Hampshire County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hampshire County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Pond Woronoco
Aldrich Lake Mount Holyoke
Arcadia Lake Belchertown
Bachelor Brook Reservoir Mount Holyoke
Beaver Lake Winsor Dam
Brass Millpond Easthampton
Buttery Brook Tributary Reservoir Springfield North
Campus Pond Mount Toby
Clear Falls Pond Easthampton
Conwell Pond Chester
Crooked Pond Plainfield
Damon Pond Goshen
Danks Pond Easthampton
Factory Hollow Pond Mount Toby
Florence Pond Easthampton
Forge Pond Belchertown
Fuller Pond Williamsburg
Graham Pond Goshen
Great Pond Mount Toby
Grotto Pond Westhampton
Gun Club Pond Plainfield
Hadley Reservoir Mount Holyoke
Hallockville Pond Plainfield
Hammond Pond Goshen
Hanging Mountain Pond Westhampton
Hawley Reservoir Belchertown
Highland Lakes Goshen
Hill Reservoir Shutesbury
Hulberts Pond Easthampton
Knights Pond Belchertown
Knightville Reservoir Westhampton
Lake Holland Belchertown
Lake Warner Mount Toby
Leaping Well Reservoir Springfield North
Lilly Pond Goshen
Lithia Springs Reservoir Mount Holyoke
Little Gallilee Pond Chester
Long Pond Westhampton
Lost Pond Mount Tom
Lower Highland Lake Goshen
Lower Millpond Easthampton
Lower Pond Mount Holyoke
Lyman Pond Mount Tom
Manhan River Reservoir Easthampton
Metacomet Lake Belchertown
Mill River Diversion Reservoir Easthampton
Mill River Reservoir Easthampton
Mill River Reservoir Easthampton
Morton Pond Winsor Dam
Mount Tom Reservoir Easthampton
Mountain Street Reservoir Williamsburg
Nashawannuck Pond Easthampton
New Intake Reservoir Woronoco
Norwich Pond Westhampton
Old Mill Pond Mount Holyoke
Old Mill Pond Mount Holyoke
Paradise Pond Easthampton
Parker Reservoir Mount Holyoke
Pearl City Pond Mount Holyoke
Peppers Mill Pond Winsor Dam
Pine Island Lake Westhampton
Plainfield Pond Plainfield
Roberts Meadow Reservoir Easthampton
Rocky Hill Pond Easthampton
Rubber Thread Pond Easthampton
Russell Cove Mount Holyoke
Scarboro Pond Belchertown
Scout Pond Goshen
Sears Meadow Reservoir Goshen
Snow Pond Ware
Spencer Pond Belchertown
Stony Brook Reservoir Springfield North
Swift River Reservoir Palmer
Taylor Pond Springfield North
The Oxbow Easthampton
Tighe Carmody Reservoir Woronoco
Unquomonk Reservoir Williamsburg
Upper Highland Lake Goshen
Upper Pond Mount Holyoke
Upper Reservoir Easthampton
Ware River Reservoir Ware
Ware River Reservoir Ware
White Reservoir Westhampton

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hampshire County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Hampshire County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.