Kalkaska County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Kalkaska County

Place USGS Topo Map
Barnard Lake Leetsville
Bass Lake Kalkaska
Bass Lake Starvation Lake
Bear Lake Black Creek
Bird Lake Leetsville
Bloom Lake Fife Lake
Blue Lake Kalkaska
Blue Lake Starvation Lake
Breeds Lake Smithville
Butler Lake Kalkaska
Camel Lake Kalkaska
Cranberry Lake Black Creek
Crawford Lake Sigma
Croy Lake Westwood
Cub Lake Black Creek
Darby Lake South Boardman
Davis Lake Westwood
Deadmans Lake Starvation Lake
Eagle Lake Starvation Lake
East Lake Kalkaska
East Lakes Starvation Lake
Farrar Lake Westwood
Grass Lake Westwood
Guernsey Lake South Boardman
Haynes Lake Torch River
Indian Lake Starvation Lake
Ingersoll Lake Smithville
Island Lake South Boardman
Johnsons Lake Black Creek
Jones Lake Smithville
Kettle Lake Kalkaska
Kings Ponds Cote Dame Marie
Kniss Lake Sigma
Lake Five Westwood
Lake of the Woods Westwood
Lake Placid Sigma
Lake Skegemog Torch River
Little Blue Lake Starvation Lake
Little Guernsey Lakes South Boardman
Little Log Lake Kalkaska
Little Twin Lake Starvation Lake
Little Wheeler Lake Westwood
Log Lake Kalkaska
Long Lake Fife Lake
Loon Lake Kalkaska
Lost Lake Westwood
MacNeil Pond Starvation Lake
Mallard Lake Black Creek
Manistee Lake Westwood
Middle Black Lake Black Creek
Milk Lake Kalkaska
Mud Lake South Boardman
Mud Lake Kalkaska
North Blue Lake Starvation Lake
North Crooked Lake Starvation Lake
North Selkirk Lake Sigma
Oxbow Lake Starvation Lake
Palmer Lake Sigma
Papoose Lake Starvation Lake
Perch Lake Smithville
Perch Lake Westwood
Peters Lake Westwood
Pickerel Lake Starvation Lake
Poplar Lake Starvation Lake
Post Lake Westwood
Price Lake Kalkaska
Priests Lake Westwood
Rainbow Lake Westwood
Rugg Pond Leetsville
Sickle Lake Smithville
Smith Lake Torch River
Smith Lake Kalkaska
South Black Lake Black Creek
South Crooked Lake Starvation Lake
South Selkirk Lake Kalkaska
Southwell Lake Westwood
Squaw Lake Starvation Lake
Starvation Lake Starvation Lake
Timber Lake Starvation Lake
Twentyeight Lakes Smithville
Twin Lake Starvation Lake
Upper Black Lake Black Creek
Waddell Pond Starvation Lake
Wellman Mill Pond South Boardman
Wheeler Lake Westwood
Woodard Lake Smithville
Youngs Mill Pond South Boardman

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Kalkaska County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Kalkaska County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.