Plymouth County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Plymouth County

Place USGS Topo Map
A Godfrey Bog Reservoir Plympton
Abner Pond Wareham
Accord Pond Weymouth
Allens Pond Duxbury
Annasnappet Brook Reservoir Plympton
Arms House Pond Plymouth
Arnold Reservoir Hanover
Assawompset Pond Assawompset Pond
Atwood Lower Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Atwood Upper Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Barret Pond Wareham
Bartlett Pond Manomet
Bartlett Pond Wareham
Bates Pond Snipatuit Pond
Bay State Company Bog Reservoir Plympton
Beaton – Lebaron Bog Reservoir Plympton
Beaver Dam Pond Wareham
Beaver Dam Pond Manomet
Besse Bog Reservoir Wareham
Big Rocky Pond Sagamore
Big Sandy Pond Sagamore
Big West Pond Plymouth
Billington Sea Plymouth
Black Jimmy Pond Sagamore
Black Jonny Pond Onset
Black Pond Sagamore
Black Pond Sagamore
Black Pond Cohasset
Blackmere Reservoir Wareham
Blackmore Pond Snipatuit Pond
Blackwater Pond Duxbury
Blood Pond Bridgewater
Bloody Pond Sagamore
Bluefish River Reservoir Duxbury
Bog Pond Snipatuit Pond
Bog Pond Snipatuit Pond
Bonney Pond Plympton
Boot Pond Plymouth
Bound Brook Pond Cohasset
Bouve Pond Weymouth
Bracketts Pond Hanover
Brewer Pond Weymouth
Briggs Reservoir Sagamore
Briggs Reservoir Plymouth
Broad Cove Weymouth
Bumps Pond Wareham
Bumpus Bog Reservoir Plympton
Burrage Pond Whitman
Burrage Pond – Lower Reservoir Whitman
Burrage Pond – Upper Reservoir Whitman
Carver Pond Bridgewater
Cattle Pond Wareham
Cedar Pond Wareham
Cedar Pond Assawompset Pond
Cedar Ponds Wareham
Center Hill Pond Sagamore
Chaffin Reservoir Hanover
Chandler Millpond Hanover
Chandlers Pond Duxbury
Charge Pond Wareham
Charles Chandlers Mill Pond Hanover
Cherry Pond Plymouth
Clam Pudding Pond Manomet
Clear Bottom Pond Plympton
Clear Pond Assawompset Pond
Clear Pond Wareham
Clear Pond Plymouth
Cleveland Pond Whitman
Clifford Road Pond Manomet
Colbys Pond Plymouth
Cold Bottom Pond Manomet
Cole Mill Pond Plympton
College Pond Wareham
Cooks Pond Plymouth
Cooper Pond Plympton
Cotton Pond Sagamore
Covel Pond Sagamore
Cranberry Bog Reservoir Cohasset
Cranberry Factory Pond Duxbury
Cranberry Pond Assawompset Pond
Crane Brook Bog Reservoir Wareham
Crane Brook Reservoir Wareham
Crooked Pond Plymouth
Cross Pond Brockton
Cross Street Bog Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Crossman Pond Plympton
Crystal Waters Reservoir Bridgewater
Curlew Pond Plymouth
Cushing Pond Weymouth
Cushing Pond Weymouth
Cushing Pond Whitman
Cushmans Pond Plymouth
Darby Pond Plymouth
Deer Pond Wareham
Dennetts Pond Plympton
Dicks Pond Wareham
Doctors Pond Wareham
Double Brook Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Dugway Pond Sagamore
Dunham Pond Plymouth
Dunham Pond Assawompset Pond
Dunham Pond Wareham
East Head Bog Reservoir Wareham
East Head Pond Wareham
East Lake Hanover
Eel Pond Marion
Egger Bog Pond Assawompset Pond
Eight Acre Reservoir Plymouth
Elbow Pond Sagamore
Elders Pond Assawompset Pond
Ellis Brett Pond Brockton
Ellis Ponds Plymouth
Ezekiel Pond Sagamore
Factory Pond Hanover
Fawn Pond Wareham
Fearing Pond Wareham
Federal Pond Wareham
First Herring Brook Reservoir Cohasset
Fisher Bog Reservoir Plympton
Fivemile Pond Wareham
Fivemile Ponds Wareham
Flagg Pond Brockton
Forge Pond Manomet
Forge Pond Whitman
Forge Pond Whitman
Foundry Pond Plymouth
Foundry Pond Cohasset
Fresh Meadow Pond Plymouth
Fresh Pond Manomet
Frogfoot Brook Reservoir Wareham
Fuller Street Bog Reservoir Plympton
Fulling Mill Pond Weymouth
Fulling Millpond Weymouth
Furnace Pond Duxbury
Furnace Pond Hanover
Furnace Pond Plymouth
Gallows Pond Sagamore
