Mackinac County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Mackinac County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anguilm Creek Rexton
Bark Creek Garnet
Beaver Tail Creek Prentiss Bay
Bissel Creek Ozark SE
Black Creek Curtis East
Black River Hog Island Point
Borgstrom Creek Hog Island Point
Brevoort River Pointe aux Chenes
Browns Brook Saint Ignace
Carp River Charles
Cataract River Point Patterson
Cold Creek Millecoquins
Crooked Creek Pontchartrain Shores
Crow River Engadine
Cut River Epoufette
Davenport Creek Hog Island Point
Doe Creek Millecoquins
East Branch Black River Hog Island Point
East Branch Furlong Creek Curtis East
East Lake Branch Carp River Ozark NE
East Mile Creek Naubinway
Elmhirst Creek Pontchartrain Shores
Flat Creek Charles
Flowers Creek Cedarville
Foley Creek Evergreen Shores
Furlong Creek Millecoquins
Garden Hill Creek Charles
Hagler Creek Millecoquins
Harris Creek Millecoquins
Hiawatha Run Rudyard
Hoban Creek Evergreen Shores
Hog Island Creek Hog Island Point
Home Creek Pontchartrain Shores
Hudson Creek Point Patterson
Jocko Creek Millecoquins
Kitchens Creek Moran
Law Creek Hessel
Little Brevoort River Kenneth
Little Cut River Ozark SE
Lower Farm Hill Creek Ozark SE
Lower Millecoquins River Naubinway
Mackinac Creek Hessel
Maloney Creek Millecoquins
Martineau Creek Evergreen Shores
Mattix Creek Naubinway
McAlpine Creek Millecoquins
McCloud Creek Charles
McEachern Creek Gould City
McKay Creek Cedarville
McNeil Creek Engadine
Milk Creek Millecoquins
Moran River McGulpin Point
Mud Creek Kenneth
Nelson Creek Rexton
Newton Creek Point Patterson
North Branch Carp River Ozark SE
North Branch Milakokia River Milakokia Lake
Norton Creek Curtis West
Nunns Creek Pontchartrain Shores
O’Niel Creek Engadine
Ozark Creek Kenneth
Paquin Creek Epoufette
Pearson Creek Cedarville
Peters Creek Hog Island Point
Peterson Creek Hughes Point
Pine River Charles
Point Patterson Creek Point Patterson
Pointe aux Chenes River Pointe aux Chenes
Portage Creek Curtis East
Prentiss Creek Prentiss Bay
Rabbit Back Creek Evergreen Shores
Red Creek Charles
Rock River Engadine
Rock Spring Creek Pontchartrain Shores
Scrams Creek Gould City
Seiners Creek Hughes Point
Shedowin Creek Gould City
Shoepac River Curtis West
Silver Creek Pontchartrain Shores
Silver Creek Kenneth
Silver Creek Garnet
Skunk Creek Millecoquins
South Branch Carp River Kenneth
Spring Lake Creek Ozark SE
Steele Creek Hessel
Strom Creek Curtis East
Sucker Creek Hog Island Point
Sucker Creek Cheboygan
Summerby Creek Moran
Swan Creek Hughes Point
Taylor Creek Pickford
Taylor Creek Ozark SE
Taylor Creek Curtis West
Threemile Creek Naubinway
Toms Creek Milakokia Lake
Twin Lake Creek McRae Bay
Upper Black Creek Curtis East
Upper Farm Hill Creek Ozark SE
Upper Millecoquins River Millecoquins
West Branch Furlong Creek Curtis East
West Mile Creek Naubinway
Wolf Creek Curtis West

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Mackinac County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Mackinac County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.