Lenawee County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lenawee County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Drain Jasper
Anderson Drain Jasper
Ash Drain Tecumseh South
Atwood Drain Rome Center
Baker and May Drain Jasper
Bear Creek Palmyra
Bear Creek Clayton
Beaver Creek Adrian
Benner Drain Clayton
Bennet Drain Hudson
Big Meadow Drain Palmyra
Big Swamp Drain Clayton
Bird Drain Clayton
Black Creek Palmyra
Black Creek Adrian
Blanchard Drain Fayette
Bovee Drain Clayton
Bowen Drain Addison
Branch Creek Addison
Brenott Drain Deerfield
Briggs Lake Creek Onsted
Bruno Drain Tipton
Burk Drain Cement City
Cadmus Drain Clayton
Camp Drain Deerfield
Camp Drain Hudson
Carter Drain Morenci
Childs Drain Hudson
Coats Drain Deerfield
Cole Drain Rome Center
Complex Drain Jasper
Cook Drain Tecumseh South
Covell Drain Clayton
Deline Drain Clayton
Dibble Drain Deerfield
Dillingham Creek Tecumseh North
Evans Creek Tecumseh North
Fisk Drain Adrian
Floodwood Creek Blissfield
Foot Drain Palmyra
Fouty Creek Rome Center
Fry Drain Deerfield
Furman Drain Clayton
Garrison Drain Hudson
Gilbert Drain Rome Center
Gleason Brook Palmyra
Hall Drain Jasper
Harkness Drain Adrian
Harrison Drain Clayton
Hazen Creek Clayton
Henning Drain Hudson
Hoadley Drain Jasper
Holmes Drain Jasper
Hood Drain Adrian
Horton Drain Cement City
Hough Drain Jasper
Hunt Creek Rome Center
Isley Drain Deerfield
J B Drain Hudson
Jasper Drain Jasper
Kelly Drain Deerfield
Ketcham Drain Addison
Knapp Drain Jasper
Lamkin Drain Tipton
Lime Creek Morenci
Lowery Drain Rome Center
Mansfield Creek Morenci
Medina Drain Hudson
Miller Drain Deerfield
Mitchell Drain Jasper
Morse Lord Drain Jasper
Nash Drain Rome Center
Nelson Drain Jasper
O’Harrow Drain Addison
Patrick Drain Addison
Penrod Drain Rome Center
Pickford Drain Rome Center
Pope Drain Tecumseh South
Porter Drain Jasper
Posey Creek Addison
Posey Lake Drain Addison
Raymond Drain Jasper
Rice Lake Drain Clayton
Root Drain Hudson
Ryan Creek Adrian
Saint Joseph Creek Addison
Sampson Drain Clayton
Savage Drain Jasper
Scharer Drain Jasper
Schnieral Drain Rome Center
Schreeder Brook Deerfield
Schwab Drain Deerfield
Seeley Drain Addison
Seneca Drain Clayton
Silver Creek Morenci
Slater Creek Adrian
South Branch River Raisin Tecumseh South
South Branch Stony Creek Jasper
Spring Brook Deerfield
Springbrook Drain Deerfield
Squaw Creek Rome Center
Stevenson Drain Adrian
Stoddard Drain Rome Center
Stony Creek Jasper
Sutton Drain Deerfield
Taylor Creek Tipton
Toad Creek Hudson
Torry Drain Adrian
Treat Drain Adrian
Tucker Drain Addison
Turner Drain Adrian
Walker Brook Palmyra
Walker Drain Jasper
Wallace Drain Rome Center
Warren Drain Jasper
Westgate Drain Tecumseh South
Weston Drain Jasper
Wolf Creek Adrian
Woodruff Brook Deerfield

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lenawee County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lenawee County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.