Montmorency County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Montmorency County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anchor Lake Hillman
Avalon Lake Hillman
Avery Lake Crooked Lake
Bear Lake Atlanta
Beaver Lake Hillman
Bedore Lake Royston
Blue Lake Avery
Blue Lakes Silver Lake
Bourne Lake Lewiston
Clear Lake Atlanta
Coopers Pond Hillman
Cranberry Lake Cranberry Lake
Crooked Lake Crooked Lake
Crystal Lake Lewiston
De Cheau Lake Atlanta
Dollar Lake Hillman
Dollar Lake Silver Lake
Double Lake Lewiston
East Fish Lake Oak Lake
East Town Corner Lake Atlanta
East Twin Lake Comstock Hills
Eleventh Lake Oak Lake
Ellsworth Lake Lewiston
Ess Lake Hillman
First Lake Oak Lake
Foch Lakes Silver Lake
Fuller Lake Oak Lake
Gassel Lake Hillman
Gaylanta Lake Lewiston
Gingell Lake Hetherton
Grass Lake Cranberry Lake
Harder Lake Oak Lake
Hidden Lake Lewiston
Horsehead Lake Lake Geneva
Horseshoe Lake Hillman
Jackson Lake Atlanta
Johnson Pond Comins
Kirkland Lake Lewiston
Kirtland Lake Lewiston
Lake Big Wolf Comstock Hills
Lake Fifteen Crooked Lake
Lake Geneva Lake Geneva
Lake Hiawatha Atlanta SE
Lake Inez Atlanta
Lake LaBarge Hetherton
Lilypad Lake Crooked Lake
Little Brush Lake Atlanta SE
Little Crystal Lake Lewiston
Little Grass Lake Crooked Lake
Little Joe Lake Lake Geneva
Little Wolf Lake Comstock Hills
Lockwood Lake Avery
Long Lake Royston
Long Lake Pond Royston
Lost Lake Royston
Lower Tomahawk Lake Cranberry Lake
Lunden Lake Lewiston
Marshall Pond Oak Lake
McCormick Lake Crooked Lake
McMullen Lake Lewiston
Middle Fish Lake Oak Lake
Mitchell Lake Crooked Lake
Morning Star Lake Crooked Lake
Muskellunge Lake Atlanta
Port Wine Lake McCollum Lake
Pug Lakes Atlanta
Rainy River Flooding Cranberry Lake
Ribble Lake Royston
Rush Lake Atlanta SE
Sage Lakes Crooked Lake
Shoepack Lake Lewiston
Spectacle Lake Lewiston
Spectacle Lakes Lewiston
Sportsmen Lake Atlanta SE
Stewart Lake Silver Lake
Sucker Lake Hillman
Sutton Pond Oak Lake
Thompson Pond Lewiston
Town Corner Lake Hetherton
Town Line Lakes Hetherton
Turtle Lake Rust
Twin Lake Atlanta
Twin Tomahawk Lakes Lake Geneva
Upper Tomahawk Lake Cranberry Lake
Valentine Lake Atlanta
Virginia Lake Lake Geneva
Voyer Lake Atlanta SE
Walled Lake Hetherton
West Fish Lake Oak Lake
West Town Corner Lake Hetherton
West Twin Lake Lewiston
Wildfowl Lake Lake Geneva
Woodmere Lake Lewiston

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Montmorency County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Montmorency County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.