Anne Arundel County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Anne Arundel County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Branch South River
All Hardwoods Branch Deale
Anne Green Spring Branch Bowie
Arthurs Run Round Bay
Back Creek Deale
Backloop Run South River
Bacon Ridge Branch South River
Bailys Branch Round Bay
Batts Branch Curtis Bay
Beachwood Branch Round Bay
Bear Branch Round Bay
Bell Branch Bowie
Big Hob Run South River
Big Woods Branch Deale
Bluejay Branch South River
Brookfield Branch Round Bay
Cabin Branch Curtis Bay
Cabin Branch Round Bay
Caffrey Run South River
Camp Run South River
Cat Branch Gibson Island
Cattail Branch South River
Cedar Creek Round Bay
Chandlers Branch South River
Chartwell Branch Round Bay
Church Run Deale
Cold Spring Branch Round Bay
Cowhide Branch South River
Cub Neck Creek South River
Cypress Branch Round Bay
Davids Run Round Bay
Davidsonville Branch Bowie
Deep Cove Creek Deale
Deep Creek Bristol
Deep Ditch Branch Round Bay
Deep Run Branch Bristol
Deer Branch South River
Development Run Deale
Dog House Run Deale
Dorsey Run Laurel
Ferndale Branch Curtis Bay
Ferry Branch Bristol
Flag Pond Creek Deale
Flat Creek South River
Forbidden Run Deale
Fork Branch Relay
Forrest Branch South River
Francis Creek South River
Franklin Branch Odenton
Frog Haven South River
Gales Creek Deale
Galloway Creek Bristol
Glebe Branch South River
Gross Creek Deale
Gully Run Deale
Gumbottom Branch Round Bay
Hardwick Branch Bristol
Hidden Pond Branch Deale
Hockley Branch Round Bay
Holly Creek Relay
Howard Creek Round Bay
Howards Branch Round Bay
Indian Creek Branch Round Bay
Indian Village Branch Round Bay
Intermittent Run South River
Irving Branch Relay
Jabez Branch Odenton
Jean Brook South River
Jessica Brook South River
Kinder Branch Round Bay
Kings Branch Bowie
Kitty Creek Annapolis
Little Burley Creek Annapolis
Little Patuxent River Bowie
Locust Branch Deale
Lyons Creek Lower Marlboro
Magothy Branch Round Bay
Magothy River Gibson Island
Many Fork Branch South River
Marriots Branch South River
Midway Branch Odenton
Mill Creek Round Bay
Mill Creek Bristol
Mill Swamp Branch South River
Muddy Bridge Branch Relay
Muddy Run Round Bay
Nannys Branch Round Bay
Nannys Creek Round Bay
Nettlefold Branch South River
North Cypress Branch Round Bay
North Fork Muddy Creek South River
North River South River
Old Farm Branch South River
Old Galloway Creek Bristol
Old Man Creek Round Bay
Old Place Creek Round Bay
Pasture Run South River
Patapsco River Sparrows Point
Paulownia Branch Deale
Penny Run South River
Pindell Branch Bristol
Pine Branch South River
Piny Run Relay
Pistol Run Deale
Plum Creek Round Bay
Podickory Creek Gibson Island
Pointfield Branch Round Bay
Pollution Run South River
Pony Branch Deale
Pooles Gut South River
Powerline Branch Deale
Pumphandle Branch Deale
Race Horse Run South River
Railroad Run South River
Rainy Day Branch South River
Rams Branch South River
Red House Branch South River
Red Lyon Creek North Beach
Rock Branch Bristol
Ropers Branch Bowie
Rouses Branch Round Bay
Rowles Branch Round Bay
Sapling Branch Deale
Sawmill Creek Curtis Bay
Severn River Annapolis
Severn Run Round Bay
Sewell Spring Branch Round Bay
Shaw Creek South River
Shorts Creek Gibson Island
Slash Run Deale
Smiths Creek Annapolis
South Fork Muddy Creek South River
South River Annapolis
Spa Creek Annapolis
Sparrow Branch South River
Split Branch South River
Springhouse Run South River
Steinlein Branch South River
Stocketts Run Bowie
Stony Run Relay
Susans Branch South River
Swan Creek Curtis Bay
Tanglefoot Run South River
Tarnans Branch South River
Thomas Branch Laurel
Threefork Run South River
Tin Can Run South River
Towsers Branch Odenton
Tracys Creek Deale
Trotts Branch Deale
Two Run Branch Bristol
Vanishing Run Deale
Waters Branch South River
Weems Creek Round Bay
White Pine Run South River
Williamson Branch South River
Willow Run Deale
Wilson Owens Branch Bristol
Wolf Pit Branch Round Bay

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Anne Arundel County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Anne Arundel County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.