Middlesex County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Middlesex County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aberjona Pond Lexington
Althea Lake Nashua South
Ames Pond Lawrence
Angiers Pond Maynard
Arlington Reservoir Lexington
Ashby Reservoir Ashby
Ashland Reservoir Holliston
Assabet River Reservoir Maynard
Assabet River Reservoir Maynard
Baddacook Pond Ayer
Balch Pond Ayer
Baldwin Pond Concord
Baptist Pond Billerica
Barkers Pond Maynard
Batemans Pond Concord
Beaver Brook Reservoir Lowell
Beaver Brook Reservoir Lowell
Beaver Pond Concord
Bellevue Pond Boston North
Bixby Reservoir Townsend
Black Pond Ayer
Blacks Nook Lexington
Blanford Pond Framingham
Bloods Pond Holliston
Bottomless Pond Maynard
Bow Brook Reservoir Shirley
Bradford Pond Reading
Bruces Pond Hudson
Buckman Pond Boston North
Bulloughs Pond Newton
Burbank Pond Boston North
Burbank Pond Boston North
Burges Pond Westford
Burnt Meadow Pond Ayer
Butterfield Pond Lexington
Buttrick Pond Billerica
Cady Pond Ayer
Cambridge Reservoir Concord
Carding Millpond Framingham
Cedar Pond Lowell
Charles River Basin Boston South
Charles River Reservoir Natick
Charles River Reservoir Newton
Charles River Reservoir Natick
Claypit Pond Lexington
Cobbs Pond Westford
Cold Spring Pond Framingham
College Pond Wilmington
Concord Reservoir Concord
Concord River Reservoir Lowell
Concord River Reservoir Lowell
Concord River Reservoir Billerica
Coon Tree Pond Townsend
Cranberry Bog Reservoir Number One Billerica
Crosby Pond Concord
Crystal Lake Newton
Crystal Lake Boston North
Cutters Pond Lexington
Damon Pond Ashby
Dark Hollow Pond Boston North
Dead Pond Shirley
Dead Pond Townsend
Dead River Ayer
Dike Pond Boston North
Doleful Pond Boston North
Duck Pond Ayer
Duck Pond Lexington
Duck Pond Milford
Dudley Pond Natick
Dug Pond Natick
Echo Lake Milford
Eldridge Pond Hudson
Ell Pond Boston North
Factory Pond Holliston
Fairhaven Bay Concord
Fairyland Pond Concord
Farm Pond Framingham
Farm Pond Medfield
Farrar Pond Concord
Fawn Lake Billerica
Fells Reservoir Boston North
Fellsmere Pond Boston North
First Pond Boston North
Fisk Pond Natick
Fitchburg Reservoir Ashby
Flagg Hill Pond Hudson
Flagg Hill Pond Hudson
Flannagan Pond Ayer
Flat Pond Townsend
Fletchers Pond Hudson
Fletchers Pond Nashua South
Flint Pond Nashua South
Flints Pond Concord
Flushing Pond Westford
Folly Pond Concord
Folsom Pond Concord
Forge Pond Westford
Fort Meadow Reservoir Marlborough
Fort Pond Westford
Fort Pond Brook Reservoir Maynard
Foss Reservoir Framingham
Framingham Reservoir Number One Framingham
Framingham Reservoir Number Three Framingham
Framingham Reservoir Number Two Framingham
Fresh Pond Lexington
Furbish Pond Wilmington
Gleason Pond Framingham
Goose Pond Concord
Granny Pond Lexington
Grass Pond Westford
Grassy Pond Westford
Graves Pond Townsend
Greenough Pond Billerica
Grist Millpond Framingham
Groton School Pond Ayer
Grove Pond Ayer
Hager Pond Framingham
Halecyon Lake Newton
Hammond Pond Newton
Harbor Pond Townsend
Hardys Pond Lexington
Hawk Pond Pepperell
Haywards Pond Maynard
Heald Pond Townsend
Heard Pond Framingham
Heart Pond Westford
Hopkinton Reservoir Mount Holyoke
Hopkinton State Park Swimming Pool Reservoir Marlborough
Horn Pond Lexington
Horn Pond Lexington
Houghton Pond Holliston
Howe Pond Marlborough
Hutchins Pond Concord
Ice House Pond Maynard
Icehouse Pond Milford
Jennings Pond Natick
Jerrys Pond Lexington
Judkins Pond Lexington
Kennedys Pond Maynard
Keyes Pond Westford
Knops Pond Ayer
Lake Boon Maynard
Lake Cochituate Natick
Lake Quannapowitt Reading
Lake Winthrop Holliston
Learned Pond Framingham
Leland Millpond Holliston
Lexington Reservoir Lexington
Lily Pond Lexington
Lincoln Reservoir Concord
Linden Pond Holliston
Little Farm Pond Medfield
Little Fresh Pond Lexington
Little Goose Pond Concord
Little Pond Lexington
Locust Pond Nashua South
