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York County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in York County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alewife Pond Kennebunk
Allen Pond Kezar Falls
Amys Pond North Berwick
Balch Pond Great East Lake
Bartlett Pond Waterboro
Batson River Reservoir Biddeford
Bauneg Beg Pond North Berwick
Beaver Dam Pond Somersworth
Beaver Hill Pond Sanford
Beaver Pond Biddeford
Bell Marsh York Harbor
Black Pond Milton
Blaisdell Pond York Harbor
Boulter Pond York Harbor
Boyd Pond Limington
Briley Pond York Beach
Brimstone Pond Kennebunk
Bunganut Pond Waterboro
Champion Pond West Newfield
Chases Pond York Harbor
Cider Mill Pond Somersworth
Cox Pond Dover East
Curtis Pond Sanford
Cutts Pond Kittery
Davis Pond Kennebunk
Deer Pond Limington
Deering Pond Sanford
Deerings Pond Kittery
Doles Pond Limington
Dollar Pond Steep Falls
Drew Pond West Newfield
Duck Pond Standish
Ed Hanscom Pond North Berwick
Estes Lake Alfred
Etherington Pond Biddeford
Folly Pond York Harbor
Folsom Pond Great East Lake
Foss Ponds Limington
Godfreys Pond Kittery
Goose Pond Mousam Lake
Granny Kent Pond Mousam Lake
Great East Lake Great East Lake
Great Pond Biddeford Pool
Great Works River Reservoir Dover East
Great Works River Reservoir North Berwick
Great Works River Reservoir North Berwick
Haley Ponds Limerick
Hall Ponds Somersworth
Hansen Pond Great East Lake
Hidden Lake Great East Lake
Hobbs Pond Wells
Horne Pond Steep Falls
Indian Pond York Harbor
Isinglass Pond Limington
Jagger Pond Alfred
Kennebunk Pond Waterboro
Killick Pond Limington
Knights Pond Somersworth
Lake Arrowhead Limington
Lake Carolyn York Beach
Lake Murdock Rochester
Leighs Mill Pond Dover East
Lily Pond Biddeford
Lily Pond Limington
Little Brook Dover East
Little Long Pond Sanford
Little Ossipee Pond Waterboro
Little Ossipee Pond Limington
Little Pond North Berwick
Little Poverty Pond Mousam Lake
Littlefield Pond Sanford
Long Pond Biddeford
Long Pond Cornish
Loon Pond Great East Lake
Lords Pond Biddeford
Mann Pond Mousam Lake
Mathews Millpond Somersworth
Merriland River Reservoir Wells
Middle Branch Pond Mousam Lake
Middle Pond York Harbor
Milliken Pond Old Orchard Beach
Milton Pond Milton
Milton Three Ponds Milton
Mirror Lake Great East Lake
Moody Pond Waterboro
Moose Pond Great East Lake
Mousam Lake Mousam Lake
Mousam River Reservoir Milton
Mud Pond Sanford
Mud Pond Great East Lake
Neoutaque River Reservoir North Berwick
Nisbitt Pond Milton
Noahs Pond Limerick
Northeast Pond Milton
Northwest Pond Mousam Lake
Number 3 Pond Sanford
Number One Pond Sanford
Old Falls Pond Alfred
Old Fishing Pond Sanford
Ossipee River Reservoir Kezar Falls
Ossipee River Reservoir Kezar Falls
Parker Pond Bar Mills
Perry Pond Limerick
Phillips Pond York Beach
Pickerel Pond Limerick
Picture Pond Sanford
Pine Springs Lake Mousam Lake
Pond-in-the-River Sanford
Roberts Pond Waterboro
Roberts-Wadley Pond Bar Mills
Rock Haven Lake West Newfield
Round Pond York Harbor
Round Pond Bar Mills
Round Pond Alfred
Round Pond Sanford
Round Pond Mousam Lake
Round Pond Great East Lake
Sacapee Pond Sanford
Saco River Reservoir Biddeford
Saco River Reservoir Biddeford
Saco River Reservoir Bar Mills
Saco River Reservoir Bar Mills
Saco River Reservoir Standish
Saco River Reservoir Standish
Salmon Falls River Reservoir Great East Lake
Sand Pond Sanford
Sand Pond Limington
Scituate Pond York Harbor
Shackford Pond Kennebunkport
Shaker Pond Alfred
Shapleigh Pond Great East Lake
Short Pond Biddeford
Shy Beaver Pond Mousam Lake
Silver Lake Limerick
Smarts Pond Great East Lake
Sokokis Lake Limerick
Spaulding Pond Milton
Spicer Pond Mousam Lake
Spinney Creek Portsmouth
Spruce Pond Cornish
Square Pond Great East Lake
Staple Pond York Beach
Staples Pond York Beach
Stoney Brook Dover East
Stump Pond Great East Lake
Stump Pond Sanford
Swan Pond Waterboro
Swan Pond Great East Lake
Swan Pond Creek Bar Mills
Symmes Pond West Newfield
Tarwater Pond Waterboro
The Flowage Reservoir Limington
Trafton Brook Alfred
Trout Pond Alfred
Waddell Pond York Beach
Wadley Pond Bar Mills
Wales Pond Limington
Wallingford Pond Rochester
Wards Pond Steep Falls
Warren Pond York Harbor
Webster Millpond Steep Falls
Welchs Pond York Harbor
West Pond Cornish
Wiggins Pond Kennebunk
Wilcox Pond Biddeford
Wilson Lake Great East Lake
York Pond Dover East

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in York County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within York County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.