Montcalm County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Montcalm County

Place USGS Topo Map
Amazie Lake Sand Lake
Baker Lake Sheridan
Baldwin Lake Greenville West
Barnard Lake Trufant
Basin Lake Six Lakes
Bass Lake Sand Lake
Bass Lake Six Lakes
Bass Lake Vestaburg
Big Brimmer Lake Six Lakes
Black Lake Trufant
Blind Lake Sand Lake
Bradley Lake Sand Lake
Burgess Lake Greenville West
Burley Lake Howard City
Butternut Lake Sand Lake
Cedar Lake Butternut
Cedar Lake Vestaburg
Churchill Lake Greenville East
Clear Lake Sheridan
Clifford Lake Langston
Coady Lake Coral
Colby Lake Stanton
Como Lake Greenville West
County Farm Pond Greenville East
Cowden Lake Trufant
Cranberry Lake Trufant
Crane Lake Howard City
Crooked Lake Sheridan
Crystal Lake Crystal
Deaner Lake Vestaburg
Derby Lake Langston
Dickerson Lake Langston
Duck Lake Crystal
Dutchman Lakes Trufant
Farnsworth Lake Langston
Fifth Lake Edmore
First Lake Six Lakes
Fish Lake Greenville East
Fourth Lake Edmore
Gould Lake Coral
Grass Lake Sheridan
Grass Lake Stanton
Gray Lake Stanton
Hadicks Lake Greenville East
Half Moon Lake Stanton
Hammell Lake Butternut
Hardley Lake Stanton
Harlow Lake Greenville West
Hemmingway Lake Stanton
Henkel Lake Howard City
Hisington Lake Sheridan
Holland Lake Sheridan
Horseshoe Lake Sheridan
Horseshoe Lake Six Lakes
Horseshoe Lake Trufant
Hunter Lake Trufant
Indian Lake Howard City
Kendalville Lake Trufant
Kirby Lake Edmore
Krampe Lake Howard City
Lake Forest Six Lakes
Lake Montcalm Six Lakes
Lake Steven Crystal
Lampman Lake Sheridan
Little Bass Lake Sand Lake
Little Bass Lake Six Lakes
Little Brimmer Lake Six Lakes
Little Lake Trufant
Little Mud Lake Greenville East
Little Norton Lake Trufant
Little Penny Lake Six Lakes
Little Whitefish Lake Sand Lake
Loon Lake Crystal
Loon Lake Greenville East
Lossin Lake Trufant
Lost Lake Sand Lake
Mahaney Lake Trufant
Mann Lake Sheridan
Manoka Lake Greenville West
Marl Lake Vestaburg
Middle Lake Trufant
Mill Pond Carson City
Mill Pond Sand Lake
Mitchell Lake Sheridan
Moore Lake Trufant
Mosquito Lake Trufant
Mud Lake Langston
Mud Lake Butternut
Mud Lake Crystal
Mud Lake Greenville East
Mud Lake Edmore
Mud Lake Six Lakes
Mud Lake Trufant
Mud Lake Greenville East
Muskellunge Lake Trufant
Muskrat Lake Butternut
Nelson Lake Langston
Nevins Lake Langston
Newcomb Lake Sand Lake
Norton Lake Trufant
Offnear Lake Vestaburg
Paulson Lake Trufant
Pearl Lake Sheridan
Penny Lake Stanton
Penny Lake Langston
Penny Lake Six Lakes
Perch Lake Greenville West
Peterson Lake Trufant
Pickel Lake Langston
Pickerel Lake Butternut
Pickerel Lake Lakeview
Picnic Lake Coral
Race Lake Greenville East
Rainbow Lake Trufant
Robbins Lake Riverdale
Rock Lake Vestaburg
Rocky Lake Trufant
Rosa Lake Sheridan
Sanderson Lake Greenville East
Sawdust Lake Trufant
School Section Lake Trufant
Sealey Lake Sand Lake
Second Lake Six Lakes
Simmons Lake Trufant
Sixth Lake Edmore
Snow Lake Sheridan
Spring Lake Trufant
Spring Pond Sand Lake
Spruce Lake Coral
Tacoma Lake Trufant
Tamarack Lake Lakeview
Third Lake Six Lakes
Thorland Lake Greenville East
Townline Lake Six Lakes
Turk Lake Trufant
Twin Lake Riverdale
Twin Lakes Greenville East
Twin Lakes Stanton
Twin Stone Lakes Stanton
Waltman Lake Sand Lake
Ward Lake Coral
West Lake Trufant
Whitefish Lake Sand Lake
Winfield Lake Lakeview
Wolf Lake Six Lakes
Wood Lake Coral

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Montcalm County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Montcalm County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.