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Franklin County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Franklin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Brook Farmington
Alder Brook Kingfield
Alder Brook Mount Blue
Alder Inlet Black Mountain
Alder Stream Kingfield
Alder Stream Jim Pond
Allen Brook East Dixfield
Anderson Brook Mount Blue
Bachelor Brook Weld
Baker Brook Quill Hill
Barker Brook New Vineyard
Barker Stream Farmington
Barnard Brook Tim Mountain
Basin Brook Weld
Bates Brook East Dixfield
Beales Brook New Sharon
Bean Brook Strong
Bear Brook Chain of Ponds
Bear Brook Little Kennebago Lake
Beaver Bog Brook Black Mountain
Beaver Brook Farmington
Bemis Stream Houghton
Berry Brook Weld
Big Sag Brook Kennebago Lake
Black Brook Kennebago Lake
Blanchard Brook Kennebago Lake
Blanchard Pond Outlet Jim Pond
Bog Brook Skinner
Boundary Brook Boundary Pond
Bowley Brook Weld
Bradbury Brook Stratton
Bragdon Brook New Sharon
Butterfield Brook East Dixfield
Caribou Flow Kibby Mountain
Cascade Brook Farmington
Cascade Stream Saddleback Mountain
Chandler Mill Stream Jackson Mountain
Cherry Run Tim Mountain
Clay Brook Poplar Mountain
Clearwater Brook Chain of Ponds
Cold Brook Poplar Mountain
Cold Stream Saddleback Mountain
Conant Brook Mount Blue
Conant Stream Redington
Cottle Brook Madrid
Coubers Brook Wilton
Cram Brook East Dixfield
Crossman Stream Madrid
Crowley Branch Little Kennebago Lake
Dakin Brook Mount Blue
Dead Brook Skinner
Dead Stream Strong
Dickey Brook Strong
Doctor Brook Strong
Dunning Brook Weld
Durgin Brook Dixfield
East Branch Kibby Stream Jim Pond
East Branch Moose River Kibby Mountain
East Brook Weld
Edes Brook Mount Blue
Fillibrown Brook Mercer
Fish Brook New Vineyard
Flatiron Brook Kennebago Lake
Four Ponds Brook Houghton
Fran Brook Weld
Fuller Brook Wilton
Geneva Bog Brook Saddleback Mountain
Gilkey Brook Strong
Gold Brook Jim Pond
Goodrich Brook New Sharon
Green Brook Weld
Greenbush Inlet Tim Mountain
Gus Mitchell Brook Farmington
Hack Inlet Black Mountain
Hale Brook Mercer
Haley Brook Saddleback Mountain
Haley Brook Saddleback Mountain
Halfmile Brook Chain of Ponds
Hall Brook New Vineyard
Hammond Field Brook Poplar Mountain
Hanscom Brook Dixfield
Hardy Brook Farmington
Hardy Stream Redington
Hatchery Brook Rangeley
Hay Bog Brook Kibby Mountain
Henry Mitchell Brook Farmington
Hogans Brook Boundary Pond
Horseshoe Stream Chain of Ponds
Houghton Brook Weld
Huckleberry Stream Wilton
Hurricane Brook The Horns
Huston Brook Poplar Mountain
Hutchinson Brook Weld
Indian Brook Skinner
Indian Stream Kingfield
Indian Stream Chain of Ponds
James Brook Wilton
Jim Pond Brook Stratton
Jim Pond Brook King And Bartlett Mountain
Jolly Brook East Dixfield
Jont Stream Madrid
Kennebago River Oquossoc
Keyes Brook Weld
Kittredge Brook Dixfield
Lapham Brook Weld
Ledge Brook Kingfield
Little Alder Stream Tim Mountain
Little Gulf Stream Skinner
Little Norridgewock Stream Farmington Falls
Long Pond Stream Saddleback Mountain
Lutton Brook Stratton
Martin Brook Rangeley
Massachusetts Bog Stream Louise Mountain
McGurdy Stream Farmington Falls
McLeary Brook Strong
Meadow Brook Wilton
Middle Branch Alder Stream Black Mountain
Middle Branch Kibby Stream Jim Pond
Mill Brook Boundary Pond
Mill Brook Saddleback Mountain
Mitchell Brook New Vineyard
Mitchell Brook Rumford
Mosquito Brook Livermore Falls
Mount Blue Stream Phillips
Mountain Brook Houghton
Mountain Pond Stream Rangeley
Muddy Brook New Sharon
Nash Brook Wilton
Nash Brook Jim Pond
Nash Stream Stratton
Nile Brook Rangeley
North Branch Alder Stream Black Mountain
North Branch Dead River Stratton
Northwest Inlet Jim Pond
Norton Brook Mount Abraham
Norton Brook Kennebago Lake
Number One Brook Boundary Pond
Number Six Brook Kibby Mountain
Orbeton Stream Madrid
Otter Brook Little Kennebago Lake
Parlin Brook Weld
Perham Stream Redington
Pine Brook East Dixfield
Poplar Brook Poplar Mountain
Poplar Stream Poplar Mountain
Potash Brook East Dixfield
Quick Stream Mount Abraham
Quill Pond Brook Quill Hill
Quimby Brook Rangeley
Rand Brook Weld
Rangeley River Oquossoc
Rapid Stream Kingfield
Redington Pond Outlet Sugarloaf Mountain
Redington Stream Saddleback Mountain
Reed Brook Poplar Mountain
Reed Brook Stratton
Ridley Brook East Dixfield
Robinson Brook Chain of Ponds
Rock Pond Stream Saddleback Mountain
Sable Mill Brook Little Kennebago Lake
Saddleback Stream Madrid
Sawyer Brook Tim Mountain
Sevenmile Stream Wilton
Shadagee Brook Jim Pond
Skunk Branch Black Nubble
Smart Brook Skinner
Smith Brook Skinner
Snowman Brook Weld
Sol Brook Little Kennebago Lake
South Bog Stream Rangeley
South Branch Alder Stream Black Mountain
South Branch Carrabasset River Sugarloaf Mountain
South Branch Dead River Stratton
South Branch Moose River Skinner
South Branch Sandy River Madrid
South Brook Poplar Mountain
Stanley Stream Kingfield
Stoney Brook Sugarloaf Mountain
Stony Brook Wilton
Stratton Brook Stratton
Sugar Brook Farmington Falls
Swett Brook Weld
Taylor Brook Kingfield
Tea Brook Stratton
Temple Brook Mount Blue
Temple Stream Farmington
Tim Brook Stratton
Toothaker Brook Houghton
Townsend Brook Mount Blue
Trask Brook Phillips
Trout Brook Stratton
Tucker Valley Brook East Dixfield
Tufts Pond Brook Kingfield
Tumbledown Brook Roxbury
Valley Brook Strong
Varnum Stream Wilton
Viles Brook Jim Pond
Webb River Dixfield
Welch Brook Houghton
West Branch Alder Stream Black Mountain
West Branch Carrabassett River Kingfield
West Branch Clearwater Brook Chain of Ponds
West Branch Gulf Stream Skinner
West Branch Mill Brook Boundary Pond
West Branch Moose River Kibby Mountain
West Branch Nash Stream Quill Hill
West Branch Spencer Stream Tumbledown Mountain
West Brook Weld
Whetstone Brook Oquossoc
Whiskey Brook Stratton
Whittier Brook Farmington Falls
Wiggle Brook Little Kennebago Lake
Wilber Brook Kennebago Lake
Wilson Stream Farmington Falls
Wilson Stream East Dixfield
Winship Stream Redington
Winter Brook Farmington
Yeaton Brook Weld

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Franklin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Franklin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.