Frederick County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Frederick County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abraham Faw Run Frederick
Addison Run Walkersville
Arundel Branch Frederick
Ballenger Creek Buckeystown
Bear Branch Buckeystown
Bear Branch Catoctin Furnace
Beaver Branch Woodsboro
Beaver Dam Creek Union Bridge
Bennett Creek Buckeystown
Bens Branch Walkersville
Big Hunting Creek Woodsboro
Bolivar Branch Middletown
Broad Run Point of Rocks
Broad Run Woodsboro
Burkitts Run Middletown
Bush Creek Buckeystown
Butterfly Branch Frederick
Buzzard Branch Catoctin Furnace
Cabbage Run Walkersville
Carroll Creek Frederick
Catoctin Creek Point of Rocks
Cattail Branch Taneytown
Cherry Run Walkersville
Chestnut Hill Branch Woodsboro
Church Branch Urbana
Claggett Run Buckeystown
Clemson Branch Union Bridge
College Run Walkersville
Cone Branch Middletown
Cookerlys Creek Woodsboro
Creagers Ranch Woodsboro
Davis Branch Urbana
Deer Springs Branch Middletown
Devil Branch Walkersville
Dollyhyde Creek Libertytown
Dorcas Branch Woodsboro
Double Pipe Creek Woodsboro
Doubs Branch Buckeystown
Dry Branch Catoctin Furnace
Dry Run Myersville
Dublin Branch Walkersville
East Branch Walkersville
Fahrney Branch Urbana
Fishing Creek Catoctin Furnace
Flat Run Emmitsburg
Flat Run Emmitsburg
Flickinger Branch Libertytown
Frostown Branch Middletown
Furnace Branch Poolesville
Glade Creek Frederick
Grindstone Run Middletown
Haines Branch Union Bridge
Harman Branch Myersville
Hatchery Run Buckeystown
Hauver Branch Blue Ridge Summit
Hawbottom Branch Middletown
Hazelnut Run Walkersville
High Run Catoctin Furnace
Hollow Road Creek Middletown
Horsehead Run Buckeystown
Israel Creek Walkersville
Kiln Run Buckeystown
King Branch Frederick
Lander Branch Point of Rocks
Laurel Branch Walkersville
Le Gore Branch Woodsboro
Lewis Mill Branch Point of Rocks
Linganore Creek Walkersville
Little Bennett Creek Urbana
Little Catoctin Creek Point of Rocks
Little Catoctin Creek Middletown
Little Catoctin Creek Myersville
Little Fishing Creek Catoctin Furnace
Little Hunting Creek Catoctin Furnace
Little Owens Creek Blue Ridge Summit
Little Tuscarora Creek Frederick
Locust Run Buckeystown
Long Branch Walkersville
Manor Run Middletown
Middle Creek Emmitsburg
Middle Creek Emmitsburg
Middle Creek Middletown
Middle Creek Myersville
Monocacy River Poolesville
Motters Run Emmitsburg
Muddy Run Frederick
Muddy Run Catoctin Furnace
North Branch Bennett Creek Buckeystown
North Branch Israel Creek Woodsboro
North Fork Bens Branch Libertytown
North Fork Linganore Creek Libertytown
Old Bridges Creek Woodsboro
Oldfield Branch Libertytown
Owens Creek Woodsboro
Peter Pan Run Urbana
Pike Branch Buckeystown
Plankstone Creek Frederick
Quarry Branch Buckeystown
Renn Branch Frederick
Renner Branch Woodsboro
Rock Creek Frederick
Rocky Fountain Run Buckeystown
Rocky Hill Branch Woodsboro
Saint Mary Run Emmitsburg
Samuels Run Middletown
Sandy Run Catoctin Furnace
School Run Urbana
South Fork Bens Branch Libertytown
South Fork Linganore Creek Libertytown
Spruce Run Myersville
Steep Creek Catoctin Furnace
Stony Branch Emmitsburg
Tabler Run Urbana
Talbot Branch Libertytown
Toms Creek Emmitsburg
Town Branch Walkersville
Turkey Creek Emmitsburg
Tuscarora Creek Poolesville
Tuscarora Creek Walkersville
Urbana Branch Urbana
Walnut Run Walkersville
Washington Run Point of Rocks
Weldon Creek Libertytown
West Branch Middle Creek Myersville
Whiterock Run Frederick
Wiles Branch Middletown
William Branch Walkersville
Willow Rill Emmitsburg
Wood Run Walkersville
Woodville Branch Libertytown

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Frederick County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Frederick County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.