Middlesex County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Middlesex County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aberjona River Lexington
Alewife Brook Lexington
Angelica Brook Framingham
Assabet River Concord
Baddacook Brook Ayer
Baiting Brook Framingham
Bancroft Brook Pepperell
Bannister Brook Framingham
Bayberry Hill Brook Townsend
Beaver Brook Lowell
Beaver Brook Wilmington
Beaver Brook Billerica
Beaver Brook Westford
Beaver Brook Holliston
Beaver Brook Lexington
Beaver Pond Brook Shirley
Beaverdam Brook Framingham
Bennetts Brook Ayer
Birch Meadow Brook Framingham
Bixby Brook Townsend
Black Brook Lowell
Black Brook Nashua South
Blue Brook Westford
Bogastow Brook Medfield
Bogle Brook Natick
Boutwell Brook Westford
Bow Brook Shirley
Bowers Brook Hudson
Bridge Brook Maynard
Bridge Meadow Brook Nashua South
Broad Meadow Brook Marlborough
Brooks Brook Lexington
Butter Brook Westford
Catacoonamug Brook Shirley
Cheese Cake Brook Newton
Cherry Brook Concord
Chester Brook Lexington
Chicken Brook Holliston
Claypit Brook Lowell
Clematis Brook Lexington
Cochituate Brook Framingham
Cold Brook Maynard
Cold Spring Brook Framingham
Cold Springs Brook Lowell
Coldspring Brook Westford
Concord River Lowell
Content Brook Wilmington
Course Brook Framingham
Cow Pond Brook Ayer
Cowassock Brook Framingham
Crooked Springs Brook Westford
Cummings Brook Lexington
Dakins Brook Concord
Danforth Brook Hudson
Davis Brook Natick
Deep Brook Nashua South
Deer Brook Holliston
Dirty Meadow Brook Holliston
Dopping Brook Holliston
Double Brook Lowell
Dudley Brook Framingham
Dugan Brook Concord
Eames Brook Framingham
Elm Brook Concord
Falulah Brook Fitchburg
Farley Brook Billerica
Flagg Brook Marlborough
Floyds Brook Boston North
Fort Meadow Brook Hudson
Fort Pond Brook Maynard
Fosgate Brook Hudson
Fowle Brook Lexington
Gilson Brook Westford
Gilson Brook Westford
Golden Cove Brook Billerica
Goldern Cove Billerica
Gratuity Brook Ayer
Great Brook Hudson
Greens Brook Pepperell
Guggins Brook Maynard
Gulf Brook Townsend
Half Moon Brook Ayer
Halfmoon Meadow Brook Maynard
Halls Brook Wilmington
Hauk Brook Nashua South
Hayward Brook Natick
Hazel Brook Concord
Heath Brook Wilmington
Heath Hen Meadow Brook Maynard
Hobbs Brook Concord
Hog Brook Hudson
Hop Brook Framingham
Hopping Brook Holliston
Horn Pond Brook Lexington
House Brook Billerica
Inch Brook Maynard
Indian Brook Medfield
Indian Brook Framingham
Intervale Brook Boston North
Iron Mine Brook Concord
James Brook Ayer
Jar Brook Holliston
Joint Grass Brook Nashua South
Jones Brook Wilmington
Keyes Brook Westford
Kiln Brook Concord
Landham Brook Framingham
Laundry Brook Newton
Lawrence Brook Nashua South
Little Brook Lexington
Little Creek Boston North
Little River Lexington
Locke Brook Ashby
Long Meadow Brook Lexington
Long Pond Brook Ayer
Long Pond Brook Westford
Lubbers Brook Wilmington
Malden River Boston North
Maple Meadow Brook Wilmington
Marbles Brook Lowell
Marginal Brook Billerica
Martins Brook Reading
Martins Pond Brook Ayer
Mason Brook Ashby
McKee Brook Wilmington
Meadow Brook Wilmington
Mill Brook Lexington
Mill Brook Wilmington
Mill Brook Billerica
Mill Brook Concord
Mill Brook Natick
Mill River Boston North
Millers River Boston South
Millham Brook Marlborough
Mine Brook Pepperell
Morse Brook Ayer
Mowry Brook Marlborough
Mulpus Brook Ayer
Munroe Brook Lexington
Mystic River Boston North
Nagog Brook Maynard
Nashoba Brook Maynard
Nickel Mine Brook Lowell
Nissitissit River Pepperell
Nod Brook Pepperell
Nonacoicus Brook Ayer
Nonset Brook Westford
North Branch Brook Marlborough
North Branch Mowry Brook Marlborough
Nutting Stream Townsend
Pages Brook Billerica
Pantry Brook Concord
Patch Meadow Brook Billerica
Peppermint Brook Lowell
Pine Brook Natick
Potash Brook Lowell
Potash Brook Lowell
Pumpkin Brook Shirley
Putnam Brook Billerica
Rapers Brook Reading
Reed Brook Westford
Reedy Meadow Brook Pepperell
River Meadow Brook Lowell
Road Brook Marlborough
Robinson Brook Pepperell
Run Brook Maynard
Salmon Brook Nashua South
Sandy Brook Lexington
Sawmill Brook Newton
Sawmill Brook Concord
Scarlet Brook Lowell
Seaverns Brook Natick
Second Division Brook Maynard
Sewall Brook Medfield
Shaker Glen Brook Lexington
Sheep Fall Brook Marlborough
Smelt Brook Boston North
Snake Brook Natick
Snake Meadow Brook Westford
South Meadow Brook Newton
Spaulding Brook Westford
Spencer Brook Concord
Spot Pond Brook Boston North
Spring Brook Concord
Spruce Swamp Brook Shirley
Squannacook River Ayer
Steep Brook Framingham
Stewart Brook Townsend
Stony Brook Natick
Stony Brook Westford
Strong Water Brook Wilmington
Sucker Brook Lexington
Sucker Brook Pepperell
Sudbury River Concord
Sweetwater Brook Lexington
Tadmuck Brook Westford
Taylor Brook Maynard
Trap Swamp Brook Shirley
Trapfall Brook Ashby
Trout Brook Lowell
Trout Brook Shirley
Trout Brook Townsend
Tull Brook Lowell
Unkety Brook Pepperell
Varnum Brook Pepperell
Vine Brook Billerica
Vine Brook Billerica
Vine Brook Holliston
Walker Brook Ayer
Walker Brook Ashby
Wash Brook Framingham
Webb Brook Lexington
Willard Brook Townsend
Willow Branch Ayer
Willow Brook Wilmington
Willow Brook Framingham
Winn Brook Lexington
Winthrop Canal Holliston
Witch Brook Townsend
Wolf Brook Townsend
Wrangling Brook Ayer

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Middlesex County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Middlesex County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.