Luce County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Luce County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ahlman Lake Auger Lake
Auger Lake Auger Lake
Barclay Lake Betsy Lake NW
Barfield Lakes Grand Marais SE
Barrett Lake Auger Lake
Bass Lake Buckeye Lake
Bear Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Beaver Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Beaverhouse Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Beavertown Lakes Muskallonge Lake SW
Becks Lake Buckeye Lake
Belle Lakes Tahquamenon Lakes
Bennet Springs Tahquamenon Lakes
Bennett Lake Grand Marais SE
Benny Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Betsy Lake Betsy Lake North
Blind Sucker Flooding Grand Marais NE
Bob Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Bodi Lake Betsy Lake North
Brockies Pond Buckeye Lake
Brucker Lake Grand Marais NE
Brush Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Buckeye Lake Buckeye Lake
Buckies Pond Buckeye Lake
Bullhead Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Camp Eight Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Camp Five Lake Auger Lake
Camp Seven Alke Tahquamenon Lakes
Camp Seven Lake Auger Lake
Chesbrough Lake Betsy Lake SW
Clark Lake Timberlost
Cleveland Cliffs Lake Auger Lake
Connor Lakes Muskallonge Lake East
Coyote Lake Roy Lake
Cranberry Lake Muskallonge Lake West
Cris Brown Lake Muskallonge Lake East
Crooked Lake Hardwood Island
Culhane Lake Betsy Lake North
Dairy Lake Grand Marais SE
Deadmans Lake Buckeye Lake
Deer Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Devils Hollow Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Dillingham Lake Grand Marais SE
Dishpan Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Dollarville Flooding Newberry
Donut Lake Auger Lake
Dry Lakes Betsy Lake North
Dude Lake Buckeye Lake
Dunathon Lake Auger Lake
East Lake McMillan
Evergreen Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Fork Lake Hardwood Island
Frank Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Frenchmans Lake Soo Junction
Fur Farm Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Gimlet Lake Gimlet Creek
Goose Lake Buckeye Lake
Grass Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Grass Slough Tahquamenon Lakes
Halfway Lake Auger Lake
Hamilton Lake Newberry
Hanes Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Holland Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Homestead Lake Betsy Lake NW
Island Lake Gimlet Creek
Jack Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Kaks Lake Newberry
Kelly Lake Buckeye Lake
Keopfgen Lake Grand Marais NE
Kilp Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Ladue Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Laurel Lake Gimlet Creek
Little Buckeye Lake Buckeye Lake
Little Lake Betsy Lake North
Little Perch Lake Betsy Lake NW
Little Pike Lake Betsy Lake NW
Little Two Hearted Lakes Betsy Lake SW
Little Whorl Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Locke Lake McMillan
Long Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Long Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Loon Lake Betsy Lake South
Lost Lake McMillan
Lost Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Lynch Lake Roy Lake
Macki Lake Newberry
Maki Lake Newberry
Marsh Lakes Grand Marais SE
Martindary Lake Grand Marais SE
McCormick Lake McMillan
McMahon Lake Muskallonge Lake SE
McTivers Lake Muskallonge Lake SE
Mervin Lake Newberry
Minard Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Moon Lake Grand Marais SE
Moose Lakes Tahquamenon Lakes
Mud Lake Muskallonge Lake West
Mud Lake McMillan
Murray Lake Buckeye Lake
Musgrave Lakes Tahquamenon Lakes
Muskallonge Lake Muskallonge Lake West
Muskrat Lakes Betsy Lake North
North Branch Lakes Muskallonge Lake SW
North Manistique Lake McMillan
Old Headquarters Lake Muskallonge Lake SE
Otter Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Parcell Lakes Betsy Lake North
Peanut Lake Buckeye Lake
Perch Lake Muskallonge Lake East
Perch Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Peter Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Pike Lake Betsy Lake NW
Pine Lake Betsy Lake South
Potters Lake Grand Marais SE
Pratt Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Pretty Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Props Lake Grand Marais NE
Quinlan Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Quintus Lake Roy Lake
Rainy Lake Muskallonge Lake West
Randolph Lake Grand Marais NE
Rat Lake Betsy Lake South
Ready Lakes Muskallonge Lake West
Reds Lake Auger Lake
Ross Lake Buckeye Lake
Round Lake Betsy Lake NW
Roy Lake Roy Lake
Schaaf Lake Muskallonge Lake West
Section Five Lake Betsy Lake North
Section Four Lake Betsy Lake North
Sid Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Silver Creek Pond Buckeye Lake
Sleeper Lake Muskallonge Lake SE
Smith Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Snowplow Lake Muskallonge Lake West
South Wheeler Lake Grand Marais SE
Spincich Lake Auger Lake
Spring Creek Trout Pond Tahquamenon Lakes
Spring Hill Lake Auger Lake
Stuart Lake Muskallonge Lake SE
Swamp Lakes Betsy Lake SW
Syphon Lake Buckeye Lake
T Lake McMillan
Tahquamenon Lakes Tahquamenon Lakes
Tek Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Third Creek Pond Roberts Corner
Trout Lake Muskallonge Lake West
Turnbull Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Twin Lakes Newberry
Two Hearted Lakes Muskallonge Lake SW
Wanamaker Lake Hardwood Island
Ward Lake Grand Marais SE
West Branch Lakes Grand Marais SE
Wheeler Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Wheeler Lakes Grand Marais NE
Whitney Lake Tahquamenon Lakes
Whorl Lake Muskallonge Lake SW
Whorl Pond Buckeye Lake
Wolf Lake Buckeye Lake
Wolverine Lake Buckeye Lake
Young Lake Buckeye Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Luce County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Luce County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.