bayou Chori Vowells Mill
Bayou Cocodrie Aloha
Bayou Cognac Montgomery
Bayou Couchinaha Natchitoches North
Bayou Couchinaha Natchitoches North
Bayou Cypre Gorum
Bayou de Muse Bellwood
Bayou Decorppe Natchitoches North
Bayou Decorppe Natchitoches North
Bayou Derbonne Flora
Bayou Dupont Robeline
Bayou Fausse Natchitoches North
Bayou Gorum Flora
Bayou Grande Natchitoches South
Bayou Ile Aux Vaches Natchitoches North
Bayou Julien Natchitoches South
Bayou L’Ivrogne Bayou Livrogne
Bayou Luce Flora
Bayou Lumbra Hanna
Bayou Maurice Gorum
Bayou Milieu Montgomery
Bayou Natchez Natchitoches South
Bayou Nid Aigle Aloha
Bayou Pierre Temple
Bayou Pierre Natchitoches North
Bayou Pierre Powhatan
Bayou Piroque Natchitoches North
Bayou Piroque Natchitoches North
Bayou Platte Flora
Bayou Poisson Natchitoches South
Bayou Poisson Arme Saint Maurice
Bayou Pratte Campti
Bayou Provencal Flora
Bayou Roseaux Montgomery
Bayou Saint Julian Flora
Bayou Santabarb Bellwood
Bayou Seep Montgomery
Bayou Serpent Natchitoches South
Bayou Souris Natchitoches South
Bayou Terre Blanc Allen
Bayou Terry Campti
Beaver Creek Vowells Mill
Bellwood Branch Bellwood
Big Branch Bayou Livrogne
Big Fordoche Creek Coup Point
Big Henry Branch Natchitoches South
Black Branch Provencal
Black Branch Vowells Mill
Black Lake Bayou Saint Maurice
Blackjack Branch Kurthwood
Bobs Creek Bellwood
Boggy Bayou Cloutierville
Boggy Bayou Aloha
Boggy Bayou Aloha
Boggy Bayou Powhatan
Bourbeaux Bayou Saint Maurice
Breedlove Branch Powhatan
Brickyard Branch Saline
Brule Bayou Saint Maurice
Brushy Bayou Allen
Brushy Creek Robeline
Bryant Creek Campti
Bucket Creek Chestnut
Bynogue Branch Gorum
Cabin Creek Martin
Caesar Creek Campti
Campti Bayou Campti
Cane Bayou Saint Maurice
Cane River Colfax
Caney Branch Lena
Caney Branch Kisatchie
Cedar Branch Coup Point
Cedar Branch Coup Point
Cheechee Creek Coup Point
Chevreuille Bayou Saint Maurice
Choctaw Creek Goldonna
Clear Branch Bellwood
Clear Branch Robeline
Cloud Creek Campti
Coal Kiln Creek Provencal
Coon Slough Powhatan
Coulee des Bote Natchitoches North
Cow Bayou Allen
Cox Branch Robeline
Croupon Bayou Gorum
Cypress Branch Temple
Cypress Creek Chestnut
Cypress Creek Bayou Livrogne
Demery Creek Martin
Dogneck Branch Provencal
Double Branch Kisatchie
Dry Bayou Flora
Dry Bayou Vowells Mill
Dry Branch Bellwood
Dry Choctaw Creek Goldonna
Dry Creek Bellwood
Edmund Bayou Provencal
Eightmile Creek Goldonna
Falls Branch Gorum
Flat Bayou Aloha
Flat Bayou Fairview Alpha
Flat River Powhatan
Flatwood Creek Provencal
Foster Branch Provencal
Gibbs Slough Bellwood
Gibson Ditch Powhatan
Gin Branch Bellwood
Gum Bayou Allen
Gum Branch Temple
Gumroot Branch Powhatan
Haskin Creek Hollis Creek
Hollis Creek Hollis Creek
Horse Bayou Aloha
Horsehead Creek Gorum
Horsepen Creek Bellwood
Hyatt Branch Kisatchie
Indian Bayou Hanna
