Franklin County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Franklin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adley Pond Madrid
Androscoggin River Reservoir Livermore Falls
Androscoggin River Reservoir Wilton
Androscoggin River Reservoir Wilton
Arnold Pond Louise Mountain
Bag Pond Chain of Ponds
Ballard Pond Farmington
Barnard Pond Tim Mountain
Bauds Pond New Vineyard
Beal Pond Redington
Beattie Pond Boundary Pond
Beaver Bog Kennebago Lake
Beaver Pond Phillips
Beaver Pond Houghton
Beaver Pond Houghton
Beaver Pond Northwest Pond
Ben Gile Pond Kennebago Lake
Big Island Pond Chain of Ponds
Big Island Pond Chain of Ponds
Blanchard Pond Jim Pond
Blanchard Ponds Kennebago Lake
Bog Pond Madrid
Boundary Pond Boundary Pond
Bugeye Pond Jim Pond
Caribou Bog Chain of Ponds
Caribou Pond Sugarloaf Mountain
Carrabassett River Reservoir Kingfield
Chain Lakes Chain of Ponds
Chain of Ponds Chain of Ponds
Chase Pond Jim Pond
Chittenden Pond King And Bartlett Mountain
City Pond Saddleback Mountain
Clear Pond Boundary Pond
Clearwater Pond New Sharon
Cloutman Pond Kennebago
Cow Pond Kennebago Lake
Cranberry Pond The Horns
Crosby Pond Louise Mountain
Crowell Pond Farmington Falls
Day Mountain Pond Strong
Day Pond Kingfield
Dill Pond Quill Hill
Dodge Pond Rangeley
Douglas Pond Tumbledown Mountain
Drury Pond Farmington
Eddy Pond Saddleback Mountain
Elaine Pond Skinner
Ellis Pond Oquossoc
Ethel Pond Saddleback Mountain
Fellows Pond Farmington Falls
Flatiron Pond Kennebago Lake
Gile Logan Kennebago Lake
Grants Pond Mount Blue
Grants Pond Northwest Pond
Greely Pond Quill Hill
Greenbush Pond Tim Mountain
Grindstone Pond Poplar Mountain
Gull Pond Rangeley
Haley Pond Rangeley
Halfmoon Pond Rumford
Hammond Pond Poplar Mountain
Harvey Pond Jackson Mountain
Hid Pond Poplar Mountain
Hills Pond Mount Blue
Holman Pond Mount Blue
Horseshoe Pond Farmington Falls
Horseshoe Pond Louise Mountain
Hurricane Pond Jim Pond
Jackson Pond Jackson Mountain
Jessie Pond Mount Blue
Jim Pond Jim Pond
Johns Pond Kennebago
Jones Pond Sugarloaf Mountain
Kamankeag Pond Kennebago
Kennebago Lake Kennebago Lake
L Pond Chain of Ponds
Ledge Pond Saddleback Mountain
Lily Pond Strong
Little Barnard Pond Tim Mountain
Little Greely Pond Quill Hill
Little Greenbush Pond Jim Pond
Little Island Pond Northwest Pond
Little Jim Pond King And Bartlett Mountain
Little Kennebago Lake Little Kennebago Lake
Little Norridgewock Stream Reservoir Farmington Falls
Little Northwest Pond Northwest Pond
Little Saddleback Pond Saddleback Mountain
Little Swift River Pond Jackson Mountain
Little Tea Pond Tim Mountain
Little Viles Pond Jim Pond
Locke Pond Farmington Falls
Long Logan Kennebago Lake
Long Pond Chain of Ponds
Long Pond Saddleback Mountain
Long Pond Houghton
Long Pond Northwest Pond
Loon Lake Kennebago Lake
Lost Logan Kennebago Lake
Lost Pond Chain of Ponds
Lower Pond Chain of Ponds
Lufkin Pond Madrid
Massachusetts Bog Northwest Pond
Maxie Pond Houghton
McIntire Pond Belgrade Lakes
Midway Pond Saddleback Mountain
Mill Pond New Vineyard
Mill Pond New Vineyard
Moose and Deer Pond Saddleback Mountain
Mosher Pond New Sharon
Mount Blue Pond Phillips
Mountain Pond Rangeley
Mud Pond Farmington
Mud Pond Madrid
Mud Pond King And Bartlett Mountain
Mud Pond Louise Mountain
Mud Pond Boundary Pond
Mud Pond Tim Mountain
Mud Pond Rangeley
Nash Pond Strong
Natanis Pond Chain of Ponds
Norcross Pond Farmington Falls
North Branch Dead River Reservoir Stratton
North Pond Farmington Falls
Northwest Pond Northwest Pond
Nutting Pond Oquossoc
Oqim Pond Skinner
Otter Pond Northwest Pond
Parker Pond Wilton
Pearl Pond Madrid
Pease Pond Wilton
Perk Pond Kennebago Lake
Perry Pond Saddleback Mountain
Pinnacle Pond Kingfield
Podunk Pond Dixfield
Poison Pond Jim Pond
Porter Lake Strong
Prick Pond Kibby Mountain
Quill Pond Quill Hill
Quimby Pond Rangeley
Rangeley Lake Rangeley
Redington Pond Poplar Mountain
Redington Pond Redington
Reed Pond Tim Mountain
Robinson Pond Farmington Falls
Rock Pond Northwest Pond
Rock Pond Saddleback Mountain
Roland Pond Kennebago Lake
Ross Pond Rangeley
Round Mountain Pond Chain of Ponds
Round Pond Farmington Falls
Round Pond Chain of Ponds
Round Pond Rangeley
Round Pond Houghton
Sabbath Day Pond Houghton
Saddleback Lake Saddleback Mountain
Saddleback Pond Redington
Sand Pond Farmington Falls
Sandy River Ponds Saddleback Mountain
Sapet Pond Skinner
Secret Bog Kennebago Lake
Secret Pond Northwest Pond
Shallow Pond Jim Pond
Shiloh Pond Poplar Mountain
Sipun Pond Skinner
Snow Mountain Pond Chain of Ponds
South Boundary Pond Northwest Pond
South Pond Jackson Mountain
Southwest Pond Jackson Mountain
Spencer Pond Houghton
Staples Pond Farmington
Stetson Pond Madrid
Stratton Brook Pond Sugarloaf Mountain
Swift River Pond Jackson Mountain
Taylor Hill Pond Strong
Tea Pond Tim Mountain
Temple Stream Reservoir Farmington
The Horns Pond The Horns
Third Greely Pond Quill Hill
Tim Pond Black Mountain
Toothaker Pond Madrid
Tory Hill Pond Phillips
Tr-Arnold Pond Louise Mountain
Trout Pond Skinner
Tufts Pond Kingfield
Tumbledown Pond Roxbury
Twin Island Pond Skinner
Unknown Pond Boundary Pond
Varnum Pond Farmington
Viles Pond Jim Pond
Webb Lake Weld
Wethern Pond Stratton
White Cap Pond Little Kennebago Lake
Wilson Pond East Dixfield
Wilson Pond Wilton
Wing Pond Skinner
Winslow Pond Redington
Witham Bog Jackson Mountain
Witham Pond Jackson Mountain
Yorks Logan Kennebago Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Franklin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Franklin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.