Giffords Pond Assawompset Pond
Glen Charlie Pond Wareham
Glover Mill Pond Hanover
Golden Field Pond Wareham
Goose Pond Plymouth
Goose Pond Plymouth
Gorham Mill Pond Hanover
Grady Pond Wareham
Granny Pond Plympton
Grassy Pond Sagamore
Grassy Pond Sagamore
Grassy Pond Wareham
Grassy Pond Plymouth
Grassy West Pond Plymouth
Great Herring Pond Sagamore
Great Mink Hole Plymouth
Great Quittacas Pond Assawompset Pond
Great Sandy Bottom Pond Hanover
Great Snake Pond Plymouth
Great South Pond Plymouth
Gunners Exchange Pond Plymouth
Hackett Pond Weymouth
Halfway Pond Sagamore
Hallfield Pond Plymouth
Halls Brook Reservoir Hanover
Harley Millpond Marion
Harlow Brook Reservoir Wareham
Harlow Pond Plymouth
Hartley Mill Pond Marion
Harwich Reservoir Wareham
Hatch Pond Hanover
Hatch Pond Weymouth
Hathaway Pond Sagamore
Hathaway Pond Marion
Hayden Pond Manomet
Hedges Pond Plymouth
Hedges Pond Sagamore
Hill Pond Hanover
Hobart Pond Whitman
Hobomock Pond Hanover
Hooper Pond Plymouth
Horse Pond Sagamore
Horseshoe Pond Snipatuit Pond
Howard Pond Hanover
Hoyts Pond Plymouth
Hunts Pond Whitman
Ice Pond Bridgewater
Indian Brook Reservoir Manomet
Indian Head Pond Hanover
Indian Head River Reservoir Hanover
Indian Head River Reservoir Hanover
Indian Pond Plympton
Indian Trail Number Three Reservoir Whitman
Indian Trail Reservoir Whitman
Island Creek Pond Duxbury
Island Grove Pond Whitman
Island Pond Sagamore
Island Pond Manomet
Island Pond Plymouth
Jacobs Pond Cohasset
Jakes Pond Sagamore
Jenkins Hole Plymouth
Jenney Pond Plymouth
Johns Pond Plympton
Jones Pond Whitman
Jones River Reservoir Plymouth
Jones River Reservoir Plymouth
Joses Meadow Bridgewater
Keene Pond Hanover
Kings Pond Plymouth
Lake Nippenicket Taunton
Leach Pond Plymouth
Leonards Pond Snipatuit Pond
Lewis Pond Scituate
Lilly Pond Sagamore
Little Clear Pond Plymouth
Little College Pond Onset
Little Duck Pond Sagamore
Little Fivemile Pond Wareham
Little Fivemile Pond Wareham
Little Herring Pond Sagamore
Little Long Pond Onset
Little Long Pond Sagamore
Little Micajah Pond Plymouth
Little Mink Hole Plymouth
Little Muddy Pond Plymouth
Little Pond Plymouth
Little Pratts Pond Plymouth
Little Quittacas Pond Assawompset Pond
Little Rocky Pond Sagamore
Little Sabys Pond Plymouth
Little Sandy Bottom Pond Hanover
Little Sandy Pond Sagamore
Little Smelt Pond Plymouth
Little Snake Pond Plymouth
Little South Pond Plymouth
Little West Pond Plymouth
Little Widgeon Pond Plymouth
Long Duck Pond Sagamore
Long Island Pond Isles of Shoals
Long Pond Assawompset Pond
Long Pond Snipatuit Pond
Long Pond Sagamore
Loon Pond Assawompset Pond
Lout Pond Plymouth
Lower Chandler Pond Hanover
Lower Porter Pond Brockton
Lower Sampson Pond Wareham
Lucas Pond Plymouth
Lyon Pond Plymouth
Magoun Pond Hanover
Makepeace Reservoir Number Two Plympton
Manters Hole Plymouth
Maple Springs Brook Reservoir Wareham
Maquan Pond Hanover
Mare Pond Sagamore
Marys Pond Snipatuit Pond
Maxim Corner Pond Plympton
Merry Bog Reservoir Duxbury
Micajah Pond Plymouth
Mill Pond Duxbury
Mill Pond Hanover
Mill Pond Assawompset Pond
Mill Pond Brockton
Mill Pond Snipatuit Pond
Mill Pond Cohasset
Mill Pond Wareham
Monponsett Pond Hanover
Morey Hole Sagamore
Morris Pond Cohasset
Morton Pond Sagamore
Mosquito Pond Wareham
Mounce Pond Hanover
Mountain Hill Bogs Sagamore
Muddy Pond Hanover
Muddy Pond Plymouth
Muddy Pond Plympton
Musquashcut Pond Cohasset
Narragansett Pond Plymouth
Negro Pond Plymouth
Nemasket River Reservoir Plainfield
Nevertouch Pond Bridgewater
New Grassy Pond Wareham
New Long Pond Wareham
No Bottom Pond Hanover
No Bottom Pond Plymouth
North Hill Pond Duxbury
Nunkets Pond Taunton
