Ontonagon County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Ontonagon County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adventure Creek McKeever
Aho Creek Trout Creek
Aldridge Creek Aldridge Creek
Amundsan Creek Aldridge Creek
Anderson Creek Bergland NE
Argentine Creek Green
Ash Creek White Pine
Austin Creek Ontonagon South
Baltimore River Rockland
Bear Creek Tenmile Point
Beaver Creek Underwood Hill
Bebo Creek Matchwood NW
Bessemer Creek Underwood Hill
Big Iron River White Pine
Black Creek Four Corners
Black Creek Winona South
Blackwood Creek Tenmile Point
Blair Creek Beaton
Bluff Creek Choate
Bond Creek McKeever
Brown Creek Matchwood
Buckless Creek Aldridge Creek
Bush Creek Matchwood NW
Caddis Creek Choate
Caledonia Creek Firesteel
Calf Creek Bergland NE
Canada Creek Bergland NE
Cane Creek Tenmile Point
Canyon Creek Underwood Hill
Caribou Creek Green
Carp River Carp River West
Carp River Inlet Government Peak
Cascade Creek Matchwood NW
Cedar Creek Ewen
Champagne Creek Paynesville
Cherry Creek Tula
Chipping Creek Aldridge Creek
Choate Creek Choate
Clear Creek Bruce Crossing
Cleveland Creek Government Peak
Clifton Creek Matchwood NW
Cranberry River Green
Crazy Creek Aldridge Creek
Crosscut Creek Tula
Crowned Creek Underwood Hill
Cunningham Creek Green
Cushman Creek Rockland
Custer Creek Choate
Cute Creek Paynesville
Darling Creek Paynesville
Deadman Creek Trout Creek
Deer Creek Green
Deer Lick Creek Rockland
Defoe Creek McKeever
Diggings Creek Green
Dishinaw Creek Rousseau
Dogwood Creek Paynesville
Dreiss Creek Ontonagon South
Duck Creek Green
East Branch Duck River Green
East Branch Firesteel River Greenland
East Branch Mill Creek Ontonagon South
East Sleeping River Four Corners
Eden Creek Underwood Hill
Ellis Creek McKeever
Elm Creek Aldridge Creek
Emanuel Creek Paynesville
Erickson Creek Rockland
Extension Creek Aldridge Creek
Farmer Creek Ewen
Firesteel River Tenmile Point
Flintsteel River Tenmile Point
Floodwood River Green
Forsling Creek Oak Bluff
Gates Creek Ontonagon South
Gleason Creek Oak Bluff
Good Creek Paynesville
Grade Creek McKeever
Greentown Creek Firesteel
Halfway Creek Green
Hash Creek McKeever
Haskin Creek Merriweather
Hide Creek Bruce Crossing
Holland Creek Four Corners
Hooded Creek Bergland NE
House Creek Bruce Crossing
Hubbell Creek McKeever
Iddings Creek Matchwood
Inkala Creek Bruce Crossing
Interior Creek Fuller
Irish Creek Ontonagon South
Johnson Creek Oak Bluff
Jug Creek Rousseau
Junco Creek Ewen
Kinglet Creek Tula
Kits Creek Paynesville
Knute Creek Bergland
Konteka Creek Carp River East
Kostlenick Creek Ewen
Landlookers Creek Carp River East
Lane Creek Rockland
Larochelle Creek McKeever
Lathrop Creek Paynesville
Lathrop Creek Paynesville
Leveque Creek Rousseau
Little Cranberry River Green
Little Iron River White Pine
Little Misery River Four Corners
Little Union River White Pine
Livingston Creek Matchwood NW
Loggerhead Creek Bergland NE
Longtime Creek Paynesville
Lost Creek Government Peak
Mannis Creek Kenton
Maple Leaf Creek Ewen
Mason Creek Matchwood NW
Match Creek Matchwood NW
Matheson Creek Watersmeet
McCarthy Creek Four Corners
McFarland Creek Aldridge Creek
McGinty Creek Fuller
McGuire Creek Firesteel
Mendenhall Creek Green
Merriweather Creek Merriweather
Meto Creek Trout Creek
Mile and One-half Creek Bruce Crossing
Miles Creek Green
Mill Creek Ontonagon South
Mill Creek Matchwood NW
Mineral River White Pine
Misery River Winona North
Monehan Creek Firesteel
Mourning Creek Bergland NE
Mud Creek White Pine
Mulligan Creek Ewen
Native Creek White Pine
Nevala Creek Paynesville
Newholm Creek McKeever
Nugget Creek Aldridge Creek
Nuthatch Creek Tula
Ontonagon River Ontonagon North
Paddys Creek Ontonagon North
Patent Creek White Pine
Patty Creek Rockland
Paulding Creek Paulding
Payne Creek Trout Creek
Payseor Creek Paynesville
Paystreak Creek Bergland NE
Pietila Creek Bruce Crossing
Pine Creek Green
Pine Creek Bruce Crossing
Plover Creek Rockland
Polau Creek Choate
Pony Trail Creek Tula
Porterfield Creek McKeever
Potato River Green
Rapid River Aldridge Creek
Ratford Creek Choate
Red Creek Winona North
Redlight Creek Choate
Redpoll Creek Aldridge Creek
Redstart Creek Underwood Hill
Rockland Creek Rockland
Rolston Creek Trout Creek
Romague Creek Winona North
Roselawn Creek Paulding
Russell Creek Matchwood
Saint Cullins Creek Bruce Crossing
Salt Pork Creek Tula
Sandhill Creek Bergland NE
Sandstone Creek Rockland
Schaat Creek Oak Bluff
Schroeder Creek Tula
Scott and Howe Creek Watersmeet
Scott Creek Carp River East
Senecal Creek Winona South
Shiras Creek Aldridge Creek
Shoemaker Creek Matchwood
Silver Creek Winona South
Sleepy Creek Winona South
Sleepy Creek Aldridge Creek
Slough Creek Paynesville
Snuffbox Creek Choate
Song Creek Underwood Hill
Sooty Creek Underwood Hill
South Branch Ontonagon River Oak Bluff
Spring Creek Rockland
Stew Creek McKeever
Stindt Creek Bergland
Stony Creek Green
Sucker Creek Rockland
Sucker Creek Choate
Sugar Camp Creek Tula
Tank Creek McKeever
Tenmile Creek Tenmile Point
Tenmile Creek Choate
Texas Creek Underwood Hill
Three Bears Creek Bergland
Titmouse Creek Tula
Toles Creek Matchwood
Tolfrey Creek Green
Tom Creek Trout Creek
Towhee Creek Underwood Hill
Town Line Creek Green
Town Line Creek Bergland
Trail Creek Carp River East
Trestle Creek Bergland
Trout Creek Paynesville
Tula Creek Tula
Twomile Creek Choate
Union River White Pine
Verrier Creek Rockland
Vesper Creek Underwood Hill
Vine Creek Tula
Washington Creek Carp River East
Weigel Creek Green
Weir Creek Matchwood
West Branch Duck Creek Green
West Branch Firesteel River Greenland
West Branch Iron River Bergland NE
West Branch Ontonagon River Bergland
West Sleeping River Tenmile Point
Whisky Hollow Creek Oak Bluff
White Deer Creek Aldridge Creek
Woodpecker Creek Matchwood NW

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Ontonagon County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Ontonagon County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.