Oakland County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Oakland County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Lake Orion
Alderman Lake Highland
Algoe Lake Davisburg
Allen Lake Davisburg
Arrowhead Lake Fenton
Bailey Lake Lake Orion
Baker Lake Fenton
Bald Eagle Lake Ortonville
Baldwin Lake Fenton
Bass Lake Milford
Beaty Lake Highland
Bevins Lake Fenton
Big Lake Highland
Big School Lot Lake West Highland
Bloat Lake Davisburg
Bloomfield Lake Pontiac South
Bogie Lake Milford
Brendel Lake Highland
Bridge Lake Ortonville
Brooks Lake Thornville
Buckell Lake Davisburg
Buckhorn Lake Highland
Buckhorn Lake Lake Orion
Buhl Lake Lake Orion
Bunny Run Lake Lake Orion
Burns Lake Davisburg
Bush Lake Davisburg
Butcher Lake Fenton
Cady Lake Fenton
Carpenter Lake Lake Orion
Carpenter Lake Pontiac North
Carroll Lake Walled Lake
Carus Lake Walled Lake
Cass Lake Pontiac South
Cedar Island Lake Clarkston
Cedar Lake Ortonville
Cedar Lake Oxford
Chalmers Lake Pontiac South
Charlick Lake West Highland
Chase Lake West Highland
Childs Lake Milford
Clack Lake Thornville
Clam Lake Lake Orion
Clam Lake Clarkston
Clark Lake Walled Lake
Clear Lake Oxford
Cogger Lake West Highland
Colley Lake Walled Lake
Copneconic Lake Fenton
Cranberry Lake Milford
Cranberry Lake Lake Orion
Cranberry Lake Clarkston
Cranberry Lake Ortonville
Cranbrook Lake Birmingham
Crescent Lake Clarkston
Crooked Lake Ortonville
Cross Lake Walled Lake
Crotched Lake Davisburg
Crystal Lake Warren
Crystal Lake Pontiac South
Crystal Lake Davisburg
Darby Lake Walled Lake
Dark Lake Clarkston
Dark Lake Oxford
Dark Lake Oxford
Davis Lake Oxford
Davisburg Trout Pond Davisburg
Dawsons Millpond Pontiac North
Deer Lake Clarkston
Dickinson Lake Fenton
Dixie Lake Ortonville
Dollar Lake Pontiac South
Dollar Lake Clarkston
Dollar Pond Thornville
Dow Lake Pontiac South
Downey Lake Highland
Drake Lake Davisburg
Duck Lake Oxford
Duck Lake Highland
Dunham Lake West Highland
Eagle Lake Clarkston
Ekelund Lake Ortonville
Eliza Lake Davisburg
Elizabeth Lake Clarkston
Elkhorn Lake Oxford
Elliott Lake Fenton
Emerald Lake Warren
Endicott Lake Birmingham
Erwin Lake Lake Orion
Esler Lake West Highland
Evans Lake Pontiac South
Fagan Lake Davisburg
Fair Lake Clarkston
Fiddle Lake Clarkston
Fish Lake West Highland
Fish Lake Oxford
Flanders Lake Walled Lake
Flemings Lake Clarkston
Forest Lake Pontiac South
Foster Lake Clarkston
Fox Lake Walled Lake
Foxdale Lake Clarkston
Gallager Lake Milford
Galloway Lake Pontiac North
Geneva Lake Pontiac North
Gilbert Lake Pontiac South
Gourd Lake West Highland
Graham Lakes Lake Orion
Grampian Lake Lake Orion
Grass Lake Ortonville
Grass Lake Highland
Grass Lake Highland
Green Lake Walled Lake
Green Lake Lake Orion
Green Lake Highland
Greens Lake Clarkston
Greens Lake Oxford
Gulick Lake Clarkston
Hadsells Pond Pontiac South
Haines Lake Pontiac South
Halstead Lake Davisburg
Hammond Lake Pontiac South
Handsome Lake Lake Orion
Harris Lake Pontiac South
Harris Lake Pontiac North
Hartwig Lake Davisburg
Harvey Lake Highland
Haven Hill Lake Highland
Hawk Lake Walled Lake
