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Oxford County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Oxford County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbie Pond Twin Peaks
Abbotts Pond Mount Zircon
Alder River South Branch Reservoir Bryant Pond
Androscoggin River Reservoir Rumford
Androscoggin River Reservoir Rumford
Androscoggin River Reservoir Rumford
Aziscohos Lake Wilsons Mills
Aziscohos Pond Richardson Pond
B Pond B Pond
Barker Pond Hiram
Barker Pond Moose Bog
Barnett Pond Oxford
Bear Pond Waterford Flat
Bear Pond Buckfield
Beaver Pond Hiram
Beaver Pond Richardson Pond
Beaver Pond Rump Mountain
Berry Pond Pleasant Mountain
Bickford Pond Kezar Falls
Bigelow Pond Middle Dam
Billings Ponds Rump Mountain
Birch Pond Roxbury
Bird Pond Norway
Black Lake Kezar Falls
Black Pond Brownfield
Black Pond North Waterford
Bog Pond Fryeburg
Bog Pond Waterford Flat
Boston Pond Hiram
Bowman Ponds Moose Bog
Bradley Pond North Waterford
Broken Bridge Pond East Stoneham
Bryant Pond Hiram
Bryant Pond Bryant Pond
Bunganock Pond Canton
Bunker Pond Roxbury
Burbank Pond Hiram
Burnt Meadow Pond Brownfield
C Pond B Pond
Cabbage Yard Pond Waterford Flat
Caribou Pond Rump Mountain
Cat Pond Fryeburg
Chalk Pond Kezar Falls
Chalk Pond East Stoneham
Chapman Pond Kezar Falls
Charles Pond Center Lovell
Clays Pond Brownfield
Clemons Pond Brownfield
Cleveland Pond Parmachenee Lake
Colcord Pond Kezar Falls
Concord Pond Mount Zircon
Cranberry Pond Middle Dam
Crocker Pond East Stoneham
Cupsuptic Lake Oquossoc
Cupsuptic Pond Little Kennebago Lake
Cushman Pond West Sumner
Cushman Pond North Waterford
Dan Charles Pond North Waterford
Davis Pond East Andover
Dead Lake Fryeburg
Deer Pond Twin Peaks
Duck Pond North Waterford
Dyer Ice Pond Casco
Dyer Pond Brownfield
East Richardson Ponds Richardson Pond
Ellis Pond Ellis Pond
Farrington Pond Center Lovell
Five Kezar Ponds North Waterford
Forest Pond Canton
Fox Pond Middle Dam
Fox Pond Lincoln Pond
Frog Pond Mechanic Falls
Furlong Pond Greenwood
Goodwin Pond Oquossoc
Granger Pond Hiram
Green Pond Mechanic Falls
Haley Pond Brownfield
Halfmoon Pond Mount Zircon
Hall Pond Oxford
Hancock Pond Hiram
Heald Pond North Waterford
Hicks Pond Greenwood
Hogan Pond Mechanic Falls
Horseshoe Pond Hiram
Horseshoe Pond Fryeburg
Horseshoe Pond Fryeburg
Horseshoe Pond Center Lovell
Horseshoe Pond East Andover
Howard Pond East Andover
Hubbard Pond Kezar Falls
Hunt Pond Fryeburg
Hutchinson Pond Greenwood
Indian Pond Greenwood
Jaybird Pond Kezar Falls
Jims Pond Puzzle Mountain
Joes Pond Rumford
Johns Pond Kennebago
Keewaydin Lake East Stoneham
Keoka Lake Waterford Flat
Keyes Pond North Waterford
Kezar Lake Center Lovell
Kezar Pond Fryeburg
Kneeland Pond East Stoneham
Labrador Pond Worthley Pond
Lake Anasagunticook Canton
Lily Pond North Waterford
Lily Pond Hiram
Lincoln Pond Lincoln Pond
Little Androscoggin River Reservoir Oxford
Little Androscoggin River Reservoir Norway
Little Androscoggin River Reservoir West Paris
Little Bear Pond Buckfield
Little Beaver Pond Richardson Pond
Little Clemons Pond Kezar Falls
Little Concord Pond Mount Zircon
Little Ellis Pond Ellis Pond
Little Labrador Pond Worthley Pond
