Terrebonne County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Terrebonne County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Bayou Lake Quitman
Alligator Bayou Fourleague Bay
Austrian Bayou Cocodrie
Avoca Island Cutoff Morgan City SW
Bay Banan East Bay Junop
Bay Baptiste Montegut
Bay Blanc Eastern Isles Dernieres
Bay California Central Isles Dernieres
Bay Castagnier Oyster Bayou
Bay Chaland Lake La Graisse
Bay Charlie Dog Lake
Bay de l’Ouest Dog Lake
Bay de Mongles Dog Lake
Bay Junop East Bay Junop
Bay Long Bayou Sauveur
Bay Long Lake Mechant
Bay Lost Reef Lake La Graisse
Bay Pumpkin Cocodrie
Bay Round Central Isles Dernieres
Bay Sainte Elaine Cocodrie
Bay Sale Cocodrie
Bay Touch-me-not Cocodrie
Bay Voisin Grand Bayou du Large
Bay Welsh Cocodrie
Bay Wilson Central Isles Dernieres
Bayou Banan East Bay Junop
Bayou Barre Montegut
Bayou Butler Dulac
Bayou Carencro Carencro Bayou
Bayou Casse-Tete Lake Felicity
Bayou Charbon East Bay Junop
Bayou Chauvin Dulac
Bayou Chene Morgan City SE
Bayou Chevreau Lost Lake
Bayou Chevreau Lake Mechant
Bayou Chitigue Lake Tambour
Bayou Chouvere Lake Tambour
Bayou Colyell Dog Lake
Bayou Copasaw Bayou Cocodrie
Bayou De Cade Lake Mechant
Bayou De L’Ouest Dog Lake
Bayou de Log Plumb Bayou
Bayou de Mangue Lake Tambour
Bayou De West East Bay Junop
Bayou des Illettes Dog Lake
Bayou du Cougrant Lake Tambour
Bayou du Large Lake Mechant
Bayou du Nord Bayou Sauveur
Bayou Duferene Lake Tambour
Bayou Dufrene Lake Mechant
Bayou Dulac Lake Quitman
Bayou Goreau East Bay Junop
Bayou Grand Caillou Grand Bayou du Large
Bayou Guillaume Lake Felicity
Bayou Jean Lacroix Lake Felicity
Bayou John Bop Dog Lake
Bayou Jones Bayou Sauveur
Bayou l’Ourse Lake Quitman
Bayou La Cache Montegut
Bayou la Loutre Lake Mechant
Bayou Leblanc Lake Felicity
Bayou Netouche Pas Cocodrie
Bayou New Route Lost Lake
Bayou Pelton Dulac
Bayou Penchant Morgan City SE
Bayou Petit Caillou Lake Quitman
Bayou Plat Lake Quitman
Bayou Pointe au Chien Lake Bully Camp
Bayou Portage Lake Tambour
Bayou Poulailler Lake Felicity
Bayou Provost Dulac
Bayou Rambio Bayou Sauveur
Bayou Saint Jean Charles Lake Felicity
Bayou Sale Cocodrie
Bayou Sanbout Lost Lake
Bayou Sarian Plumb Bayou
Bayou Sauveur Bayou Sauveur
Bayou Shaffer Morgan City SW
Bayou Tambour Lake Tambour
Bayou Terrebonne Lake Tambour
Bayou Voisin Grand Bayou du Large
Big Bayou Jose Cocodrie
Big Carencro Bayou Lost Lake
Big Hellhole Lake East Bay Junop
Big Horn Bayou Morgan City SW
Big Misale Bayou Dog Lake
Billy Goat Bay Montegut
Biscuit Bayou Carencro Bayou
Blackbird Bayou Morgan City SW
Blue Hammock Bayou Lost Lake
Bonvillain Canal Houma
Boudreaux Canal Montegut
Brady Canal Lake Penchant
Buckskin Bayou Lost Lake
Burke Canal Morgan City SE
Burkes Bayou Point au Fer
Bush Canal Montegut
Caillou Bay Grand Bayou du Large
Caillou Lake Grand Bayou du Large
Canal Saint Jean Charles Montegut
Carencro Bayou Carencro Bayou
Carencro Lake Carencro Bayou
Copasaw Canal Bayou Cocodrie
Coupe Nouvelle Central Isles Dernieres
Creole Bayou Plumb Bayou
Creole Pass Plumb Bayou
Crochet Canal Lost Lake
Crooked Bayou Plumb Bayou
Crooked Bayou Cocodrie
Cross Bayou East Bay Junop
Cutoff Bayou Morgan City SW
Deep Saline Lake Quitman
Deer Bay Cocodrie
Deer Bayou Cocodrie
Deer Bayou Lake Mechant
Deer Island Bayou Lake Salve
Deer Island Bayou Point au Fer NE
Dog Lake Dog Lake
Dog Lake Bayou Dog Lake
Dominick Bayou Lake Mechant
Dry Horn Bayou Morgan City SW
Eagle Bayou Lost Lake
Eagle Lake Lost Lake
East Bay Junop East Bay Junop
Falgout Canal Lake Theriot
Falgout Canal Bayou Lake Theriot
Felix Lake Lake Quitman
Fiddlers Lake Lost Lake
Fish Bayou Grand Bayou du Large
Flat Bayou Central Isles Dernieres
Fohs Canal Bayou Sauveur
Forty Acre Bayou Dulac
