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Oxford County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Oxford County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Brook Andover
Abbott Brook Wilsons Mills
Albany Brook East Stoneham
Alder Brook Center Lovell
Alder River Bethel
Aldrich Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Allen Brook Lake Auburn West
Andrews Brook Center Lovell
Andrews Brook West Paris
Ash Brook Middle Dam
Aunt Hannah Brook Dixfield
B Brook Umbagog Lake North
Bailey Brook Metallak Mountain
Barkers Brook East Stoneham
Barkers Brook Bryant Pond
Barkers Brook Bethel
Barnes Brook Cornish
Barney Brook Richardson Pond
Bartlett Brook East Stoneham
Basin Brook Wild River
Basin Falls Brook West Sumner
Bean Brook Rumford
Bear River Bethel
Beaver Brook Brownfield
Beaver Brook Speckled Mountain
Beaver Brook Bryant Pond
Beaver Brook Ellis Pond
Beaver Brook Richardson Pond
Beaver Brook Kennebago
Beaver Brook Richardson Pond
Beaver Pond Brook Dixfield
Bennett Brook Wilsons Mills
Berdeen Stream Houghton
Bereau Brook Rump Mountain
Bickford Brook Wild River
Bicknell Brook Lake Auburn West
Big Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Billings Hill Brook Bryant Pond
Billy Brook Brownfield
Birch Brook Roxbury
Birch Brook Middle Dam
Birch Brook Andover
Bird Brook Norway
Black Brook Fryeburg
Black Brook Greenwood
Black Brook Ellis Pond
Black Brook B Pond
Black Cat Brook Parmachenee Lake
Blackcat Brook Middle Dam
Bog Brook Buckfield
Bog Brook Canton
Bog Brook Worthley Pond
Bog Brook West Paris
Bog Brook Gilead
Bog Brook Ellis Pond
Bog Brook Wilsons Mills
Bogg Brook Norway
Boulder Brook Center Lovell
Bradley Brook Center Lovell
Bradley Brook Center Lovell
Branch Brook Puzzle Mountain
Buck Meadow Brook Hiram
Bull Branch Gilead
Bull Brook Speckled Mountain
Bunganock Brook Buckfield
Burnt Meadow Brook Brownfield
Burroughs Brook Andover
Campbell Brook B Pond
Cedar Brook B Pond
Chandler Brook Bethel
Chapman Brook Bethel
Chapman Brook Gilead
Charles River Center Lovell
Chase Brook Dixfield
Chase Hill Brook Puzzle Mountain
Childs Brook Canton
Clark Brook Wilsons Mills
Clearwater Brook Andover
Cobb Brook Oxford
Coburn Brook East Andover
Coffin Brook Center Lovell
Cold Brook Center Lovell
Cold Brook North Waterford
Cold Brook Kennebago
Cold Brook Wilsons Mills
Cold River Center Lovell
Cole Brook West Paris
Cole Brook Brownfield
Cole Brook North Sebago
College Swamp Brook Casco
Colton Brook Center Lovell
Concord River Bryant Pond
Cupsuptic River Kennebago
Cushman Brook Oxford
Darnit Brook West Sumner
Dead Cambridge River Umbagog Lake South
Dead Hole Brook Casco
Dean Brook East Dixfield
Deer Brook Twin Peaks
Deer Mountain Stream Richardson Pond
Dolly Brook Casco
Dragon Meadow Brook Hiram
Drew Brook Buckfield
Duck Pond Brook North Waterford
Dunham Brook Oxford
Durgin Brook Brownfield
Eames Brook Gilead
East Branch Cupsuptic River Parmachenee Lake
East Branch Nezinscot River Buckfield
East Branch Pleasant River East Stoneham
East Branch Swift River Ellis Pond
Edmunds Bog Brook Rumford
Elkins Brook Pleasant Mountain
Ellis River East Andover
Evans Brook Speckled Mountain
Farnsworth Brook Waterford Flat
Fight Brook Fryeburg
First East Branch Magalloway River Parmachenee Lake
Fish Pond Brook Richardson Pond
Fletcher Brook East Dixfield
Flints Brook East Stoneham
French Brook Gilead
Frye Brook Andover
