Cumberland County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Cumberland County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ai Brook Raymond
Alewife Brook Cape Elizabeth
Allen Range Brook Freeport
Anderson Brook Gorham
Anthoine Creek Portland West
Bachelder Brook North Sebago
Baker Brook North Windham
Barberry Creek Portland West
Bartlett Brook Naples
Bear Brook Gray
Bear River Bridgton
Beaver Brook Old Orchard Beach
Beaver Pond Brook Portland West
Beech Ridge Brook Old Orchard Beach
Black Brook Gorham
Bond Brook Old Orchard Beach
Brandy Brook Gorham
Brandy Brook Gray
Breakneck Brook Cornish
Bunganuc Stream Freeport
Burgess Brook Casco
Carsley Brook Bridgton
Carter Brook Old Orchard Beach
Cascade Brook Prouts Neck
Chandler Brook Yarmouth
Chenery Brook Portland East
Clark Brook Portland West
Cold Brook Casco
Cold Spring Brook Gorham
Cole Brook Gray
Colley Wright Brook Gorham
Collins Brook North Pownal
Collyer Brook Gray
Cousins River Yarmouth
Crooked River Naples
Day Brook Bridgton
Decker Brook Naples
Deer Brook Cumberland Center
Dingley Brook Naples
Dingley Brook Naples
Ditch Brook North Windham
Dock Brook Pleasant Mountain
Douglas Brook Gorham
Douglass Brook North Sebago
Dug Hill Brook Cornish
Dunstan River Prouts Neck
Dutton Hills Brook North Windham
Dyer Brook Prouts Neck
East Branch Chandler Brook Yarmouth
East Branch Piscataqua River Portland West
Eastman Brook Casco
Eddy Brook Gray
Elmer Brook North Windham
Fall Brook Portland West
Farm Brook Gorham
Farwell Brook Raymond
Files Brook Gorham
Finnerd Brook Old Orchard Beach
Fogg Brook Old Orchard Beach
Fore River Portland East
Fort Hill Brook Gorham
Foster Brook Minot
Frost Gully Brook Freeport
Gay Brook Raymond
Glantz Brook North Windham
Gristmill Brook North Sebago
Gully Brook Gorham
Hamblen Brook Gorham
Hanson Brook North Sebago
Harraseeket River Freeport
Harvey Brook Yarmouth
Haskell Brook North Windham
Hatchery Brook Gray
Hayden Brook Raymond
Heath Brook Steep Falls
Heath Brook Steep Falls
Higgins Creek Prouts Neck
Hill Brook North Sebago
Hobbs Brook Cumberland Center
Hyde Brook Raymond
Indian Camp Brook Gorham
Inkhorn Brook Gorham
Jack Branch Bridgton
Jaquish Gut South Harpswell
Johnson Branch Portland West
Johnson Brook Gorham
Josies Brook Standish
Kelsey Brook Freeport
Kimball Brook Portland West
Lakin Brook North Sebago
Lambert Point Stream Yarmouth
Leavitt Brook North Sebago
Legrand Brook North Windham
Libby Brook Gray
Libby River Prouts Neck
Lincoln Weeks Brook Gorham
Little River Freeport
Little River Gorham
Long Creek Portland West
Mare Brook Orrs Island
Martin Brook Gorham
Maxfield Brook Yarmouth
McIntosh Brook Cumberland Center
Meader Brook Portland West
Meadow Brook Gray
Meadow Brook Raymond
Meadow Brook Raymond
Meadow Brook Raymond
Merrill Brook Yarmouth
Mill Brook Prouts Neck
Mill Brook Portland West
Mill Brook Yarmouth
Mill Brook Gray
Mill Brook Naples
Mill Brook North Sebago
Mill Creek Portland East
Mill Stream Freeport
Miller Creek Orrs Island
Milliken Brook Gorham
Minnow Brook Portland West
Molly Gut Casco
Mosher Brook Gorham
Mosquito Brook Gray
Muddy River North Sebago
Nason Brook North Windham
Nason Brook North Sebago
Nonesuch River Prouts Neck
North Branch Portland West
North Branch Little River Gorham
Northwest River Steep Falls
Norton Brook Portland East
Nubble Brook Raymond
Ollie Brook North Windham
Otter Brook North Windham
Outlet Brook North Windham
Panther Run Raymond
Phillips Brook Prouts Neck
Pigeon Brook Steep Falls
Piscataqua River Portland West
Pleasant River North Windham
Pollack Creek Prouts Neck
Pond Cove Brook Cape Elizabeth
Pratts Brook Yarmouth
Presumpscot River Portland East
Quaker Brook Steep Falls
Red Brook Portland West
Robinson Brook Raymond
Roddings Creek Yarmouth
Rodgers Brook Bridgton
Rolfe Brook Raymond
Royal River Yarmouth
Runaround Brook North Pownal
Russell Brook Casco
Samborn Brook Gorham
Sand Brook Raymond
Sawyer Brook Pleasant Mountain
Scarborough River Prouts Neck
Scitterygusset Creek Portland East
Silver Brook Old Orchard Beach
Simpson Brook Lisbon Falls South
Skunk Knoll Brook Gorham
Small Brook Portland West
Smith Brook Bridgton
Smith Brook Casco
Songo River Naples
South Branch Stroudwater River Gorham
Spurwink River Prouts Neck
Stanley Hall Brook North Windham
Stevens Brook Gray
Stevens Brook Bridgton
Sticky River Sebago Lake
Strawberry Creek Orrs Island
Stroudwater River Portland West
Strout Brook Gorham
Strout Brook Steep Falls
Stuart Brook Old Orchard Beach
Sucker Brook North Sebago
Sucker Brook Raymond
Tannery Brook Gorham
Tenny River Raymond
Thayer Brook Cumberland Center
Thoits Branch North Pownal
Thomes Brook Bridgton
Tingley Brook North Sebago
Toddy Brook Yarmouth
Town Farm Brook North Sebago
Trout Brook Portland East
Tucker Brook Steep Falls
Valley Brook Raymond
Ward Brook Gorham
Weeman Brook North Sebago
Westcott Brook Gorham
Westcott Brook Gray
Whitney Brook Naples
Wiggins Brook Cumberland Center
Willett Brook Bridgton
Willow Brook Cape Elizabeth
Wills Gut Bailey Island
Wilson Brook Mechanic Falls
Windle Brook Yarmouth
Woodsum Brook Waterford Flat

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Cumberland County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Cumberland County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.