Lapeer County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lapeer County

Place USGS Topo Map
Algoe Lake Hadley
Baily Lake Metamora
Baines Lake Capac
Barnes Lake Barnes Lake
Bass Lake Barnes Lake
Bass Lake Imlay City
Bear Lake North Branch
Beaver Lake Metamora
Big Fish Lake Hadley
Brigham Lake Hadley
Bronson Lake Elba
Bunnel Lake Hadley
Cedar Lake North Branch
Clear Lake Burnside
Cluebine Lake Thornville
Cooks Lake Attica
Corbin Lake Barnes Lake
Cranberry Lake Elba
Cranberry Lake Attica
Davis Lake Lapeer
Davison Lake Hadley
Dipper Lake Barnes Lake
Dollar Lake Mayville
Duperow Lake North Branch
East Webster Lake Metamora
Elk Lake Attica
Elk Lake Attica
Fish Lake Attica
Five Lakes North Branch
Fox Lake Hadley
Graham Lake Metamora
Grass Lake Attica
Grass Lake Lapeer
Guaddey Lake Barnes Lake
Hagemeister Lake Thornville
Hall Lake Metamora
Hart Lake Columbiaville
Hemingway Lake Hadley
Hemmingway Lake Columbiaville
Hortin Lake Barnes Lake
Horton Lake Lapeer
Kellogg Lake Metamora
Kelsey Lake Metamora
Koester Lakes Hadley
Lake Henson Columbiaville
Lake Lapeer Metamora
Lake Marion Hadley
Lake Metamora Metamora
Lake Minnawanna Metamora
Lake Pleasant Attica
Littlefield Lake Barnes Lake
Lockwood Lake Thornville
Long Lake Elba
Long Lake Attica
Long Lake Attica
Loon Lake Metamora
Margret Lake Barnes Lake
Mawdesley Lake Mayville
McDowell Lake Elba
McKeen Lake Lapeer
McNally Lake Almont
Merritt Lake Metamora
Middle Lake Lapeer
Millers Lake Barnes Lake
Mirror Lake Metamora
Misch Lake Metamora
Mitchell Lakes Attica
Mitten Lake Hadley
Mud Lake Elba
Mud Lake Almont
Mud Lake Lapeer
Mud Lake Metamora
Mud Lake Columbiaville
Mud Lake Attica
Nepessing Lake Lapeer
Norway Lake Barnes Lake
O’Neil Lake Almont
Otsikita Lake Metamora
Otter Lake Columbiaville
Pass Lake Lapeer
Pero Lake Elba
Peters Lake Thornville
Petz Lake Capac
Pickerel Lake Imlay City
Pickerel Pond Almont
Pierce Lake Thornville
Pleasant Lake Elba
Potters Lake Elba
Reed Lake Metamora
Riddle Lake Barnes Lake
Riley Lake Hadley
Rood Lake Lapeer
Rose Lake Attica
Round Lake Hadley
Russell Lake Thornville
Sans Lake Capac
Sawdel Lake Barnes Lake
Sawmill Lake Hadley
Selders Lake Barnes Lake
Seven Ponds Lake Thornville
Simmons Lake Attica
Skinner Lake Elba
Spear Lake Elba
Squaw Lake Mayville
Stanton Lakes Attica
Sutter Lake Barnes Lake
Terry Lake Thornville
Tody Lake Hadley
Trout Lake Metamora
Trune Lake Barnes Lake
Wallace Lake Metamora
Webster Lake Hadley
West Lake Elba
West Lake Almont
West Webster Lake Metamora
Whelock Lake Lapeer
Whigville Lake Thornville
Whitehead Lake Lapeer
Wolf Lake Metamora
Young Lake Almont
Youngs Lake Lapeer

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lapeer County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Lapeer County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.