Clare County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Clare County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arnold Lake Harrison
Bailey Lake Browns Corners
Bass Lake Browns Corners
Bass Lake Lake
Bear Lake Lake George
Beebe Lake Hatton
Bertha Lake Lake George
Big Cranberry Lake Lake NE
Big Dollar Lake Lake NE
Big Mud Lake Lake NE
Big Norway Lake Lake NE
Black Louie Bayou Prestle Creek
Bluegill Lake Harrison
Bluff Lake Woods
Boathouse Lake Meredith SW
Boyles Creek Lake
Budd Lake Harrison
Bungo Lake Lake George
Canada Lake Meredith SW
Caner Lakes Harrison
Clear Lake Lake George
Cranberry Lake Meredith SW
Cranberry Lakes Lake George
Crooked Lake Lake
Currey Lake Lake NE
Deadman Lake Woods
Decker Lake Meredith SW
Deer Lake Harrison
Devil Lake Clare
Dishpan Lake Woods
Doc and Tom Lake Lake George
Dodge Lake Meredith SW
Dollar Lake Lake George
Dollar Lake Woods
Drachenburg Lake Browns Corners
Dunham Lake Meredith SW
East Trout Lake Hatton
Eight Point Lake Lake
Elbow Lake Meredith NW
Eureka Lake Lake George
Finley Lake Prestle Creek
Five Lakes Clare
Floodwood Swamp Reservoir Prestle Creek
Frost Lake Meredith SW
Furgeson Lake Lake George
Glosch Lake Prestle Creek
Grass Lake Woods
Grass Lake Lake George
Gray Lake Lake
Green Pine Lake Lake NE
Gut Lake Hatton
Half Moon Lake Lake George
Halfmoon Lake Harrison
Handy Lake Hatton
Harrington Bayou Prestle Creek
Haskell Lake Harrison
Haven Lake Meredith SW
Hemlock Lake Lake George
Howland Lake Browns Corners
Icehouse Lake Meredith SW
Johnny Lake Lake George
Kilborne Lake Lake George
Lake Enola Hatton
Lake Ernestine Lake NE
Lake George Lake George
Lake Little George Skeels
Lake Shamrock Clare
Lake Taho Lake NE
Lake Thirteen Clare
Lawrence Lake Prestle Creek
Lily Lake Browns Corners
Lily Lake Lake George
Lindy Lake Skeels
Little Long Lake Harrison
Little Loon Lake Lake George
Little Norway Lake Lake NE
Little Silver Lake Lake George
Little Sunrise Lake Harrison
Long Lake Harrison
Long Pond Lake NE
Long Pond Lake NE
Loon Lake Hatton
Lost Lake Lake NE
Lower Brennan Lake Browns Corners
McWatty Lake Harrison
Mill Pond Woods
Minnow Lake Woods
Mud Lake Browns Corners
Mud Lake Cooperton
Mud Lake Prestle Creek
Muir Lake Lake
Mystic Lake Lake
Nestor Lakes Browns Corners
Norway Lake Browns Corners
Otter Lake Clare
Owl Lake Lake George
Perch Lake Lake
Perch Lake Lake George
Perch Lake Lake George
Pfannes Lake Hatton
Pike Lake Lake NE
Pixley Pond Harrison
Rice Pond Cooperton
Rollway Lake Meredith NW
Round Lake Browns Corners
Russell Lake Woods
Sand Lake Meredith SW
Schiemann Lake Meredith SW
Schoomaker Lake Lake George
Shingle Lake Lake George
Shively Lake Loomis
Silver Lake Lake George
South Lake Clare
Spring Lake Lake NE
Springwood Lakes Meredith SW
Starkey Lake Prestle Creek
Surrey Lake Woods
Sutherland Lake Harrison
Three Lake Lake George
Thurston Lake Clare
Townline Lake Meredith SW
Townline Lake Lake George
Trout Lake Meredith NW
Tuohy Lake Meredith SW
Turbush Lake Lake George
Twin Lakes Lake
Upper Brennan Lake Browns Corners
We-E Lake Woods
West Trout Lake Hatton
White Sand Lake Clare
Windover Lake Lake George
Wolf Lake Coleman NE
Wood Lake Lake NE

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Clare County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Clare County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.