Little Loose Pond Waterford Flat
Little Mud Pond Oquossoc
Little Papoose Pond East Stoneham
Little Pennesseewassee Pond Norway
Little Pond Hiram
Little Pond Pleasant Mountain
Little Pond Norway
Little Pond Speckled Mountain
Lombard Pond East Stoneham
Long Pond Pleasant Mountain
Long Pond Middle Dam
Long Pond Rump Mountain
Lovewell Pond Fryeburg
Lower Black Pond Twin Peaks
Lower Kimball Pond Fryeburg
Lower Richardson Lake Middle Dam
Marshall Pond Oxford
McDonough Brook Center Lovell
McWain Pond Waterford Flat
Metallak Pond Metallak Mountain
Middle Pond Hiram
Middle Range Pond Mechanic Falls
Mill Pond Fryeburg
Mine Pond Kezar Falls
Mollidgewock Pond Umbagog Lake South
Moose Bog Moose Bog
Moose Pond Center Lovell
Moose Pond Norway
Moose Pond West Paris
Moose Pond Hiram
Mooselookmeguntic Lake Oquossoc
Mosquito Pond East Stoneham
Mount Zircon Reservoir Mount Zircon
Mud Pond Mechanic Falls
Mud Pond Lake Auburn West
Mud Pond Hiram
Mud Pond North Waterford
Mud Pond Center Lovell
Mud Pond Worthley Pond
Mud Pond Oxford
Mud Pond Greenwood
Muskrat Pond Roxbury
Noah Eastman Pond Center Lovell
North Pond Bryant Pond
North Pond B Pond
North Pond West Paris
North Pond West Sumner
Northeast Pond Buckfield
Otter Pond Parmachenee Lake
Oversett Pond Greenwood
Paine Pond West Paris
Papoose Pond Waterford Flat
Parmachenee Lake Parmachenee Lake
Patte Brook Waterfowl Impoundment Reservoir East Stoneham
Peat Pond Brownfield
Pennesseewassee Lake Norway
Pepperpot Pond Richardson Pond
Pequawket Pond Hiram
Perley Pond North Sebago
Pickerel Pond North Sebago
Plain Pond Kezar Falls
Pleasant Lake Casco
Pleasant Pond Fryeburg
Pleasant Pond West Sumner
Pond in the River Middle Dam
Proctor Pond North Waterford
Richardson Lake Middle Dam
Richardson Pond Richardson Pond
Ridlon Brook Kezar Falls
Round Pond Brownfield
Round Pond Norway
Round Pond East Stoneham
Round Pond Bryant Pond
Rump Pond Rump Mountain
Saco River Reservoir Cornish
Saco River Reservoir Fryeburg
Sand Pond Norway
Saturday Pond Casco
Shagg Pond Mount Zircon
Shell Pond Center Lovell
Skunk Pond Middle Dam
Songo Pond East Stoneham
South Pond Buckfield
South Pond Bryant Pond
Speck Pond Old Speck Mountain
Speck Ponds Greenwood
Spectacle Ponds Kezar Falls
Stanley Pond Kezar Falls
Stearns Pond Pleasant Mountain
Sturtevant Pond Umbagog Lake North
Sunday Pond Middle Dam
Sunken Pond East Stoneham
Surplus Pond Andover
Swains Pond Rumford
Swan Pond Buckfield
Swift River Reservoir Rumford
Tenmile Pond Hiram
Thompson Lake Mechanic Falls
Trafton Pond Kezar Falls
Trout Pond North Waterford
Trout Pond East Stoneham
Twitchell Pond Greenwood
Upper Black Pond Twin Peaks
Upper Richardson Lake Metallak Mountain
Virginia Lake East Stoneham
Walden Pond Hiram
Wards Pond Fryeburg
Washburn Pond Mount Zircon
Webber Pond Pleasant Mountain
Wells Pond Parmachenee Lake
West Branch Nezinscot River Reservoir Buckfield
Weymouth Pond North Waterford
Whitney Pond Mechanic Falls
Whitney Pond North Waterford
Worthley Pond Worthley Pond
York Pond Old Speck Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Oxford County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Oxford County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.