Worcester County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Worcester County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldrich Brook Blackstone
Aldrich Brook Blackstone
Arthur Brook Athol
Asnebumskit Brook Worcester North
Axtell Brook Grafton
Babcock Brook Sterling
Bacon Brook Blackstone
Bailey Brook Sterling
Bailey Brook Winchendon
Baker Brook Fitchburg
Baker Brook Gardner
Ball Brook Sterling
Ball Brook Sterling
Barefoot Brook Marlborough
Bartlett Pond Brook Sterling
Bartons Brook Leicester
Bating Brook Uxbridge
Beaman Brook Winchendon
Bear Meadow Brook Ashburnham
Beaver Brook Worcester South
Beaver Brook Royalston
Beaver Brook Royalston
Bell Brook North Brookfield
Big Bummet Brook Grafton
Bigelow Brook Athol
Binney Hill Brook Ashburnham
Bluefield Brook Ashburnham
Boyce Brook Royalston
Bradish Brook Warren
Breakneck Brook Southbridge
Brewer Brook Shrewsbury
Broad Meadow Brook Worcester South
Broadmeadow Brook Ware
Brown Brook Ashburnham
Browns Brook Oxford
Buckman Brook Athol
Bumbo Brook Paxton
Burncoat Brook Leicester
Burnshirt River Barre
Burr Brook Warren
Burrow Brook North Brookfield
Cady Brook Leicester
Canesto Brook Templeton
Canterbury Brook Winsor Dam
Card Machine Brook Uxbridge
Caruth Brook Paxton
Casey Brook Worcester South
Caswell Brook Uxbridge
Cedar Brook Southbridge
Cedar Swamp Brook Uxbridge
Center Brook Holliston
Centerville Brook Uxbridge
Chaffins Brook Worcester North
Chapin Brook Worcester South
Cheney Brook Warren
Chickering Brook Athol
Chockalog River Chepachet
Coal Mine Brook Worcester North
Cobb Brook Wachusett Mountain
Cohasse Brook Southbridge
Cold Brook Sterling
Cold Harbor Brook Shrewsbury
Cold Spring Brook Ayer
Cold Spring Brook Uxbridge
Cold Spring Brook Grafton
Company Brook Athol
Connelly Brook Sterling
Cook Allen Brook Uxbridge
Cooledge Brook Shrewsbury
Coys Brook Warren
Cranberry River East Brookfield
Cronin Brook Grafton
Crow Hill Brook Templeton
Danforth Brook Ware
Danforth Brook Petersham
Dark Brook Oxford
Dark Brook Worcester South
Dark Brook Worcester South
Denny Brook Marlborough
Dicks Brook Barre
Dorothy Brook Worcester South
Dudley Brook Uxbridge
Dunham Brook Royalston
Dunleavey Brook Uxbridge
Dunn Brook East Brookfield
Dunn Brook Athol
East Branch Fever Brook Quabbin Reservoir
East Branch Swift River Winsor Dam
East Branch Tully River Athol
East Branch Ware River Barre
East Brookfield River East Brookfield
East Wachusett Brook Sterling
Easter Brook Shirley
Elizabeth Brook Maynard
Ellinwood Brook Orange
Ellwell Brook Ware
Emerson Brook Blackstone
Estees Brook Ashburnham
Fall Brook Shirley
Falls Brook Royalston
Farrel Brook Uxbridge
Fever Brook Quabbin Reservoir
Fish Brook Ware
Fivemile River East Brookfield
Flag Brook Fitchburg
Forget-me-not Brook East Brookfield
Foster Brook Templeton
Fox Brook Blackstone
Freemans Brook Oxford
French Brook Shrewsbury
Galloway Brook Barre
Gates Brook Worcester North
Gates Pond Brook Marlborough
Gilboa Brook Uxbridge
Godfrey Brook Milford
Goodridge Brook Clinton
Governor Brook Sterling
Great Brook East Brookfield
Greene Brook Uxbridge
Grindstone Brook Leicester
Gulf Brook Athol
Hamant Brook Southbridge
Happy Hollow Brook Uxbridge
Hatchet Brook Southbridge
Hemlock Brook Uxbridge
Hobbs Brook Southbridge
Honey Brook Southbridge
Hop Brook Blackstone
Hop Brook Shrewsbury
Horse Pond Brook North Brookfield
Houghton Brook Sterling
Howard Brook Shrewsbury
Hoyt Brook Athol
Hubbardston Brook Templeton
Huckleberry Brook Milford
Ice Company Branch Athol
Jackstraw Brook Milford
Joslin Brook Wachusett Mountain
Justice Brook Sterling
Kendall Brook Athol
Kenny Brook Royalston
Kettle Brook Worcester South
Keyes Brook Sterling
Kinnear Brook Worcester South
Lamb City Brook Athol
Lamberton Brook Warren
Lamson Brook Worcester North
Laurel Brook Uxbridge
Lawrence Brook Royalston
Laws Brook Gardner
Lebanon Brook Southbridge
Lebanon Brook Southbridge
Little River Webster
Longmeadow Brook Wachusett Mountain
Lorinda Brook Petersham
Lynde Brook Sterling
Lynde Brook Worcester South
Mahoney Brook Gardner
Malagasco Brook Shrewsbury
Malden Brook Sterling
Mason Brook Wachusett Mountain
Maynard Brook North Brookfield
McGovern Brook Clinton
McKinstry Brook Southbridge