Gammon Brook Gilead
Gardner Brook East Andover
Garland Brook Ellis Pond
Goff Brook Rumford
Gold Brook Twin Peaks
Goodwin Brook East Stoneham
Goose Eye Brook Old Speck Mountain
Gordon Brook Dixfield
Great Brook Center Lovell
Great Brook Puzzle Mountain
Greeley Brook Casco
Greely Brook Casco
Green Brook North Waterford
Greenwood Brook B Pond
Haley Brook Brownfield
Hammel Brook Lincoln Pond
Hancock Brook Hiram
Hannah Brook East Stoneham
Harvey Brook Dixfield
Hayford Brook Buckfield
Hemlock Brook Waterford Flat
Herrick Brook Waterford Flat
Hobbs Brook Waterford Flat
Horseshoe Brook Ellis Pond
Howard Brook Center Lovell
Howe Brook East Andover
Hugh Brook East Dixfield
Hurricane Brook Lincoln Pond
Icicle Brook Metallak Mountain
Jackson Brook Casco
Jerry Brook Mechanic Falls
Jordan Brook Gilead
Kamankeag Brook Kennebago
Kedar Brook Waterford Flat
Kendall Brook Bethel
Keyes Brook North Waterford
Kezar Outlet Center Lovell
Kezar River Fryeburg
Kimball Brook Fryeburg
Kingman Brook Waterford Flat
Knights Brook Casco
Lanes Brook Bethel
Langdon Brook Center Lovell
Lary Brook Shelburne
Lincoln Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Linscott Brook Brownfield
Little Abbott Brook Wilsons Mills
Little Cold River Center Lovell
Little East Branch Cupsuptic River Lincoln Pond
Little Lary Brook Speckled Mountain
Little Magalloway River Lincoln Pond
Little Saco River Brownfield
Little Trout Brook North Waterford
Logan Brook Rumford
Lombard Brook Norway
Lone Brook East Andover
Long Meadow Brook Center Lovell
Lost Brook B Pond
Lost Brook Lincoln Pond
Lou Ann Brook B Pond
Lower Stony Brook Dixfield
Ludden Brook Canton
Lynx Brook Parmachenee Lake
Mad River Wild River
Magalloway River Umbagog Lake North
Martin Brook Center Lovell
McCrillian Brook Bryant Pond
McIntire Brook Waterford Flat
McKie Fork Twin Peaks
Meadow Brook Oxford
Meadow Brook Waterford Flat
Meadow Brook East Andover
Meadow Brook Bryant Pond
Meadow Brook East Stoneham
Meadow Brook Ellis Pond
Meadow Brook East Andover
Meadow Brook Wilsons Mills
Meadow Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Merrill Brook Gilead
Metallak Brook Metallak Mountain
Metallak Stream Metallak Mountain
Middle Branch Bog Brook Oxford
Middle Branch Little Magalloway River Rump Mountain
Middle Branch Mad River Wild River
Middle Brook Casco
Miles Brook Speckled Mountain
Miles Notch Brook Old Speck Mountain
Mill Brook Kezar Falls
Mill Brook Waterford Flat
Mill Brook Center Lovell
Mill Brook North Waterford
Mill Brook Bethel
Mill Brook Richardson Pond
Mills Brook Waterford Flat
Minister Brook Oxford
Mitchell Brook Dixfield
Mitchell Brook Buckfield
Moody Brook West Paris
Moody Brook Andover
Moore Brook Dixfield
Moose Bog Brook Moose Bog
Moose Brook Parmachenee Lake
Moose Pond Brook Hiram
Moose Pond Brook West Paris
Morrison Brook Speckled Mountain
Morse Brook Waterford Flat
Morse Brook Old Speck Mountain
Mosquito Brook Center Lovell
Mosquito Brook Metallak Mountain
Mott Stream Houghton
Mountain Brook B Pond
Mountain Brook Twin Peaks
Mud Brook Speckled Mountain
Mutiny Brook Waterford Flat
New England Brook East Stoneham
Newton Brook Dixfield
Niles Brook Greenwood
Noble Brook Oxford
Noisy Brook Roxbury
North Branch Black Cat Brook Parmachenee Lake
North Fork Big Brook Bosebuck Mountain
North Hammond Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Old Course Saco River Fryeburg
Otter Brook Bryant Pond
