Penobscot County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Penobscot County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ackley Pond Shin Pond
Alder Stream Stetson
Atwood Pond The Traveler
Back Settlement Pond Mattawamkeag
Batch Pond La Pomkeag Lake
Bear Pond Mattamiscontis Mountain
Ben Annis Pond Hermon
Big Robar Pond Deasey Mountain
Black Cat Pond Umcolcus Lake
Blackman Stream Old Town
Blackman Stream Veazie
Bog Pond Endless Lake
Boody Pond Grand Lake Seboeis
Bottle Lake Bottle Lake
Bowlin Pond Bowlin Brook
Brewer Lake Brewer Lake
Brooks Pond Stetson
Cambolasse Pond Lincoln Center
Cambolasse Stream Reservoir Lincoln Center
Carey Lake La Pomkeag Lake
Caribou Pond Lincoln Center
Carry Pond La Pomkeag Lake
Cedar Lake Cedar Lake
Cedar Swamp Pond Hopkins Pond
Center Pond Lincoln Center
Center Pond East Dixmont
Chamberlain Pond La Pomkeag Lake
Chapman Pond East Dixmont
Chemo Pond Chemo Pond
Cobb Pond Lee
Cold Stream Pond Lincoln West
Cold Stream Pond Lincoln West
Cole Pond Springfield
Cranberry Pond Hopkins Pond
Cranberry Pond La Pomkeag Lake
Cranberry Pond Umcolcus Lake
Crooked Pond Lincoln East
Cut Lake La Pomkeag Lake
Davidson Pond Benedicta
Davis Pond Chemo Pond
Davis Pond Shin Pond
Dead Brook Deadwater La Pomkeag Lake
Deasey Ponds Deasey Mountain
Dipper Pond Dill Hill
Dolby Pond East Millinocket
Duck Lake Bottle Lake
Dwinal Pond East Winn
Eagle Pond Potter Hill
East Branch Lake Nollesemic Lake
East Branch Sebasticook River Reservoir Newport
East Branch Sebasticook River Reservoir Corinna
East Branch Sebasticook River Reservoir Corinna
Echo Lake Dexter
Egg Pond Weir Pond
Egg Pond Lincoln Center
Elbow Lake Norcross
Endless Lake Endless Lake
Eskutassis Pond Lincoln East
Etna Pond Carmel
Ferguson Lake Millinocket
Fields Pond Brewer Lake
First Lake Trout Brook Mountain
Fitts Pond Chemo Pond
Flatiron Pond Cedar Lake
Folsom Pond Lincoln East
French Stream Stetson
Gardner Pond Bowlin Brook
Garland Pond Garland
George Pond Hermon
George Pond Brewer Lake
Gilmore Meadows East Dixmont
Gould Pond Corinna
Grand Lake Seboeis Grand Lake Seboeis
Grant Brook Deadwater Cedar Lake
Gray Ledge Deadwater Mattamiscontis Mountain
Great Works Stream Otter Chain Ponds
Green Mountain Pond Green Mountain
Green Pond Lee
Gristmill Pond Burlington
Hammond Pond Hermon
Harveys Pond West Corinth
Haskell Deadwater The Traveler
Hathorn Pond The Traveler
Hay Lake Hay Lake
Hay Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Hermon Pond Hermon
Hobart Pond Hay Lake
Hocter Pond Benedicta
Holbrook Pond Chemo Pond
Holland Pond South Lagrange
Holt Pond Springfield
Hopkins Pond Hopkins Pond
Horseback Pond Hay Brook Mountain
Horseshoe Lake Bottle Lake
Hot Pond Hay Brook Mountain
House Pond Lee
Ireland Pond Millinocket Lake East
Isthmus Pond Grand Lake Seboeis
Jerry Pond Millinocket
Jerry Pond Bowlin Brook
Jones Pond Grand Lake Seboeis
Junior Lake Bottle Lake
Katahdin Lake Katahdin Lake
Keg Lake Bottle Lake
Kimball Pond Bowlin Brook
Lake Wassookeag Dexter
Lane Brook Pond Green Mountain
LaPomkeag Lake La Pomkeag Lake
Lard Pond Endless Lake
Lily Pond Dexter
Lincoln Pond Pemadumcook Lake
Little Bowlin Pond Bowlin Brook
Little Burnt Pond Chemo Pond
Little Eskutassis Pond Lincoln East
Little Hathorn Pond Deasey Mountain
Little Madagascal Pond Lee
Little Mattamiscontis Lake Mattamiscontis Mountain
Little Messer Pond The Traveler
Little Mountain Catcher Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Little Mud Pond Hay Lake
Little Pushaw Pond Bradford
Little Round Pond Lincoln East
Little Salmon Stream Lake Benedicta
Little Sawtelle Pond Grand Lake Seboeis
Little Smith Pond Millinocket
Little Soldier Pond Whetstone Mountain
Lombard Lake Weir Pond
Long Pond Lincoln Center
Lost Pond South Lagrange
Lost Pond Carmel
Lost Pond Ragged Mountain
Lost Pond La Pomkeag Lake
Lowell Lake Bowers Mountain
Lowell Lake Bottle Lake
Lower Deadwater Nollesemic Lake
Lower Deadwater Endless Lake
Lower Deadwater Hay Brook Mountain
Lower East Ragged Pond Ragged Mountain
Lower LaPomkeag Lake La Pomkeag Lake
Lower Pug Lake Bottle Lake
Lower Shin Pond Shin Pond
