Ogemaw County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Ogemaw County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ambrose Lake Saint Helen NE
Arrowhead Lake Sage Lake
Au Sable Lake South Branch
Bass Lake South Branch
Bass Lake Rose City
Beanshuttle Lakes South Branch
Bear Lake Rose City
Bear Lake Saint Helen NE
Beaver Lake Ogemaw Springs
Big Norway Lake Sage Lake
Big Williams Lake Sage Lake
Birch Lake Skidway Lake
Black Lake Skidway Lake
Boss Lake Skidway Lake
Boughner Lake Skidway Lake
Bovee Lake Skidway Lake
Bush Lake Skidway Lake
Cabin Lake Skidway Lake
Cedar Lake Prescott
Chandlers Lake Skidway Lake
Chatman Lake Edwards
Clear Lake Prescott
Clear Lake Saint Helen NE
Cranberry Lake Prescott
Cranberry Lake Sage Lake
Crapo Lake West Branch
Cummings Lake Rose City
Cutting and Damon Lakes Saint Helen NE
Darlyn Lake South Branch
Deer Lake West Branch
Devils Washbasin Rose City
Devoe Lake Rose City
Dollar Lake South Branch
Doyle Lake Sage Lake
Eagle Lake Rose City
East Stylus Lake Sage Lake
Edwards Lake Edwards
Elbow Lake Skidway Lake
Elni Lake Saint Helen NE
Engle Pond West Branch
Feeding Ground Lake Skidway Lake
Fish Lake Sage Lake
Flowage Lake West Branch
Frost Lake Edwards
Gear Lake Edwards
George Lake South Branch
Grass Lake Skidway Lake
Grass Lake Skidway Lake
Grass Lake Saint Helen NE
Grebe Lake Rose City
Green Lake Rose City
Grousehaven Lake Rose City
Hardwood Lake Prescott
Harper Lake South Branch
Haskell Lake West Branch
Heintz Lake Ogemaw Springs
Henderson Lake Selkirk
Hewey Lake Skidway Lake
Hidden Lake Sage Lake
Horseshoe Lake Saint Helen NE
Indian Lake Skidway Lake
Island Lake Island Lake
Jenkins Lake Sage Lake
Jewett Lake Rose City
Johnson Lake Prescott
King Lake Sage Lake
La Barge Lake South Branch
Laird Lake Sage Lake
Lake Augustina South Branch
Lake George Sterling NW
Lake Ogemaw Skidway Lake
Lang Pond West Branch
Little Au Sable Lake South Branch
Little Cranberry Lake Sage Lake
Little Feeding Ground Lake Skidway Lake
Little Frost Lake Edwards
Little Mud Lake Skidway Lake
Little Norway Lake Sage Lake
Little Stylus Lake Sage Lake
Little Williams Lake Sage Lake
Lodge Lake Rose City
Long Lake Skidway Lake
Long Lost Lake Mack Lake
Lost Lake Skidway Lake
Lost Lake Rose City
Lost Lake Mack Lake
Mallard Pond Rose City
Middle Lake Rose City
Mills Lake Skidway Lake
Mink Lake South Branch
Mud Lake Prescott
Mud Lake Prescott
Mud Lake Sage Lake
Mud Lake Edwards
Mud Lake Edwards
Mud Lake South Branch
Mud Lake Rose City
Mud Lake West Branch
Muleshoe Lake Island Lake
Nero Lake Mack Lake
Nester Lake Sage Lake
No Mans Lake South Branch
North Dease Lake South Branch
Norway Lake Skidway Lake
O’Connor Lake South Branch
Ogemaw Lake Ogemaw Springs
Peach Lake West Branch
Pintail Pond Rose City
Piper Lake Saint Helen NE
Prior Lake Damon
Prior Lake Ogemaw Springs
Rat Lake South Branch
Redhead Lake Goodar
Rifle Lake South Branch
Rifle Lake West Branch
Rose Valley Pond Rose City
Sage Lake Sage Lake
Sandback Pond Rose City
Scaup Lake Rose City
Sidney Lake Ogemaw Springs
Silver Lake Skidway Lake
Silvis Lake Island Lake
Skidway Lake Skidway Lake
South Dease Lake South Branch
South Pond Rose City
Stylus Lake Sage Lake
Tee Lake Edwards
Thunder Lake South Branch
Townline Lake Rose City
Townline Lake Damon
Trout Lake South Branch
Trout Lake Mack Lake
Turtle Lake Skidway Lake
Twin Lakes Sage Lake
Valley Lake South Branch
Wallin Lake Damon
Welles Lake South Branch
Withey Lake Selkirk

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Ogemaw County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Ogemaw County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.