Hampden County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hampden County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alden Pond Ludlow
Arm Brook Reservoir Mount Tom
Ashley Cutoff Mount Tom
Ashley Pond Mount Tom
Baker Pond Warren
Baldwin Pond Palmer
Barnes Pond Woronoco
Bass Pond Springfield South
Bearhole Reservoir Mount Tom
Beaver Pond Blandford
Bemis Pond Springfield North
Bemis Pond Lower Reservoir Springfield North
Bemis Pond Upper Reservoir Springfield North
Bennett Pond Hampden
Bircham Bend Ponds Springfield North
Black Brook Reservoir Blandford
Black Pond West Granville
Blair Pond Blandford
Borden Brook Reservoir Blandford
Boulder Hill Pond Monson
Bradley Pond Monson
Breckwood Lake Springfield South
Buck Pond Mount Tom
Calkins Pond Monson
Cedar Pond Mount Tom
Chapin Pond Mount Tom
Chicopee Brook Reservoir Monson
Chicopee Brook Reservoir Monson
Chicopee Reservoir Springfield North
Chicopee River Reservoir Springfield North
Chicopee River Reservoir Springfield North
Chicopee River Reservoir Ludlow
Chicopee River Reservoir Springfield North
Chicopee River Reservoir Ludlow
Chopin Pond Ludlow
Clear Pond Mount Tom
Cobble Mountain Reservoir Blandford
Cochran Pond Blandford
Conant Brook Reservoir Monson
Congamond Lakes Southwick
Congamond Lakes Middle Pond Southwick
Congamond Lakes South Pond Southwick
Connecticut River Reservoir Springfield North
Connor Reservoir Mount Tom
Cooley Lake Southwick
Country Club Pond Springfield South
Cranberry Pond Tolland Center
Crane Pond Southwick
Crystal Lake Palmer
Dean Pond Monson
Degano Pond West Granville
Dimmock Pond Ludlow
Doe Pond Mount Tom
Duck Pond Monson
Dunlap Pond Blandford
East Brimfield Lake Wales
Fivemile Pond Springfield North
Forest Lake Palmer
Freitag Pond Palmer
Gamache Pond Ludlow
Goodwill Pond Hampden
Goose Pond Southwick
Granville Reservoir Southwick
Green Pond Wales
Hall Pond West Granville
Hamilton Reservoir Wales
Hampton Ponds Mount Tom
Harris Pond Ludlow
Harts Pond West Springfield
Haviland Pond Ludlow
Hayden Pond Blandford
High Service Reservoir Mount Tom
Hogan Ponds Springfield North
Holland Pond Wales
Horse Pond Mount Tom
Huntington Reservoir Blandford
Island Pond Springfield South
Jawbuck Brook Reservoir Springfield South
Kennedy Pond Mount Holyoke
Knox Pond Palmer
Lake Bray Mount Holyoke
Lake George Wales
Lake Lookout Springfield South
Lake Lorraine Springfield North
Langewald Pond Springfield North
Leonard Pond West Springfield
Lilly Pond Palmer
Little Alum Pond Warren
Little River Reservoir Southwick
Littleville Lake Chester
Long Pond Mount Tom
Long Pond Otis
Long Pond Springfield North
Loon Pond Ludlow
Lost Lake Wales
Lost Wilderness Lake Tolland Center
Lyons Pond Ludlow
McLean Reservoir Mount Tom
Middle Pond Southwick
Mill Pond Hampden
Minechoag Pond Ludlow
Mona Lake Springfield North
Monson Reservoir Monson
Moose Meadow Brook Reservoir Woronoco
Mountain Lake Springfield North
Mountain Park Reservoir Easthampton
Murphy Pond Ludlow
Nash Hill Reservoir Ludlow
Ninemile Pond Ludlow
Norcross Pond Number Four Monson
Norcross Pond Number One Monson
Norcross Pond Number Three Worcester North
Norcross Pond Number Two Monson
Norcross Ponds Monson
North Pond Southwick
Noyes Pond Tolland Center
Otter Pond West Granville
Palmer Reservoir Palmer
Paradise Lake Monson
Parsons Pond West Granville
Pattaquattic Pond Palmer
Pequot Pond Mount Tom
Phelon Pond West Granville
Pickerel Pond Ludlow
Plastic Park Pond Springfield North
Pork Barrel Pond Wales
Porter Lake Springfield South
Powdermill Brook Reservoir Mount Tom
Provin Mountain Reservoir West Springfield
Pulpit Rock Pond Ludlow
Quarry Pond Hampden
Red Stone Lake Springfield South
Reynolds Pond Ludlow
Round Hill Pond Chester
Round Pond Mount Tom
Russell Pond Woronoco
Russell Reservoir Woronoco
Sackett Reservoir Southwick
Second Pond Ludlow
Shatterack Pond Woronoco
Sherman Pond Warren
Silver Lake West Springfield
Smith Pond Monson
Snake Pond Mount Tom
South Pond Southwick
Spectacle Pond Ludlow
Springdale Pond Mount Tom
Springfield Reservoir Ludlow
Springfield Water Works Intake Reservoir Southwick
Squire Pond Monson
Swift River Reservoir Palmer
Taylor Pond West Springfield
Tekoa Reservoir Woronoco
Thompson Lake Palmer
Trout Pond Tolland Center
Trout Pond Tolland Center
Turret Park Pond Springfield South
Twining Pond Tolland Center
Van Horn Park Lower Pond Springfield North
Van Horn Park Upper Pond Springfield North
Van Horn Reservoir Springfield North
Venture Pond Springfield South
Victory Lake Tolland Center
Vinica Pond Wales
Wade Pond Springfield North
Wards Pond Tolland Center
Ware River Reservoir Palmer
Ware River Reservoir Palmer
Watershops Pond Springfield South
West Parish Filter Number Three Reservoir Southwick
Westfield Reservoir Woronoco
Westfield River Reservoir West Springfield
Westfield River Reservoir Woronoco
Westfield River Reservoir Woronoco
Westfield River Reservoir Woronoco
Westfield River Reservoir Woronoco
Wheeler Pond Wales
Whiting Street Reservoir Mount Tom
Winchell Reservoir Southwick
Wood Pond Ludlow
Woodman Pond Wales
Wright Cutoff Mount Tom
Wright Pond Mount Tom

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hampden County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Hampden County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.