Heart Lake Lake Orion
Heather Lake Oxford
Hess Lake Pontiac South
Hidden Lake Ortonville
Highland Lake West Highland
Hogback Lake Clarkston
Holdridge Lakes Davisburg
Hollyshire Lake Fenton
Honeywell Lake Kent Lake
Horseshoe Lake Oxford
Horton Lake Davisburg
Howard Lake Thornville
Howell Lake Oxford
Hubbell Pond Milford
Huckleberry Lake Clarkston
Huff Lake Ortonville
Hummer Lake Oxford
Huntoon Lake Clarkston
Indian Lake Lake Orion
Indianwood Lake Oxford
Island Lake Pontiac South
Judah Lake Pontiac North
Kellogg Lake Metamora
Kelly Lake Highland
Kennedy Lake Fenton
Kent Lake Kent Lake
Kirby Lake Davisburg
Kirkwood Lake Pontiac South
Knox Lake Ortonville
Lacy Lake Davisburg
Lake Andale Warren
Lake Angela Salem
Lake Angelus Pontiac North
Lake Bars Leak Fenton
Lake Braemar Highland
Lake Charnwood Birmingham
Lake Erin Lake Orion
Lake Genesareth Redford
Lake George Lake Orion
Lake Hope Davisburg
Lake Iroquois Fenton
Lake Lahring Davisburg
Lake Louise Ortonville
Lake Mauna Loa Davisburg
Lake Neva Highland
Lake Nicholas Ortonville
Lake O’Brien Highland
Lake Oahu Davisburg
Lake Oakland Pontiac North
Lake Ona Milford
Lake Orion Oxford
Lake Sherwood Milford
Lake Sixteen Oxford
Lakeville Lake Lake Orion
Lantern Lake Pontiac North
Leonard Lake Highland
Lester Lake Clarkston
Little Carroll Lake Walled Lake
Little Crotched Lake Davisburg
Little Lake Davisburg
Little Lake Thornville
Little School Lot Lake West Highland
Little Walters Lake Clarkston
Lonesome Lake Oxford
Long Lake Davisburg
Long Lake Walled Lake
Long Lake Ortonville
Long Lake Lake Orion
Long Lake Oxford
Loon Lake Milford
Loon Lake Pontiac North
Loon Lake Thornville
Lotus Lake Clarkston
Lower Long Lake Pontiac South
Lower Pettibone Lake Milford
Lower Straits Lake Walled Lake
Lower Trout Lake Rochester
Maceday Lake Clarkston
Mandon Lake Walled Lake
Manito Lake Oxford
Marl Lake Davisburg
Martin Lake Davisburg
McGinnis Lake Davisburg
McWithy Lake Highland
Mead Lake Clarkston
Meadow Lake Pontiac South
Mercedes Lake Walled Lake
Meyers Lake Highland
Middle Lake Clarkston
Middle Straits Lake Walled Lake
Mill Lake Pontiac North
Mill Pond Lake Orion
Miller Lake Rochester
Miller Lake Lake Orion
Millers Lake Pontiac North
Minnie Lake Davisburg
Minnock Lake Fenton
Minnow Lake Pontiac South
Mirror Lake Pontiac South
Mirror Lake Walled Lake
Mitchell Lake Fenton
Mohawk Lake Pontiac North
Moon Lake Pontiac South
Moore Lake Milford
Morgan Lake Pontiac North
Morgan Lake Pontiac North
Morris Lake Walled Lake
Moss Lake Milford
Mud Lake Fenton
Mud Lake Pontiac South
Mud Lake Walled Lake
Mud Lake Clarkston
Mud Lake Milford
Mud Lake Thornville
Mud Lake Pontiac North
Mud Lake Ortonville
Mud Pond Walled Lake
Murray Lake West Highland
Narrin Lake Ortonville
North Commerce Lake Walled Lake
Orange Lake Pontiac South
Orchard Lake Pontiac South
Osmun Lake Pontiac North
Otter Lake Pontiac North
Oxbow Lake Clarkston
Oxford Lake Lake Orion
Oyster Lake Fenton
Parke Lake Clarkston
Pebble Lake Warren
Peninsula Lake Highland
Perch Lake West Highland
Perry Lake Ortonville
Phillip Lake Kent Lake
Phipps Lake Davisburg
Pickerel Lake Highland
