Cumberland County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Cumberland County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ash Point Cove South Harpswell
Back Cove Portland West
Basin Cove Freeport
Beach Cove Portland East
Beals Cove Orrs Island
Bennett Cove Portland East
Boat Cove Cape Elizabeth
Brickyard Cove Freeport
Brickyard Cove Orrs Island
Broad Cove Cape Elizabeth
Broad Cove Cape Elizabeth
Broad Cove Portland East
Broad Cove Yarmouth
Broad Sound South Harpswell
Broken Cove South Harpswell
Brown Cove North Windham
Burnell Cove Naples
Buttermilk Cove Orrs Island
Camp Cove North Windham
Card Cove Orrs Island
Casco Bay South Harpswell
Chandler Cove Portland East
Chivericks Cove Portland East
Clam Cove Cape Elizabeth
Clark Cove Orrs Island
Clubhouse Cove North Windham
Cocktail Cove South Harpswell
Coleman Cove South Harpswell
Cub Cove Naples
Cundy Harbor Orrs Island
Curtis Cove Freeport
Danford Cove Portland East
Dead Mans Cove Yarmouth
Diamond Cove Portland East
Dingley Cove Orrs Island
Dipper Cove Orrs Island
Dorseys Cove Portland East
Doughty Cove Orrs Island
Dyer Cove Cape Elizabeth
Dyer Cove Orrs Island
Edwards Cove Mechanic Falls
Elm Tree Cove Portland East
Fishermans Cove South Harpswell
Flag Cove Naples
Goose Cove Freeport
Great Harbor Cove South Harpswell
Great Ledge Cove Portland East
Gun Point Cove Orrs Island
Hadlock Cove Portland East
Hall Cove North Windham
Hall Cove North Windham
Hallicom Cove Cape Elizabeth
Harbor Grace Portland East
Harpswell Cove Orrs Island
Harpswell Harbor Freeport
Harpswell Sound Orrs Island
Hayden Bay Raymond
Hen Cove Orrs Island
Hunger Bay North Windham
Hussey Sound Portland East
Indian Cove Portland East
Jackson Cove Naples
John Cove Cape Elizabeth
Johnson Cove South Harpswell
Jordan Bay Raymond
Josiahs Cove Portland East
Kettle Cove Naples
Lamson Cove Portland East
Little Cove Cape Elizabeth
Little Cove Bridgton
Lombos Hole Orrs Island
Long Cove Portland East
Long Cove Orrs Island
Long Reach Orrs Island
Loon Cove North Sebago
Lowell Cove Orrs Island
Lower Bay Sebago Lake
Lower Harvey Cove Naples
Luckse Sound Portland East
Mackerel Cove South Harpswell
Maiden Cove Portland East
Maple Cove Naples
Maquoit Bay Freeport
Mast Cove North Sebago
Maxwell Cove Cape Elizabeth
Merepoint Bay Freeport
Merriconeag Sound South Harpswell
Merriman Cove Orrs Island
Middle Bay Orrs Island
Middle Bay Cove Orrs Island
Mill Cove Orrs Island
Mussel Cove Cape Elizabeth
Mussel Cove Portland East
New Place Cove Naples
Nonesuch Cove Prouts Neck
North Cove North Sebago
Orrs Cove Orrs Island
Peter Cove Freeport
Pond Cove Cape Elizabeth
Potts Harbor South Harpswell
Punchbowl South Harpswell
Quahog Bay Orrs Island
Reed Cove Orrs Island
Rich Cove Orrs Island
Richmond Island Harbor Cape Elizabeth
Ridley Cove Orrs Island
Sandy Cove Bridgton
Sandy Cove Orrs Island
Schooner Cove Naples
Seal Cove Cape Elizabeth
Seal Cove Portland East
Sebago Cove Naples
Shark Cove Portland East
Shelldrake Cove North Windham
Shingle Cove Naples
Ship Cove Portland East
Simonton Cove Portland East
Skolfield Cove Orrs Island
Sloanes Cove Raymond
Smugglers Cove Cape Elizabeth
Spar Cove Portland East
Spar Cove Freeport
Spicers Cove Portland East
Spring Cove Portland East
Spring Cove Cape Elizabeth
Staples Cove Freeport
Staples Cove Cape Elizabeth
Stover Cove Freeport
The Dock Orrs Island
Thomas Bay Brunswick
Turtle Cove Naples
Upper Harvey Cove Naples
Wards Cove North Sebago
Water Cove Bailey Island
Western Cove Prouts Neck
Wharf Cove Portland East
White Cove Yarmouth
Widgeon Cove Orrs Island
Wilson Cove Orrs Island
Witch Cove Naples
Woodward Cove Orrs Island
Wreck Cove Portland East
Zeb Cove Cape Elizabeth

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Cumberland County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Cumberland County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.