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Knox County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Knox County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ames Creek North Haven West
Arey Cove Vinalhaven
Armstrong Cove North Haven East
Back Cove Matinicus
Ballyhac Cove Rockland
Banks Cove North Haven East
Barred Harbor Isle Au Haut West
Bartlett Harbor North Haven West
Baum Bay Thomaston
Billys Cove North Haven West
Boathouse Cove Vinalhaven
Broad Cove Thomaston
Broad Cove Rockland
Browns Cove North Haven West
Bull Cove Matinicus
Burgess Cove Matinicus
Camden Harbor Camden
Camp Cove Matinicus
Carver Cove Vinalhaven
Carvers Cove Vinalhaven
Carvers Harbor Vinalhaven
Cato Cove Matinicus
Cherry Tree Cove Vinalhaven
Clam Cove Camden
Clam Cove Vinalhaven
Clark Cove Tenants Harbor
Condon Cove Matinicus
Cox Cove North Haven West
Criehaven Harbor Matinicus
Crockett Cove Leadbetter Island
Crockett Cove North Haven West
Cubby Hole North Haven East
Cutler Cove Thomaston
Davis Cove Friendship
Days Cove Vinalhaven
Deep Cove Matinicus
Deep Cove Friendship
Deep Cove Vinalhaven
Deep Cove Rockland
Deep Cove Isle Au Haut West
Delano Cove Friendship
Dix Island Harbor Rockland
Dodges Cove Isle Au Haut East
Drinking Cove Tenants Harbor
Duck Harbor Isle Au Haut West
False Whitehead Harbor Rockland
Fish Hook Vinalhaven
Fish House Cove Vinalhaven
Floods Cove Friendship
Frenchman Cove Matinicus
Friendship Harbor Friendship
Gay Cove Friendship
Georges Harbor Friendship
Greens Island Cove Vinalhaven
Harrington Cove Thomaston
Hatchet Cove Friendship
Head Harbor Isle Au Haut East
Hog Cove Camden
Home Harbor Hewett Island
Hornbarn Cove Friendship
Hurricane Sound Leadbetter Island
Hyler Cove Thomaston
Indian Creek Vinalhaven
Isle Au Haut Bay Isle Au Haut West
Jennings Cove Vinalhaven
Kent Cove North Haven East
Laundry Cove Isle Au Haut West
Lermond Cove Rockland
Long Cove Matinicus
Long Cove Tenants Harbor
Long Cove North Haven West
Long Cove Leadbetter Island
Maple Juice Cove Friendship
Marsh Cove Isle Au Haut West
Marsh Cove North Haven East
Matinicus Harbor Matinicus
Merchants Cove Isle Au Haut West
Mill Cove Thomaston
Mill Pond Vinalhaven
Mill Priviledge Vinalhaven
Mill Stream North Haven East
Ministers Creek North Haven West
Moores Harbor Isle Au Haut West
Mosquito Harbor Tenants Harbor
Mullen Cove North Haven East
Nabby Cove Rockland
Northeast Cove Matinicus
Northwest Cove Isle Au Haut West
Nortons Cove North Haven West
Old Cove Matinicus
Old Cove Isle Au Haut East
Old Harbor Vinalhaven
Otis Cove Tenants Harbor
Owls Head Bay Rockland
Owls Head Harbor Rockland
Pasture Cove Matinicus
Penobscot Bay North Haven West
Philbrook Cove Matinicus
Polly Cove Vinalhaven
Pond Cove Matinicus
Pond Point Isle Au Haut East
Port Clyde Harbor Friendship
Pulpit Harbor North Haven West
Rackliff Bay Tenants Harbor
Reindeer Cove Vinalhaven
Richs Cove Isle Au Haut East
Roberts Harbor Vinalhaven
Rockland Harbor Rockland
Saint George Harbor Tenants Harbor
Salt Works Cove Vinalhaven
Sand Cove Vinalhaven
Sands Cove Vinalhaven
Seal Bay Vinalhaven
Seal Bay Vinalhaven
Seal Cove Matinicus
Seal Cove Vinalhaven
Seal Harbor Tenants Harbor
Seavey Cove Tenants Harbor
Sheep Thief Gulch Isle Au Haut East
Sherman Cove Camden
Shipwreck Cove Vinalhaven
Smith Cove Vinalhaven
Smith Harbor Vinalhaven
Southern Harbor North Haven West
Southwest Cove Matinicus
Squeaker Cove Isle Au Haut West
Teel Cove Friendship
Tenants Harbor Tenants Harbor
The Basin Vinalhaven
The Reach Vinalhaven
The Seal Trap Isle Au Haut West
The Swimming Pool Vinalhaven
Thunder Gulch Isle Au Haut East
Turkey Cove Friendship
Turnip Yard Isle Au Haut East
Vinal Cove Vinalhaven
Waterman Cove North Haven East
Watts Cove Tenants Harbor
Weskeag River Rockland
West Penobscot Bay Camden
Wheeler Bay Tenants Harbor
Wiley Cove Friendship
Wilson Cove Matinicus
Winter Harbor Vinalhaven
Wood Cove Matinicus
Wooster Cove North Haven West
Youngs Cove Leadbetter Island

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Knox County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Knox County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.