Pickett Lake Kent Lake
Pier Lake Davisburg
Pine Lake Fenton
Pine Lake Pontiac South
Pine Lake Oxford
Pitch Haven Lake Walled Lake
Pleasant Lake Walled Lake
Pleasant Lake Clarkston
Ploss Lake Lake Orion
Pontiac Lake Clarkston
Powell Lake Oxford
Prince Lake Lake Orion
Proud Lake Milford
Pungs Lake Oxford
Quicksand Lake Walled Lake
Rattalee Lake Davisburg
Reed Lake Walled Lake
Rice Lake Davisburg
Richardson Lake Fenton
Rossman Lake Metamora
Round Lake Davisburg
Round Lake Walled Lake
Round Lake Lake Orion
Round Lake Oxford
Round Lake Oxford
Rowe Lake Kent Lake
Sandshores Lake Warren
Sans Souci Lake Clarkston
Schmitt Lake Highland
Schoolhouse Lake Pontiac North
Scotch Lake Walled Lake
Scott Lake Pontiac North
Sears Lake Kent Lake
Secord Lake Almont
Seven Lakes Fenton
Seymour Lake Ortonville
Shadow Lake Lake Orion
Shiawassee Lake Highland
Shoe Lake Lake Orion
Silver Lake Pontiac North
Simonson Lake Davisburg
Simpson Lake Pontiac South
Simpson Lake Davisburg
Slack Lake Davisburg
Slating Lake Thornville
Sodon Lake Pontiac South
Softwater Lake Clarkston
South Commerce Lake Walled Lake
Spring Lake Pontiac North
Spring Lake Fenton
Spring Lake Davisburg
Spring Lake Clarkston
Spring Lake Oxford
Square Lake Pontiac South
Square Lake Oxford
Squaw Lake Oxford
Stewart Lake Davisburg
Stiffs Mill Pond Davisburg
Stison Lake Highland
Stony Lake Oxford
Strawberry Lake Davisburg
Stuart Lake Walled Lake
Sugden Lake Walled Lake
Susin Lake Ortonville
Sylvan Glen Lake Birmingham
Sylvan Lake Pontiac South
Tamarack Lake Lake Orion
Tamarack Lake Lake Orion
Tamarack Lake Davisburg
Tan Lake Oxford
Taylor Lake Fenton
Teeple Lake Highland
Terry Lake Pontiac North
Tipsico Lake West Highland
Tomahawk Lake West Highland
Tommys Lake Oxford
Tooley Lake Davisburg
Townsend Lake Clarkston
Tray Lake Milford
Tremper Lake Fenton
Truax Lake Ortonville
Tull Lake Clarkston
Tully Lake Ortonville
Turtle Lake Pontiac South
Twin Lakes Romeo
Twin Sun Lakes Milford
Union Lake Walled Lake
Upper Bushman Lake Ortonville
Upper Lakeville Lake Lake Orion
Upper Long Lake Pontiac South
Upper Pettibone Lake Highland
Upper Silver Lake Pontiac North
Upper Straits Lake Walled Lake
Valley Lake Davisburg
Van Norman Lake Clarkston
Vhay Lake Birmingham
Voorheis Lake Pontiac North
Wabeek Lake Pontiac South
Walker Lake Warren
Walled Lake Walled Lake
Walnut Lake Pontiac South
Walters Lake Oxford
Waterbury Lake Highland
Waterstone Lake Oxford
Watkins Lake Pontiac North
Wau-Me-Gah Lake Ortonville
West Wind Lake Highland
Whipple Lake Ortonville
Whisper Lake Oxford
White Lake Highland
Wildwood Lake Davisburg
Williams Lake Clarkston
Wilson Lake Fenton
Wilson Lake Ortonville
Wing Lake Pontiac South
Winkler Pond Utica
Wolf Lake Thornville
Wolverine Lake Walled Lake
Woodbridge Lake Walled Lake
Woodhull Lake Clarkston
Woodpecker Lake Walled Lake
Woodruff Lake West Highland
Wormer Lake Pontiac North
Young Lake Ortonville

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Oakland County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Oakland County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.