Indian Spring Branch Provencal
Jack Bayou Aloha
Jim Dowden Branch Bayou Livrogne
Jims River Hanna
Johnson Chute Powhatan
Jowers Creek Gorum
Junior Branch Provencal
Key Branch Kisatchie
Kisatchie Bayou Flora
Laird Branch Bellwood
Lewis Creek Campti
Lick Branch Coup Point
Lime Creek Campti
Limekiln Bayou Natchitoches South
Little Bayou Pierre Bayou Livrogne
Little Bayou Pierre Gorum
Little Fordoche Creek Coup Point
Little Kisatchie Bayou Bayou Livrogne
Little River Aloha
Little River Powhatan
Little Sandy Creek Kisatchie
Lizzie Creek Chestnut
Long Branch Kisatchie
Lost Bayou Powhatan
Luster Branch Goldonna
Lyles Creek Kisatchie
Madden Bayou Provencal
Magason Branch Allen
Malaudos Creek Goldonna
Mallard Bayou Allen
Marl Branch Temple
Mary Branch Gorum
Mauvais Coule Saint Maurice
Mayhaw Branch Bayou Livrogne
Mayo Creek Gorum
Mayous Bayou Allen
McGee Branch Chestnut
McKims Creek Flora
Middle Bayou Powhatan
Middle Branch Bayou Livrogne
Middle Creek Bellwood
Mike Branch Kisatchie
Mill Bayou Lena
Mill Creek Coup Point
Morgan Creek Campti
Moss Branch Bayou Livrogne
Moss Coulee Bellwood
Odom Creek Kisatchie
Old River Cloutierville
Oldriver Red River Powhatan
Otter Creek Saline
Piney Branch Chestnut
Pole Branch Flora
Pole Creek Bayou Livrogne
Posey Branch Powhatan
Ragan Creek Goldonna
Rawhide Creek Allen
Reaugaulle Creek Kisatchie
Red Bayou Aloha
Red Bayou Colfax
Red Bayou Powhatan
Red Creek Bayou Livrogne
Remy Creek Campti
Rio Hondo Powhatan
Rock Creek Vowells Mill
Rocks Bayou Allen
Rocks Creek Allen
Rocky Branch Bayou Livrogne
Rocky Branch Robeline
Saddle Branch Kisatchie
Saint Johns Creek Provencal
Saint Marys Bayou Natchitoches North
Saline Bayou Saint Maurice
Salt Creek Campti
Sampre Branch Gorum
Sand Branch Bayou Livrogne
Sand Creek Flora
Sand Creek Flora
School House Creek Kisatchie
Sheard Branch Kisatchie
Simmons Creek Kisatchie
Sims Bayou Fairview Alpha
Slate Branch Natchitoches South
Spillway Bayou Cloutierville
Spring Branch Gorum
Squirrel Bayou Hanna
Squirrel Branch Kurthwood
Stacy Creek Hollis Creek
Stacy Mill Branch Provencal
Stanley Branch Bellwood
Steep Branch Bayou Livrogne
Steep Hill Creek Bayou Livrogne
Stoker Branch Robeline
Sulphur Branch Bellwood
Sulphur Branch Kisatchie
Tapalcat Bayou Allen
The Coulee Campti
Thompson Creek Evelyn
Three League Bayou Powhatan
Tiger Branch Kisatchie
Tiger Creek Kisatchie
Trudo Creek Provencal
Waldon Branch Gorum
Walker Branch Provencal
Wallace Bayou Evelyn
Watson Bayou Allen
Weaver Slough Campti
Whitlock Creek Marthaville
Williamson Branch Allen
Wilson Branch Kisatchie
Winn Creek Robeline
Wolf Branch Bayou Livrogne
Youngs Bayou Natchitoches South

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Natchitoches County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Natchitoches County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.