Meadow Brook Blackstone
Meadow Brook Shrewsbury
Meadow Brook Ware
Middle River Worcester South
Mill Brook Hudson
Mill Brook Webster
Mill Brook Worcester South
Mill Brook Athol
Mill Brook Warren
Mill Brook Wachusett Mountain
Mill River Blackstone
Mine Brook Oxford
Miscoe Brook Blackstone
Miscoe Brook Grafton
Moccasin Brook Petersham
Monoosnoc Brook Shirley
Moose Brook Ware
Muddy Brook Blackstone
Muddy Brook Worcester North
Mumford River Blackstone
Muschopauge Brook Wachusett Mountain
Narrows Oxford
Natty Pond Brook Barre
Naultaug Brook Warren
Nelson Brook Athol
Newton Brook Ware
Norcross Hill Brook Templeton
North Branch Millers River Winchendon
North Brook Marlborough
North Brook North Brookfield
North Nashua River Clinton
O’Neil Brook Warren
Ohio Brook Blackstone
Otter River Winchendon
Parkers Brook Barre
Pearl Hill Brook Fitchburg
Pearl Hill Brook Ashby
Perley Brook Templeton
Phillips Brook Fitchburg
Piccadilly Brook Marlborough
Pierce Brook Ware
Pine Hill Brook Ware
Pleasant Brook Barre
Pommoqusset Brook Wachusett Mountain
Ponakin Brook Clinton
Pond Brook Templeton
Poor Farm Brook Worcester North
Poor Farm Brook Worcester North
Popple Camp Brook Athol
Potash Brook Webster
Potash Brook Shrewsbury
Potash Brook Barre
Pratt Brook Worcester South
Pratt Brook Leicester
Priest Brook Winchendon
Prince River Barre
Purgatory Brook Uxbridge
Quick Stream Blackstone
Quinapoxet River Sterling
Quinsigamond River Grafton
Quissett Brook Blackstone
Ramshorn Brook Worcester South
Rawson Hill Brook Shrewsbury
Riceville Brook Orange
Rich Brook Athol
Riddle Brook Uxbridge
Robbins Brook Winchendon
Rock Meadow Brook Blackstone
Rocky Brook Sterling
Ropers Brook Clinton
Round Meadow Brook Blackstone
Round Top Brook Chepachet
Rutland Brook Petersham
Rutters Brook Marlborough
Salmon Brook East Brookfield
Sand Brook Fitchburg
Scadden Brook Uxbridge
Scanlon Brook Sterling
Scarletts Brook Worcester North
School Street Brook Warren
Scott Brook Fitchburg
Scott Brook Paxton
Scott Brook Winchendon
Sevenmile River East Brookfield
Sewall Brook Shrewsbury
Shattuck Brook Athol
Shaw Brook Paxton
Shepardson Brook Royalston
Silver Brook Petersham
Silver Spring Brook Paxton
Singletary Brook Worcester South
Smith Brook Barre
Smith Brook Gardner
South Fork Little River Webster
South Meadow Brook Clinton
South Wachusett Brook Wachusett Mountain
Spectacle Brook Clinton
Spring Brook Blackstone
Spud Brook Winchendon
Steam Mill Brook Sterling
Steamburg Brook Uxbridge
Steep Gutter Brook Barre
Stevens Branch Barre
Still Corner Brook Blackstone
Still River Clinton
Stillwater River Sterling
Stirrup Brook Marlborough
Stockwell Brook Royalston
Stone Brook Worcester South
Stoneville Brook Worcester South
Stony Brook Shrewsbury
Stony Brook Athol
Sucker Brook Oxford
Sucker Brook Ware
Sucker Brook Ware
Sullivan Brook Warren
Taft Pond Brook Milford
Tarbell Brook Winchendon
Tatnuck Brook Worcester South
Tatnuck Brook Paxton
Templeton Brook Templeton
Thousand Acre Brook Athol
Thrower Brook Orange
Tinkerville Brook Uxbridge
Town Meadow Brook Leicester
Towne Brook Winchendon
Trout Brook Sterling
Trout Brook Templeton
Trout Brook East Brookfield
Tufts Brook Warren
Tully Brook Royalston
Tully River Athol
Turkey Brook Paxton
Turkey Hill Brook North Brookfield
Wadsworth Brook Paxton
Warren Brook Grafton
Warren Tannery Brook Worcester North
Washburn Brook Sterling
Waushacum Brook Sterling
Weasel Brook Worcester North
Wekepeke Brook Shrewsbury
Wellington Brook Leicester
Wellman Brook Uxbridge
West Boylston Brook Worcester North
West Branch Charles River Milford
West Branch Fever Brook Quabbin Reservoir
West Branch Ware River Barre
West Brook Shrewsbury
West Brook Orange
West Gulf Brook Athol
West River Blackstone
West Wachusett Brook Wachusett Mountain
Whitehall Brook Milford
Whitemans Brook Ashburnham
Whitman River Fitchburg
Wigwam Brook Blackstone
Wilder Brook Sterling
Wilder Brook Templeton
Willow Brook Blackstone
Willow Brook East Brookfield
Wine Brook Templeton
Winimusset Brook Ware
Worcester Brook Paxton

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Worcester County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Worcester County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.