Nye Bog Reservoir Sagamore
Oakman Pond Hanover
Old Oaken Bucket Pond Cohasset
Oldham Pond Hanover
Ortolani Reservoir Wareham
Parker Mills Pond Wareham
Parsons Pond Duxbury
Peterson Pond Cohasset
Petersons Pond Duxbury
Petersons Saw Mill Pond Duxbury
Philips Brook Reservoir Duxbury
Pickerel Pond Sagamore
Pierce Avenue Pond Assawompset Pond
Pine Lake Duxbury
Pit Pond Duxbury
Plymouth Road Pond Plympton
Plympton Bog North Reservoir Plympton
Plympton Bog West Reservoir Plympton
Pocksha Pond Assawompset Pond
Pond Hole Plymouth
Pond Street Pond Plympton
Popes Pond Wareham
Powder Horn Pond Plymouth
Pratt Pond Wareham
Prospect Bog Reservoir Plympton
Rabbit Pond Manomet
Raccoon Pond Wareham
Randall Pond Hanover
Reed Bog Reservoir Duxbury
Reeds Millpond Hanover
Ricketts Pond Plympton
Robbins Pond Whitman
Robbins Reservoir Whitman
Rocky Meadow Bog Reservoir Plympton
Rocky Meadow Brook Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Rocky Pond Sagamore
Rocky Pond Plymouth
Rocky Pond Plymouth
Rose Brook Reservoir Wareham
Round Hole Plymouth
Round Pond Sagamore
Round Pond Wareham
Round Pond Duxbury
Rounseville Pond Marion
Russell Millpond Plymouth
Russell Pond Plymouth
Saint Yues Bog Reservoir Assawompset Pond
Salt Pond Sagamore
Sampson Pond Snipatuit Pond
Sand Pond Wareham
Sandy Pond Wareham
Savery Grassy Pond Sagamore
Savery Pond Sagamore
Saverys Pond Plympton
Sawmill Pond Plymouth
Sawtucket River Reservoir Whitman
Scokes Pond Manomet
Shallow Pond Manomet
Shaw Bog Reservoir Plympton
Sheep Ponds Scituate
Sherman Bog Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Shinglemill Pond Weymouth
Ship Pond Sagamore
Silver Lake Hanover
Sly Ponds Plymouth
Smalley Bogs Wareham
Smelt Pond Wareham
Snipatuit Pond Snipatuit Pond
Snows Pond Snipatuit Pond
Soules Pond Plymouth
South Meadow Brook Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
South Meadow Pond Plymouth
South River Reservoir Duxbury
South Triangle Pond Plymouth
Spectacle Pond Wareham
Spooner Pond Plymouth
Spring Pond Plymouth
Stetson Pond Hanover
Stone Pond Plymouth
Straits Pond Nantasket Beach
Studleys Pond Whitman
Stump Pond Hanover
Stump Pond Whitman
Tack Factory Pond Cohasset
Ten Acre Reservoir Plymouth
The Arm Manomet
The Reservoir Assawompset Pond
Thirtyacre Pond Brockton
Three Cornered Pond Wareham
Tihonet Pond Wareham
Tims Pond Weymouth
Tindale Pond Hanover
Tispaquin Pond Snipatuit Pond
Tobey – Jones Reservoir Wareham
Torrey Pond Cohasset
Torrey Pond Wareham
Town Brook Reservoir Plymouth
Town Brook Reservoir Plymouth
Town River Reservoir Bridgewater
Town River Reservoir Whitman
Town River Reservoir Whitman
Trackle Pond Plympton
Trask Pond Plymouth
Tremont Mill Pond Snipatuit Pond
Tremont Pond East Killingly
Triangle Pond Sagamore
Triangle Pond Plymouth
Triphammer Pond Cohasset
Trout Pond Hanover
Turner Pond Cohasset
Turtle Pond Plymouth
Union Pond Wareham
Upper Chandler Pond Hanover
Upper Porter Pond Brockton
Vaughn Pond Plympton
Waldo Lake Brockton
Wales Pond Scituate
Wall Pond Sagamore
Wampatuck Pond Hanover
Wankinco River Reservoir Wareham
Wankinco River Reservoir Wareham
Warner Pond Manomet
Waterville Pond Plympton
Weeks Pond Sagamore
Wenham Pond Plympton
West Lake Hanover
West Meadow Brook Pond Brockton
Weweantic River Reservoir Snipatuit Pond
Whipple Reservoir Manomet
White Island Pond Sagamore
Whites Pond Sagamore
Widgeon Pond Plymouth
Wolf Pond Plymouth
Woods Pond Plympton
Wright Reservoir Duxbury

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Plymouth County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Plymouth County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.