Allegan County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Allegan County

Place USGS Topo Map
Angel Lake Orangeville
Aubil Lake Bowens Mill
Base Line Lake Merson
Bass Lake Bowens Mill
Big Goose Lake Fennville
Big Lake Martin
Big Spec Lake Millgrove
Black Lake Bowens Mill
Blueberry Lake Bloomingdale
Boot Lake Orangeville
Buskirk Lake Martin
Cady Lake Burnips
Caruthers Lake Martin
Clear Lake Pullman
Crooked Lake Fennville
Doans Lake Wayland
Duck Lake Bloomingdale
Dumont Lake Allegan
Eagle Lake Bloomingdale
East Lake Burnips
Ely Lake Fennville
Emerson Lake Bloomingdale
Fenner Lake Orangeville
Foster Lake Merson
Geneva Lake Martin
Gilligan Lake Saugatuck
Goose Lake Hamilton East
Goshorn Lake Saugatuck
Green Lake Caledonia
Herlan Lake Allegan
Hicks Lake Martin
Hill Lake Bowens Mill
Hodge Lake Merson
Huckleberry Lake Cutlerville
Hutchins Lake Glenn
Indian Lake Orangeville
Ingerson Lake Martin
Jackson Lake Bowens Mill
Kalamazoo Lake Saugatuck
Kelly Lake Saugatuck
Lake Allegan Millgrove
Lake Doster Kalamazoo NE
Lake Sixteen Orangeville
Lake Sixteen Merson
Leggett Lake Burnips
Lester Lake Pullman
Little Spec Lake Millgrove
Little Tom Lake Fennville
Littlejohn Lake Millgrove
Looking Glass Lake Fennville
Lower Scott Lake Pullman
Manitt Lake Lacota
McDermott Lake Burnips
McIntire Lake Bowens Mill
Middle Lake Merson
Mill Pond Bowens Mill
Miller Lake Martin
Miner Lake Allegan
Minkler Lake Merson
Monterey Lake Burnips
Moore Lake Orangeville
Mud Lake Bowens Mill
Mud Lake Fennville
Mud Lake Bloomingdale
Osgood Lake Merson
Osterhout Lake Pullman
Perch Lake Fennville
Pickerel Lake Martin
Pickerel Lake Bowens Mill
Pike Lake Merson
Pratt Lake Orangeville
Round Lake Fennville
Round Lake Bowens Mill
Round Lake Orangeville
Round Lake Bowens Mill
Sager Lake Bowens Mill
Schermerhorn Lake Bloomingdale
Schnable Lake Martin
School Section Lake Martin
Selkirk Lake Martin
Shagnasty Lake Martin
Sheffer Lake Merson
Shipp Lake Burnips
Silver Lake Saugatuck
Silver Lake Bloomingdale
Sink Lake Hamilton West
Spring Brook Lake Pullman
Squaw Lake Bowens Mill
Swan Creek Pond Millgrove
Swan Lake Bloomingdale
Three Corner Lake Burnips
Titus Lake Wayland
Upper Scott Lake Pullman
Wetheral Lake Martin
Wetmore Lake Allegan

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Allegan County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Allegan County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.