Long Pond Boston North
Long Pond Lowell
Long Pond Boston North
Long Pond Ayer
Long Pond Westford
Long Pond Billerica
Long Sought-for Pond Westford
Lost Lake Ayer
Lost Pond Concord
Lowell Reservoir Lowell
Lower Delaney Pond Hudson
Lower Long Pond Ayer
Lower Massapoag Pond Nashua South
Lower Mystic Lake Lexington
Lower Pawtucket Canal Reservoir Lowell
Lower Wrights Pond Ashby
Lyman Pond Lexington
Martins Pond Ayer
Martins Pond Wilmington
Mascuppic Lake Nashua South
Massapoag Pond Nashua South
Massapoag Ponds Nashua South
McCusker Pond Concord
Merrimack River Reservoir Lowell
Merrimack River Reservoir Lowell
Middle Reservoir Boston North
Mill Pond Lexington
Mill Pond Lexington
Mill Pond Concord
Mill Pond Wilmington
Mill Pond Natick
Mill Pond Westford
Millham Reservoir Marlborough
Millpond Maynard
Ministers Pond Maynard
Mishawum Lake Wilmington
Mitchell Pond Billerica
Mud Pond Wilmington
Mud Pond Natick
Muddy Pond Marlborough
Muddy Pond Ayer
Musquetaquid Pond Maynard
Mystic Lakes Lexington
Mystic Reservoir Boston North
Nabnasset Pond Westford
Nagog Pond Westford
Nashoba Brook Reservoir Westford
Nashua River Reservoir Pepperell
Natick Reservoir Natick
Newfield Pond Nashua South
Newton Reservoir Newton
Nissitissit River Reservoir Pepperell
Nonesuch Pond Natick
North Pond Milford
North Reservoir Boston North
Norton Pond Framingham
Norumbega Reservoir Natick
Nutting Lake Billerica
Old Wayland Reservoirs Natick
Patches Pond Wilmington
Pawtucket Canal Reservoir Lowell
Payson Park Reservoir Lexington
Pearl Hill Brook Pond Ashby
Perch Pond Lexington
Peters Pond Lowell
Phoenix Pond Shirley
Pickerel Pond Natick
Plow Shop Pond Ayer
Pork Barrel Pond Pepperell
Potter Pond Lexington
Puffer Pond Maynard
Quarter Mile Pond Boston North
Reservoir Number Two Framingham
Reservoir Pond Framingham
Richardson Pond Wilmington
Richardsons Pond Reading
River Meadow Pond Billerica
Round Pond Wilmington
Russell Millpond Billerica
Sandy Pond Ayer
Sawins Pond Newton
Schencks Pond Natick
School House Pond Ayer
Second Pond Boston North
Shaker Millpond Ayer
Silver Lake Newton
Silver Lake Athol
South Reservoir Boston North
Spectacle Pond Ayer
Spot Pond Boston North
Springy Pond Ayer
Spy Pond Lexington
Squannacook River Reservoir Shirley
Squannacook River Reservoir Shirley
Squannacook River Reservoir Townsend
Squannacook River Reservoir Townsend
Stearns Millpond Maynard
Stony Brook Reservoir Westford
Stony Brook Reservoir Westford
Stony Brook Reservoir Westford
Stony Brook Reservoir Westford
Strongs Pond Newton
Sucker Pond Framingham
Sudbury Pond Framingham
Sudbury River Reservoir Framingham
Sudbury River Reservoir Framingham
Sudbury River Reservoir Framingham
Sudbury River Reservoir Marlborough
Sudbury River Reservoir Number One Framingham
Swains Pond Nashua South
Swains Pond Boston North
Swan Pond Reading
Tannery Pond Wilmington
Todd Pond Concord
Tottens Pond Lexington
Towners Pond Boston North
Tripp Pond Hudson
Upper Flannagan Pond Ayer
Upper Long Pond Ayer
Upper Massapoag Pond Nashua South
Upper Mystic Lake Lexington
Upper Pawtucket Canal Reservoir Lowell
Upper Wrights Pond Ashby
Uptons Pond Nashua South
Valley Pond Concord
Vinton Pond Ashby
Vose Pond Maynard
Waban Hill Reservoir Newton
Walden Pond Concord
Walker Pond Townsend
Warners Pond Maynard
Wattles Pond Pepperell
Waushakum Pond Framingham
Wedge Pond Lexington
Weston Pond Holliston
Weston Reservoir Natick
Wheeler Pond Hudson
White Pond Maynard
White Pond Maynard
Whitney Pond Ayer
Whittemore Pond Lexington
Williams Lake Marlborough
Willis Pond Maynard
Winning Pond Billerica
Winter Pond Lexington
Woburn Reservoir Lexington
Wright Ponds Ashby
Wrights Pond Boston North

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Middlesex County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Middlesex County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.