Dorchester County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Dorchester County

Place USGS Topo Map
Armstrong Bay Hudson
Back Creek Honga
Back Creek Church Creek
Barren Island Gap Barren Island
Barren Island Thorofare Barren Island
Beckwith Creek Church Creek
Bentley Cove Honga
Brannock Bay Hudson
Brooks Creek Hudson
Cat Cove Honga
Cators Cove Taylors Island
Chapel Cove Taylors Island
Chapel Creek Church Creek
Clay Island Creek Deal Island
Cook Point Cove Hudson
Covey Creek Hudson
Cow Cove Richland Point
Crab Cove Hudson
Crab Point Cove Wingate
Duck Island Cove Nanticoke
Duck Point Cove Wingate
Falling Cove Wingate
Fishing Bay Wingate
Fishing Creek Honga
Fishing Creek Golden Hill
Flag Cove Honga
Flowers Cove Honga
Fox Creek Wingate
Gary Creek Church Creek
Great Cove Bloodsworth Island
Great Cove Barren Island
Great Cove Creek Bloodsworth Island
Gunners Cove Honga
Hambrooks Bay Cambridge
Hearns Cove Wingate
Hickory Cove Honga
Hills Point Cove Hudson
Hog Marsh Creek Taylors Island
Holland Island Bay Bloodsworth Island
Hooper Cove Hudson
Hopkins Cove Bloodsworth Island
Horne Bay Cambridge
Hudson Creek Golden Hill
Hudson Creek Church Creek
Indian Creek East New Market
Insley Cove Wingate
Joes Cove Honga
Lakes Cove Honga
Lecompte Bay Church Creek
Lecompte Creek Church Creek
Long Cove Honga
Long Creek Bloodsworth Island
Lower Greens Cove Nanticoke
Madison Bay Church Creek
McCreadys Cove Wingate
Meekins Creek Golden Hill
Mill Cove Golden Hill
Muddy Cove Deal Island
Muddy Creek Bloodsworth Island
Muddy Hook Cove Honga
Negro Cove Wingate
Norman Cove Wingate
Northeast Cove Bloodsworth Island
Okahanikan Cove Bloodsworth Island
Oyster Cove Taylors Island
Paul Cove Honga
Piney Island Cove Bloodsworth Island
Piney Neck Cove Taylors Island
Pone Cove Bloodsworth Island
Richland Cove Richland Point
Rioll Cove Hudson
Robinson Cove Taylors Island
Saint John Creek Taylors Island
Sandy Island Cove Nanticoke
Smith Cove Church Creek
Solomons Cove Church Creek
Swan Creek Cove Nanticoke
Tar Bay Barren Island
The Tidepond Nanticoke
Thorofare Cove Richland Point
Tigs Cove Bloodsworth Island
Todd Cove Bloodsworth Island
Todds Bay Church Creek
Tom Cove Honga
Trippe Bay Hudson
Tyler Cove Honga
Upper Greens Cove Nanticoke
Ware Point Cove Richland Point
Webbs Creek Church Creek
Wheatley Point Cove Honga
White Marsh Creek Golden Hill
Whitewood Cove Barren Island
Windmill Cove Honga
Wingate Cove Wingate
Wingate Creek Wingate

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Dorchester County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Dorchester County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.