Norfolk County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Norfolk County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbotts Pond Natick
Ames Long Pond Brockton
Ames Pond Blue Hills
Beaumont Pond Mansfield
Beaver Pond Franklin
Beaver Pond Franklin
Bird Pond Norwood
Blue Hills Reservoir Blue Hills
Bogastow Pond Medfield
Bolivar Pond Norwood
Box Pond Franklin
Briggs Pond Mansfield
Bristol Blake State Reservoir Wrentham
Bristols Pond Wrentham
Brittons Pond Brockton
Brockton Reservoir Brockton
Brookline Reservoir Newton
Buckmaster Pond Norwood
Bush Pond Wrentham
Callahan Pond Medfield
Cargill Pond Wrentham
Carpenter Pond Wrentham
Channings Pond Medfield
Charles River Reservoir Natick
Charles River Reservoir Holliston
Chickering Lake Medfield
City Mills Pond Wrentham
Clark Pond Norwood
Cobbs Pond Norwood
Cocasset Lake Wrentham
Comeys Pond Wrentham
Coolidge Pond Medfield
Cow Island Pond Newton
Crackrock Pond Wrentham
Cranberry Pond Weymouth
Cranberry Pond Weymouth
Cress Brook Pond Wrentham
Crocker Pond Wrentham
Crystal Lake Franklin
Curtis Pond Franklin
Danielson Pond Medfield
Diamond Pond Norwood
Dry Pond Mansfield
Duck Pond Blue Hills
Eatons Pond Weymouth
Echo Lake Weymouth
Echo Lake Medfield
Elias Pond Weymouth
Ellias Pond Weymouth
Ellis Pond Norwood
Factory Pond Blackstone
Fisher Hill Reservoir Newton
Flynns Pond Medfield
Forge Pond Norwood
Foundry Pond Wrentham
Franklin Reservoirs Franklin
Fuller Pond Wrentham
Glen Echo Pond Blue Hills
Glue Factory Pond Mansfield
Great Pond Blue Hills
Great Pond Reservoir Blue Hills
Great Pond Upper Reservoir Blue Hills
Greeleys Pond Mansfield
Hales Pond Medfield
Hales Pond Franklin
Halls Pond Boston South
Hammer Shop Pond Mansfield
Harlow Pond Medfield
Harrigan Pond Mansfield
Hemenway Pond Blue Hills
Hersey Pond Mansfield
Highland Lake Medfield
Hillside Pond Blue Hills
Hollingsworth Pond Blue Hills
Holt Pond Medfield
Houghtons Pond Blue Hills
Jenks Reservoir Franklin
Jewells Pond Medfield
June Pond Medfield
Kingfisher Pond Wrentham
Kingsbury Pond Wrentham
Kingsbury Pond Medfield
Lake Hiawatha Blackstone
Lake Holbrook Blue Hills
Lake Mirimichi Wrentham
Lake Pearl Wrentham
Lake Waban Natick
Lakeview Pond Wrentham
Lakeview Pond Franklin
Lee Pond Norwood
Lily Hole Franklin
Lily Pond Cohasset
Little Harbor Reservoir Nantasket Beach
Little Wigwam Pond Norwood
Long Pond Franklin
Longfellow Pond Natick
Lost Pond Newton
Lymans Pond Medfield
Mann Pond Wrentham
Mann Pond Wrentham
Manns Pond Mansfield
Maple Street Pond Franklin
Massapoag Lake Mansfield
McCarthy Pond Medfield
Memorial Pond Norwood
Milk Pond Holliston
Mill Pond Medfield
Mirror Lake Wrentham
Miscoe Lake Franklin
Morses Pond Natick
Motley Pond Newton
Muddy Pond Mansfield
Muddy Pond Blue Hills
Needham Reservoir Newton
Neponset Reservoir Mansfield
Neponset River Reservoir Boston South
Neponset River Reservoir Boston South
New Pond Newton
Noannet Pond Norwood
Norroway Pond Blue Hills
Notch Pond Medfield
Old Quincy Reservoir Blue Hills
Paintshop Pond Natick
Park Pond Holliston
Pettee Pond Norwood
Phillips Pond Medfield
Pine Tree Brook Reservoir Blue Hills
Pine Tree Brook Reservoir Blue Hills
Pinewood Pond Norwood
Plainville Pond Wrentham
Plimpton Pond Norwood
Pond Meadow Lake Reservoir Weymouth
Pond Meadow Pond Weymouth
Ponkapoag Pond Blue Hills
Popes Pond Blue Hills
Populatic Pond Holliston
Powissett Pond Norwood
Puds Pond Mansfield
Rabbit Hill Pond Wrentham
Rainbow Pond Norwood
Rays Pond Franklin
Reeds Pond Natick
Reservoir Pond Blue Hills
Richardsons Pond Medfield
Roaring Brook Pond Holliston
Rockridge Pond Natick
Rodman Pond Norwood
Rosemary Lake Newton
Sabrina Lake Natick
Sanctuary Pond Cohasset
Sanford Mill Pond Holliston
Sargent Pond Newton
Sawmill Pond Norwood
Shephard Pond Warren
Silver Lake Franklin
Single Tree Hill Reservoir Newton
South End Pond Medfield
Spring Pond Franklin
Spruce Pond Franklin
Stetson Pond Norwood
Stevens Pond Norwood
Stony Brook Pond Wrentham
Stony Brook Pond Wrentham
Sunset Lake Blue Hills
Sunset Lake Wrentham
Sylvan Lake Blue Hills
Town Pond Norwood
Treat Pond Cohasset
Trout Pond Wrentham
Trowel Shop Pond Norwood
Trowel Shop Pond Norwood
Turner Pond Medfield
Turners Pond Boston South
Turnpike Lake Wrentham
Uncas Pond Franklin
Upper Reservoir Wrentham
Vandys Pond Mansfield
Walker Pond Medfield
Weld Pond Norwood
Wetherells Pond Wrentham
Weymouth Great Pond Weymouth
Whitmans Pond Weymouth
Whortleberry Pond Weymouth
Wights Pond Natick
Wigwam Pond Norwood
Willett Pond Norwood
Witch Pond Wrentham
Wolomolopoag Pond Mansfield
Woods Pond Brockton

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Norfolk County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Norfolk County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.