Lower West Ragged Pond Ragged Mountain
Lunksoos Lake Bowlin Brook
Madagascal Pond Lee
Mansell Pond Greenbush
Manton Pond Grand Lake Seboeis
Marble Pond Bowlin Brook
Marden Pond Norcross
Mattamiscontis Lake Mattamiscontis Mountain
Mattanawcook Pond Lincoln East
McGilvry Pond Umcolcus Lake
McGoon Pond Weir Pond
Medunkeunk Lake Medunkeunk Lake
Merrill Pond Lee
Merrill Pond Lee
Messer Pond The Traveler
Middle Jo-Mary Lake Pemadumcook Lake
Middle Springy Pond Hopkins Pond
Mill Pond Lincoln West
Mill Pond Lee
Mill Privilege Lake Bottle Lake
Millimagassett Lake Millinocket Lake East
Millinocket Lake Trout Mountain
Miner Brook Bog Nollesemic Lake
Moose Pond Hay Lake
Moose Pond Deasey Mountain
Morrell Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Mountain Catcher Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Mower Pond Corinna
Mud Brook Flowage Whetstone Mountain
Mud Pond Plymouth
Mud Pond Potter Hill
Mud Pond Whetstone Mountain
Mud Pond Hay Lake
Nokomis Pond Newport
Nollesemic Lake Nollesemic Lake
North Twin Lake Norcross
Norway Lake Scraggly Lake
Number Three Pond Lee
Oak Knoll Brook Deadwater Cedar Lake
Olamon Pond Greenfield
Olamon Stream Passadumkeag
Otter Chain Ponds Otter Chain Ponds
Park Pond Lee
Parks Pond Hopkins Pond
Partridge Brook Flowage East Millinocket
Patten Pond Hermon
Peaked Mountain Pond Bowlin Brook
Penobscot River Reservoir Veazie
Penobscot River Reservoir Old Town
Penobscot River Reservoir Old Town
Penobscot River Reservoir Howland
Penobscott River Reservoir Mattaseunk Lake
Perch Pond Pushaw Lake
Pickerel Pond South Lagrange
Pickerel Pond Burlington
Pickett Mountain Pond Green Mountain
Piscataquis River Reservoir Howland
Pleasant Lake Stetson
Pleasant Lake West Corinth
Pleasant Lake Green Mountain
Plymouth Pond Plymouth
Pond Farm Pond Seboeis
Potter Pond Lookout Mountain
Pug Hole Bottle Lake
Pug Lake Scraggly Lake
Pug Pond Hermon
Pug Pond South Lagrange
Pushaw Lake Pushaw Lake
Quakish Lake Norcross
Rober Pond Katahdin Lake
Rocky Bog Cedar Lake
Rocky Pond Katahdin Lake
Round Pond Dixmont
Round Pond Stacyville
Rush Pond Benedicta
Salmon Stream Lake Salmon Stream Lake
Santelle Deadwater Hay Lake
Saponac Pond Burlington
Sawtelle Deadwater Hay Lake
Sawtelle Pond Grand Lake Seboeis
Schoodic Deadwater Millinocket
Scraggly Lake Scraggly Lake
Scraggly Lake Trout Brook Mountain
Sebasticook Lake Plymouth
Seboeis Deadwater Hay Brook Mountain
Sedgeunkedunk Stream Bangor
Shad Pond Nollesemic Lake
Silver Lake Lee
Skunk Pond Greenfield
Smith Pond Norcross
Snowshoe Lake Grand Lake Seboeis
Snowshoe Pond Chemo Pond
Soldier Pond Whetstone Mountain
Soper Logan Hay Lake
Souadabscook Stream Reservoir Hampden
Soule Pond Millinocket Lake East
South Branch Lake Mattamiscontis Mountain
South Twin Lake Cedar Lake
Spaulding Pond Bottle Lake
Spring Pond Hay Brook Mountain
Stillwater River Reservoir Old Town
Stillwater River Reservoir Old Town
Stump Pond Lincoln Center
Swetts Pond Hampden
Tack Pond Mattamiscontis Mountain
Tolman Deadwater Dill Hill
Tracy Pond Hermon
Trout Pond Burlington
Trout Pond Brewer Lake
Trout Pond Burlington
Trout Pond Whetstone Mountain
Turkey Tail Lake Pemadumcook Lake
Twin Ponds Shin Pond
Umcolcus Deadwater La Pomkeag Lake
Upper Cold Stream Ponds Lincoln East
Upper Deadwater Nollesemic Lake
Upper Deadwater Endless Lake
Upper Deadwater Hay Brook Mountain
Upper East Ragged Pond Cedar Lake
Upper Pond Lincoln East
Upper Pug Lake Bottle Lake
Upper Shin Pond Shin Pond
Upper Springy Pond Hopkins Pond
Upper Sysladobsis Lake Weir Pond
Upper West Ragged Pond Ragged Mountain
Wadleigh Deadwater Salmon Stream Lake
Wadleigh Pond Norcross
Webster Pond Springfield
Weir Pond Weir Pond
Wellmans Pond East Dixmont
West Branch Penobscot River Reservoir Medunkeunk Lake
West Garland Pond Garland
West Sawtelle Pond Millinocket Lake East
Weymouth Pond Corinna
White Horse Lake Hay Brook Mountain
Wiley Pond Shin Pond

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Penobscot County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Penobscot County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.