Otter Brook Oquossoc
Paddy Meadow Brook Dixfield
Paine Brook Brownfield
Paine Brook Old Speck Mountain
Patte Brook East Stoneham
Patterson Brook North Waterford
Peabody Brook Gilead
Pennesseewassee Stream Norway
Phelps Brook Ellis Pond
Philbrick Brook Roxbury
Pleasant River Gilead
Plummer Brook Pleasant Mountain
Pond Brook Old Speck Mountain
Pond Brook Twin Peaks
Pond Stream Bryant Pond
Popple Hill Brook Fryeburg
Portage Brook Lincoln Pond
Porter Brook Little Kennebago Lake
Powers Brook North Waterford
Prays Brook Fryeburg
Province Brook North Conway East
Quint Brook Brownfield
Rand Brook Middle Dam
Rapid River Umbagog Lake North
Rattlesnake Brook Center Lovell
Red Brook B Pond
Red Rock Brook Speckled Mountain
Ridlon Brook Kezar Falls
Russell Brook Worthley Pond
Russell Brook Worthley Pond
Sanborn River Greenwood
Sanderson Brook Wilsons Mills
Sargent Brook Norway
Sargent Brook Old Speck Mountain
Sawyer Brook Andover
Scoggins Brook Waterford Flat
Scotty Brook Rumford
Second East Branch Magalloway River Rump Mountain
Shell Pond Brook Chatham
Shelter Brook Success Pond
Shepards River Brownfield
Shirley Brook Speckled Mountain
Silver Stream Success Pond
Simons Brook Bethel
Snow Mountain Brook Parmachenee Lake
South Branch Black Cat Brook Parmachenee Lake
South Branch Mad River Wild River
South Branch Sunday River Gilead
South Brook Kennebago
South Hammond Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Sparrow Brook Canton
Spears Stream Dixfield
Split Brook Rumford
Staples Brook Dixfield
Stockbridge Branch Roxbury
Stony Brook Norway
Stony Brook Bethel
Stony Brook Andover
Stony Brook Speckled Mountain
Sturtevant Stream Umbagog Lake North
Sucker Brook Casco
Sucker Brook Center Lovell
Sucker Brook North Sebago
Sucker Brook Success Pond
Sunday River Bethel
Swan Pond Brook Buckfield
Swell Brook Waterford Flat
Swift Cambridge River B Pond
Swift River Rumford
Tenmile River Hiram
Third East Branch Magalloway River Moose Bog
Thomas Brook Worthley Pond
Thomas Farm Brook Roxbury
Thompson Brook Canton
Thurston Brook Kezar Falls
Thurston Brook Rumford
Toothaker Brook Number One Kennebago
Toothaker Brook Number Two Kennebago
Town Farm Brook Norway
Trestle Brook Rump Mountain
Twin Brook Lincoln Pond
Twitchell Brook Oxford
Twitchell Brook West Paris
Twitchell Brook Bethel
Twitchell Brook Gilead
Tyler Brook Umbagog Lake South
Upper Stony Brook Dixfield
Walker Brook East Stoneham
Walker Brook Roxbury
Walton Brook Rumford
Warren Brook North Waterford
Webber Brook Norway
Weeks Brook Fryeburg
West Branch Bog Brook Oxford
West Branch Ellis River East Andover
West Branch Little Magalloway River Rump Mountain
West Branch Magalloway River Moose Bog
West Branch Nezinscot River Buckfield
West Branch Pleasant River East Stoneham
West Branch Swift River Houghton
West Branch Tenmile River Brownfield
West Fork Beaver Brook Ellis Pond
Wheeler Brook Gilead
Wheeler Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Whitecap Brook B Pond
Whites Brook Gilead
Whitney Brook Canton
Wight Brook Puzzle Mountain
Wild Brook East Stoneham
Wild River Gilead
Willard Brook Speckled Mountain
Willow Brook Oxford
Worthley Brook Canton
Wyman Brook Rumford
York Brook Ellis Pond
Zircon Brook Rumford

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Oxford County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Oxford County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.