Sabine County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sabine County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arnold Creek Toro
Arthur Creek Toro
Augustine Bar Creek Union Springs
Ayers Branch Salter Creek
Bayou Bonna Vista Robeline
Bayou La Nana Beech Bayou
Bayou Negreet Salter Creek
Bayou of the Three Prairies Marthaville
Bayou Pedro Robeline
Bayou San Miguel Beech Bayou
Bayou San Patricio East Hamilton
Bayou Scie Beech Bayou
Bayous Adois Robeline
Bear Creek Union Springs
Beaver Creek Toro
Beaverdam Slough Belmont
Beech Bayou Beech Bayou
Big Branch Hornbeck
Big Skinner Creek Hornbeck
Blackland Branch Vowells Mill
Blackland Slough Negreet SW
Blackland Slough Toro
Blackwell Creek Many
Blue Lick Branch Peason
Bluff Creek Toro
Bossier Bayou Union Springs
Brushy Creek Negreet
Brushy Creek Belmont
Caney Creek Toro
Caney Creek Negreet
Chance Branch Hornbeck
Charley Buck Slough Brushy Creek
Choctaw Branch Beech Bayou
Chotaw Creek Loring
Clear Branch Many
Clear Branch Peason
Crib Creek Robeline
Crossway Slough Haddens
Daw Branch Pleasant Hill
Derby Branch Zwolle
Devil Branch Florien
Dick Branch Florien
Dry Creek Florien
Dry Creek Kisatchie
Dykes Creek Hollis Creek
Edmondson Creek Loring
Estes Bayou Converse
Faust Branch Peason
Finger Creek Robeline
Fox Branch Vowells Mill
Funks Bayou Beech Bayou
Gilbert Branch Toro
Goodson Creek Florien
Gum Slough Salter Creek
Hamby Creek Toro
Hampton Branch Pleasant Hill
Harpoon Bayou Loring
Harpoon Branch Many
Hildbrandt Branch Florien
Horsehead Creek Pleasant Hill
Horsepen Creek Haddens
Hurricane Branch Many
Hurricane Creek Beech Bayou
Indian Bayou Florien
Kib Bayou Peason
Kilgore Slough Brushy Creek
Klondike Creek Many
Lake Creek Hornbeck
Lewing Creek Florien
Lewis Creek Loring
Lick Branch Florien
Liton Branch Converse
Little Bayou Scie Belmont
Little Beech Bayou Beech Bayou
Little Middle Creek Vowells Mill
Little San Miguel Creek Belmont
Little Skinner Creek Toro
Lone Star Branch Peason
Long Branch Peason
Lost Bayou Pleasant Hill
Lucius Branch Toro
Many Branch Florien
McDonald Bayou Union Springs
McElvin Branch Toro
McNeely Branch Toro
Metcalf Branch Haddens
Midkiff Creek Florien
Mill Creek Toro
Mill Creek Kisatchie
Mill Creek Florien
Mosley Branch Peason
Murphy Branch Peason
Nash Creek Florien
Nashes Creek Hornbeck
Negreet Creek Negreet
North Fork Little Bayou San Miguel Pleasant Hill
North Fork San Miguel Creek Belmont
Panther Branch Toro
Pate Creek Kisatchie
Phillips Creek Loring
Prairie Branch Peason
Prairie Creek Loring
Prairie Slough Brushy Creek
Salter Creek Salter Creek
San Jose Creek Loring
San Miguel Creek Pleasant Hill
Sandy Slough East Hamilton
Santabarb Creek Vowells Mill
Sip Branch Hornbeck
Skinner Creek Hornbeck
Snake Creek Belmont
Sneed Creek Belmont
Soto Saline Slough Brushy Creek
South Lucius Creek Toro
Spring Branch Beech Bayou
Spring Branch Converse
Spring Branch Peason
Spring Branch Marthaville
Spring Creek Converse
Staughter Creek Salter Creek
Steve Branch Florien
Strickland Branch Florien
Sulphur Branch Peason
Sulphur Springs Slough Brushy Creek
Tan Trough Creek Florien
Ten Acre Creek Brushy Creek
Thomas Creek Marthaville
Thorner Lick Creek Belmont
Toro Creek Florien
Turner Creek Negreet
Turpentine Branch Many
Tynes Branch Peason
Viddfer Branch Toro
Walker Branch Peason
Wall Creek Negreet
West Toro Creek Florien
White House Branch Florien
White Lick Creek Belmont
Wildcat Creek Toro
Wilson Branch Toro
Winfrey Creek Negreet
Wolf Prong Branch Peason
Yocum Creek Toro

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sabine County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sabine County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.