Cass County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Cass County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Lake Jones
Bair Lake Jones
Baldwins Lake Mottville
Barron Lake Niles East
Belas Lake Vandalia
Bellows Lake Mottville
Birch Lake Jones
Bogart Lake Jones
Buck Lake Jones
Bunker Lake Decatur
Cable Lake Sister Lakes
Carters Lake Mottville
Chain Lake Adamsville
Christiana Lake Adamsville
Coberts Lake Edwardsburg
Cook Lake Twin Lakes
Cooks Lake Adamsville
Copley Lake Decatur
Coverdale Lake Mottville
Cowham Lake Decatur
Cranberry Lake Jones
Crooked Lake Edwardsburg
Curtis Lake Adamsville
Davis Lake Edwardsburg
Day Lake Adamsville
Dewey Lake Sister Lakes
Diamond Lake Vandalia
Donnell Lake Vandalia
Driskels Lake Jones
Eagle Lake Edwardsburg
Elbow Lake Jones
Elbow Lake Mottville
Finch Lake Decatur
Fish Lake Decatur
Forked Lake Jones
Fox Lake Jones
Garver Lake Edwardsburg
Geer Lake Twin Lakes
George Lake Edwardsburg
Goff Lakes Marcellus
Goose Lake Edwardsburg
Grabemeyer Lake Sister Lakes
Gray Lake Edwardsburg
Harwood Lake Jones
Hemlock Lake Marcellus
Hutchens Lake Jones
Huyck Lake Marcellus
Indian Lake Sumnerville
Indiana Lake Mottville
Juno Lake Adamsville
Kaminsky Lake Edwardsburg
Kelsey Lake Dowagiac
Kirk Lake Vandalia
La Grange Lake Dowagiac
Lafferty Lake Adamsville
Leninger Lake Adamsville
Lewis Lake Vandalia
Lilly Lake Jones
Lime Lakes Jones
Little Fish Lake Vandalia
Little Wood Lake Mottville
Long Lake Mottville
Long Lake Edwardsburg
Long Lake Adamsville
Magician Lake Sister Lakes
Mill Lake Jones
Mill Pond Dowagiac
Mud Lake Dowagiac
Mud Lake Adamsville
Mud Lake Marcellus
Mudd Lake Niles East
Muld Lake Vandalia
Mullen Lake Edwardsburg
Otter Lake Marcellus
Painter Lake Adamsville
Paradise Lake Vandalia
Pickerel Lake Jones
Pine Lake Twin Lakes
Pine Lake Edwardsburg
Pine Lake Marcellus
Pitcher Lake Twin Lakes
Pleasant Lake Edwardsburg
Priest Lake Sister Lakes
Puterbaugh Lake Adamsville
Robbins Lake Mottville
Robinson Lake Adamsville
Rodgers Lake Sumnerville
Round Lake Twin Lakes
Round Lake Adamsville
Saddlebag Lake Marcellus
Shavehead Lake Mottville
Skab Lake Edwardsburg
Skyhawk Lake Jones
Spatterdock Lake Mottville
Spring Lake Edwardsburg
Spring Lake Marcellus
Stone Lake Dowagiac
Streaters Mill Pond Jones
Teesdale Lake Mottville
Tharp Lake Adamsville
Twin Lakes Twin Lakes
Wildcat Lake Vandalia
Wood Lake Mottville

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Cass County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Cass County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.