Menominee County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Menominee County

Place USGS Topo Map
Advent Creek Seagull Point
Alder Brook Hermansville
Bailey Creek Arthur Bay
Baird Creek Stephenson
Beattie Creek Birch Creek
Beaver Dam Creek Hermansville
Big Brook North Lake
Big Spring Creek McAllister
Birch Creek Birch Creek
Bird Creek Cunard
Bis Creek Birch Creek
Blom Creek Banat
Bog Brook Banat
Boyle Creek Nadeau
Brandts Creek Faithorn
Brill Brook Gourley
Brook Creek Wilson
Burke Creek Bear Point
Camp Creek Cunard
Camp H Creek Gourley
Camp Two Creek Hermansville
Carlson Creek Cunard
Cedar River Cedar River
Chappee Creek Chappee Rapids
Collard Creek Gourley
Crawford Creek Gourley
Crooked Creek Seagull Point
Crystal Brook North Lake
Deer Creek Cedar River
Degraves Creek Gourley
DeHaas Creek Banat
Depas Creek Seagull Point
Devils Creek Gourley
Dry Creek North Lake
Earle Brook Faithorn
Elwood Creek Cedar River
Faithorn Creek Faithorn
Fortyseven Mile Creek Wilson
Fowler Creek Arthur Bay
Goodman Brook Miscauno Island
Gordon Creek Wilson
Gorginski Creek Wilson
Grant Brook Stephenson
Hammond Brook Banat
Hanson Creek Wallace
Harding Creek Swanson
Harter Creek Faithorn
Hay Creek Birch Creek
Hays Creek Stephenson
Hayward Creek Wallace
Helps Creek Helps
Hill Creek Birch Creek
Holmes Creek Nadeau
Houle Creek Wilson
Hugos Brook Stephenson
Indian Creek Wilson
Johnson Creek Arthur Bay
Kading Creek Faithorn
Kelley Creek Chappee Rapids
Kimberley Creek Helps
Kirby Creek Marinette East
Knap Creek Wilson
Koss Creek Swanson
Labre Creek Vega
Laurin Creek Banat
Lindberg Creek Wallace
Little Cedar River McAllister
Little Kelley Creek McAllister
Little River Chappee Rapids
Little Shakey Creek Resort Lake
Longrie Creek Resort Lake
Martin Creek Chappee Rapids
Mashek Creek Wilson
Menard Creek Vega
Menard Creek Vega
Menominee River Marinette East
Mill Creek North Lake
Miscauna Creek Miscauno Island
Mullen Creek Cunard
Nacomis Creek Vega
Nadeau Creek Cunard
Olson Creek Seagull Point
Ostrango Creek Chappee Rapids
Pemene Creek Miscauno Island
Phillips Creek Swanson
Pine Creek McAllister
Pine Creek Bark River
Pittsburg Creek Vega
Poterfield Creek Nadeau
Reed Brook Wilson
Rochereau Creek Arthur Bay
Rosebush Creek Miscauno Island
Ross Creek Stephenson
Ruleau Creek Arthur Bay
Sawbridge Creek Miscauno Island
Schetter Creek Nadeau
Seynor Creek Faithorn
Shakey River Resort Lake
Snow Creek Nadeau
Sobiesky Creek Chappee Rapids
South Branch Ford River Helps
Springer Creek Birch Creek
Spruce Creek Vega
Swanson Creek Swanson
Turners Creek Faithorn
Turtle Creek Birch Creek
Twentyfour Mile Creek Schaffer
Utopia Creek Birch Creek
Vega Creek Vega
Walton River Cedar River
Weary Creek Stephenson
West Branch Cedar River Hermansville
West Branch Deer Creek Seagull Point
West Branch Ford River La Branche
West Branch Twentyfour Mile Creek Schaffer
West Elwood Creek North Lake
Whitney Creek Whitney
Wilson Creek Wilson
Woods Creek Swanson

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Menominee County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Menominee County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.