Four Island Bayou Bayou Sauveur
Four Point Bayou Lake Quitman
Fourleague Bay Fourleague Bay
Fred Bayou Lake Mechant
Goose Bay Lake Mechant
Grand Bayou Lake Tambour
Grand Bayou du Large Grand Bayou du Large
Grand Pass Lake Mechant
Grand Pass des Ilettes Dog Lake
Hackberry Bayou Morgan City SW
Hackberry Lake Dog Lake
Hellhole Bay East Bay Junop
Hellhole Bayou East Bay Junop
Houma Navigation Canal Dulac
Humble Canal Montegut
Huth Canal Bayou Cocodrie
Indian Bay East Bay Junop
Indian Pass East Bay Junop
Jack Stout Bay East Bay Junop
Jack Stout Bayou East Bay Junop
Jacko Bay Jacko Bay
Jug Lake Lake Mechant
Kent Bayou Morgan City SE
King Lake Grand Bayou du Large
Lake Becasse Dog Lake
Lake Billiot Lake Felicity
Lake Boudreaux Dulac
Lake Chapeau Point au Fer
Lake Chien Lake Felicity
Lake De Cade Lake Theriot
Lake Felicity Lake Felicity
Lake Gascha Morgan City SW
Lake Gero Dulac
Lake Hatch Humphreys
Lake Mechant Lake Mechant
Lake Pagie Lake Mechant
Lake Penchant Lake Penchant
Lake Quitman Lake Quitman
Lake Theriot Lake Theriot
Lapeyrouse Canal Lake Quitman
Lewis Bayou Bayou Sauveur
Little Bay Jose Cocodrie
Little Bayou Chevreau Lake Mechant
Little Bayou Jose Cocodrie
Little Bayou Penchant Morgan City SW
Little Carencro Bayou Lake Penchant
Little Carencro Bayou Plumb Bayou
Little Carrion Bayou Lost Lake
Little Cocodrie Bayou Cocodrie
Little Hellhole Bayou East Bay Junop
Little Horn Bayou Morgan City SW
Little Misale Bayou Dog Lake
Little Mosquito Bayou Fourleague Bay
Little Mosquito Pass Fourleague Bay
Locust Bayou Point au Fer
Lost Lake Lost Lake
Lost Lake Pass Lost Lake
Lower Pass Morgan City SW
Madison Bay Montegut
Mangrove Bay Cocodrie
Minors Canal Lake Theriot
Moncleuse Bay Dog Lake
Moreau Beaux Bayou Lost Lake
Mosquito Bay Fourleague Bay
Mosquito Bayou Fourleague Bay
Moss Bay Cocodrie
Mound Bayou Bayou Sauveur
Mud Lake Lake Mechant
Mudhole Bay East Bay Junop
Mudhole Bayou East Bay Junop
Muskrat Bayou Dog Lake
New Canal Dulac
Oak Bayou Cocodrie
Old Lady Lake Jacko Bay
Old Oyster Bayou Lost Lake
Old Oyster Bayou Lake East Bay Junop
Oyster Bayou Oyster Bayou
Oyster Bayou Cocodrie
Palmetto Bayou Plumb Bayou
Partridge Bayou Morgan City SW
Pass des Ilettes Dog Lake
Pass des Illes Dog Lake
Pelican Bayou Central Isles Dernieres
Pelican Lake Central Isles Dernieres
Pelican Pass East Bay Junop
Peoples Canal Lake Penchant
Petit Pass des Ilettes Dog Lake
Piquant Bayou Morgan City SE
Plessale Cut Lost Lake
Plumb Bayou Plumb Bayou
Post Bayou Dog Lake
Prospere Bayou Plumb Bayou
Proveausal Bay East Bay Junop
Quitman Bayou Dog Lake
Rabbit Bayou Lake Quitman
Raccourci Bay Lake Mechant
Raccourci Bayou Lake Mechant
Rainbow Bayou Plumb Bayou
Rat Bayou East Bay Junop
Redfish Bayou Grand Bayou du Large
Rice Bayou Lost Lake
Robinson Canal Lake Quitman
Saint Paul Bayou Bayou Cocodrie
Salt Bay Dog Lake
Schooner Bayou Lost Lake
Superior Canal Lake Penchant
Sword Bayou Morgan City SW
Tambour Bay Cocodrie
Taylors Bayou East Bay Junop
Terrebonne Bay Lake La Graisse
The Narrows Lost Lake
Tony Bayou East Bay Junop
Tony Lake East Bay Junop
Towhead Bayou Morgan City SW
Treasure Bayou Bayou Sauveur
Trinity Bay Eastern Isles Dernieres
Troiscent Piquets Bay Cocodrie
Trouble Bayou Dog Lake
Turtle Bayou Grand Bayou du Large
Turtle Bayou Lost Lake
Turtle Bayou Morgan City SE
Turtle Bayou Lake Penchant
Victors Bayou Plumb Bayou
Violin Bayou Lost Lake
Voss Canal Lake Mechant
Vouvia Bayou East Bay Junop
Wax Bayou Lake Quitman
Wildcat Bayou Fourleague Bay
Willow Bayou Plumb Bayou
Wonder Lake Montegut

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Terrebonne County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Terrebonne County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.