Wicomico County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wicomico County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adkins Race Ninepin Branch
Andrews Branch Delmar
Asherwood Branch Whaleyville
Aydelotte Branch Pittsville
Back Creek Eden
Back Landing Creek Deal Island
Barren Creek Mardela Springs
Beaglin Branch Salisbury
Beaverdam Creek Salisbury
Beaverdam Creek Wango
Beech Island Creek Wango
Bell Creek Eden
Big Ridges Mardela Springs
Birdcage Creek Mardela Springs
Bratton Creek Hebron
Brewington Branch Delmar
Bridge Creek Mardela Springs
Broad Creek Nanticoke
Burnt Mill Branch Whaleyville
Campbell Ditch Wango
Cedar Creek Nanticoke
Cherrybridge Creek Wetipquin
Collier Creek Wetipquin
Collins Gut Eden
Connelly Mill Branch Delmar
Cottonpatch Creek Eden
Coty Cox Branch Salisbury
Cutmaptico Creek Eden
Davis Branch Wango
Deep Branch Wetipquin
Den Creek Mardela Springs
Dennis Creek Wetipquin
Denson Dock Creek Wetipquin
Duncan Ditch Ninepin Branch
Dunn Creek Nanticoke
Fitts Creek Deal Island
Flatty Creek Wetipquin
Forest Grove Branch Wango
Givens Branch Wango
Gordys Branch Whaleyville
Green Hill Creek Wetipquin
Green Run Whaleyville
Grimes Creek Rhodesdale
Gum Mill Creek Wetipquin
Halloway Branch Delmar
Harcum Creek Eden
Hay Point Canal Wetipquin
Horner Gut Wetipquin
Horsebridge Creek Wango
Hughs Creek Monie
Ingem Gut Mardela Springs
Jackson Branch Delmar
Jerrys Drain Wetipquin
Jobes Ditch Ninepin Branch
Jones Creek Deal Island
Lawes Ditch Wango
Leonard Pond Run Delmar
Line Creek Wetipquin
Little Burnt Branch Delmar
Little Creek Mardela Springs
Little Ridges Mardela Springs
Little Thorofare Mardela Springs
Manumsco Creek Mardela Springs
Mares Branch Mardela Springs
Mayer Branch Delmar
Meadow Bridge Creek Eden
Middle Neck Branch Delmar
Mill Branch Mardela Springs
Mill Creek Eden
Moore Creek Eden
Morris Prong Salisbury
Muddy Hole Creek Wetipquin
Murray Branch Whaleyville
Nanticoke River Deal Island
Negro Island Gut Wetipquin
North Fork Green Run Whaleyville
North Prong Leonard Pond Run Delmar
North Prong Wicomico River Salisbury
Owens Branch Salisbury
Owens Creek Rhodesdale
Passerdyke Creek Eden
Pea Hill Gut Eden
Peggy Branch Delmar
Perdue Creek Pittsville
Peters Creek Wetipquin
Peters Creek Hebron
Plum Creek Sharptown
Porter Mill Creek Hebron
Pryor Branch Salisbury
Quantico Creek Mardela Springs
Race Branch Pittsville
Reconow Creek Rhodesdale
Rewastico Creek Mardela Springs
Rock Hole Gut Deal Island
Rockawalking Creek Eden
Rohn Ditch Wango
Round Island Gut Mardela Springs
Sabers Creek Eden
Sandy Gut Mardela Springs
Savanna Branch Wango
Sharps Creek Eden
Shiles Creek Wetipquin
Slab Bridge Creek Salisbury
South Fork Green Run Whaleyville
South Prong Leonard Pond Run Delmar
South Prong Wicomico River Salisbury
Stacey Gut Deal Island
Stephens Branch Eden
Stock Creek Eden
Stump Gut Mardela Springs
Sturges Creek Wango
Terry Branch Eden
The Canal Wetipquin
Tilghman Branch Delmar
Tom Fitch Gut Mardela Springs
Tom Fitchs Gut Mardela Springs
Toms Gut Mardela Springs
Tonytank Creek Eden
Town Branch Mardela Springs
Truitt Branch Wango
Tyaskin Creek Wetipquin
Walston Branch Salisbury
Wango Branch Wango
Warren Ditch Wango
Waste Gate Creek Wango
Wetipquin Creek Nanticoke
White Creek Eden
White Marsh Creek Salisbury
Whiton Ditch Ninepin Branch
Wicomico Creek Wetipquin
Wicomico River Deal Island
Widow Hawkins Branch Wango
Williams Gut Wetipquin
Windsor Creek Nanticoke
Wood Creek Delmar

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wicomico County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wicomico County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.