Lincoln County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Lincoln County

Place USGS Topo Map
Back Cove New Harbor
Back River Cove Waldoboro East
Bailey Cove Boothbay Harbor
Blake Cove Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay Harbor Boothbay Harbor
Bradstreet Cove Bristol
Briar Cove Bristol
Broad Cove Waldoboro West
Brooks Cove Boothbay Harbor
Browns Cove Louds Island
Browns Head Cove Louds Island
Burnham Cove Bristol
Calf Cove Monhegan
Cameron Cove Boothbay Harbor
Cape Harbor Boothbay Harbor
Card Cove Pemaquid Point
Cavis Cove Bristol
Christmas Cove Monhegan
Christmas Cove Boothbay Harbor
Christmas Cove Pemaquid Point
Clam Cove Boothbay Harbor
Clark Cove Bristol
Cod Cove Wiscasset
Colby Cove Westport
Coombs Cove Bristol
Cork Cove Richmond
Cozy Harbor Boothbay Harbor
Cushman Cove Westport
Damariscove Harbor Pemaquid Point
Days Cove Damariscotta
Deadman Cove Monhegan
Deckers Cove Boothbay Harbor
Deep Cove Boothbay Harbor
Deep Cove Waldoboro West
Dodge Lower Cove Bristol
Dodge Upper Cove Bristol
Ebenecook Harbor Boothbay Harbor
Factory Cove Boothbay Harbor
Fitch Cove Bristol
Fossetts Cove Bristol
Fowle Cove Westport
Great Bay Jefferson
Greenland Cove Louds Island
Greenleaf Cove Westport
Havener Cove Waldoboro West
Heal Cove Westport
Hendricks Harbor Boothbay Harbor
Hilton Cove Westport
Hogdon Cove Boothbay Harbor
Huston Cove Damariscotta
Johns Bay Pemaquid Point
Jones Cove Pemaquid Point
Lewis Cove Pemaquid Point
Lighthouse Cove Pemaquid Point
Linekin Bay Pemaquid Point
Lobster Cove Monhegan
Long Cove Louds Island
Long Cove Bristol
Long Cove Waldoboro East
Long Cove Pemaquid Point
Long Cove Boothbay Harbor
Love Cove Boothbay Harbor
Lowes Cove Bristol
Maddock Cove Boothbay Harbor
Marsh Harbor Louds Island
McCarty Cove Westport
McFarlands Cove Pemaquid Point
Meadow Cove Pemaquid Point
Mears Cove Bristol
Meetinghouse Cove Waldoboro West
Merrill Cove Westport
Mill Cove Boothbay Harbor
Moffat Cove Boothbay Harbor
Monhegan Harbor Monhegan
Morang Cove Jefferson
Moxie Cove Louds Island
Muscongus Bay Louds Island
Muscongus Bay Waldoboro West
Muscongus Harbor Louds Island
Muscongus Sound Louds Island
New Harbor New Harbor
Newdick Cove Boothbay Harbor
Ocean Harbor Pemaquid Point
Pea Cove Westport
Pemaquid Harbor Bristol
Pierce Cove Boothbay Harbor
Pig Cove Boothbay Harbor
Pitchers Cove Waldoboro East
Pleasant Cove Bristol
Poorhouse Cove Bristol
Pottle Cove Westport
Prentiss Cove Bristol
Pumpkin Cove New Harbor
Round Cove Boothbay Harbor
Round Pond Louds Island
Rum Cove Westport
Salt Bay Damariscotta
Salt Marsh Cove Bristol
Sampson Cove Waldoboro East
Seal Cove Bristol
Sheepscot Bay Boothbay Harbor
Squeaker Cove Monhegan
Squirrel Cove Boothbay Harbor
Tarbox Cove Westport
The Eddy Westport
Thomas Cove Boothbay Harbor
Wadsworth Cove Bristol
Webber Cove Westport
West Harbor Pond Boothbay Harbor
Wiley Cove Bristol

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Lincoln County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Lincoln County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.