Otsego County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Otsego County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Johannesburg
Apache Lake Otsego Lake
Bass Lake Otsego Lake
Bell Marie Lake Turtle Lake
Belmore Lake Otsego Lake
Berry Lake Gaylord
Big Bass Lake Turtle Lake
Big Bear Lake Johannesburg
Big Bradford Lake Big Bradford Lake
Big Chub Lake Otsego Lake
Big Lake Sparr
Bob Lake Turtle Lake
Bridge Lake Otsego Lake
Buhl Lakes Lake Arrowhead
Caulkins Lake Johannesburg
Chain-O-Lakes Otsego Lake
Chub Lakes Otsego Lake
Clear Lake Johannesburg
Clifford Lake Gaylord
Coot Lake Otsego Lake
Crapo Lake Johannesburg
Deer Lake Lake Arrowhead
Deer Lake Elmira
Denny Lake Johannesburg
Devils Bowl Lake Hardwood Lake
Dixon Lake Otsego Lake
Dodge Lake Otsego Lake
Douglas Lake Johannesburg
Duck Lake Johannesburg
Dudd Lake Johannesburg
Ell Lake Johannesburg
Emerald Lake Turtle Lake
Finnegan Lake Turtle Lake
Fitzek Lake Gaylord
Five Lakes Gaylord
Fleming Lake Vanderbilt
Flott Lake Elmira
Ford Lake Hardwood Lake
Fowler Lake Otsego Lake
Gee Lake Lewiston
Ginsel Lake Johannesburg
Goose Lake Otsego Lake
Graham Lake Lovells
Grass Lake Hardwood Lake
Grass Lake Turtle Lake
Green Lake Elmira
Gump Lake Otsego Lake
Guthrie Lake K P Lake
Hardwood Lake Hardwood Lake
Hardwood Lake Lake Arrowhead
Hatch Lake Otsego Lake
Heart Lake Otsego Lake
Horning Lake Elmira
Horseshoe Lake Otsego Lake
Island Lake Otsego Lake
Jean Lake Turtle Lake
Johannesburg Lake Johannesburg
Kassuba Lake Sparr
King Pond Lake Arrowhead
Knowlton Lake Otsego Lake
Kujawa or Burg Lake Johannesburg
Lake Arrowhead Lake Arrowhead
Lake Dollar Comstock Hills
Lake Eighteen Vanderbilt
Lake Fifteen Sparr
Lake Five Gaylord
Lake Four Gaylord
Lake Horicon Otsego Lake
Lake Little Bear Lake Arrowhead
Lake Manuka Otsego Lake
Lake Marjory Big Bradford Lake
Lake Nineteen Saunders Creek
Lake One Gaylord
Lake Tecon Lake Arrowhead
Lake Three Gaylord
Lake Twentyseven Elmira
Lake Two Gaylord
Lake Washwomen Lake Arrowhead
Lake Wequos Otsego Lake
Lansing Club Pond Hardwood Lake
Lewis Lake Johannesburg
Linton Lake Otsego Lake
Little Bass Lake Turtle Lake
Little Bear Lake Johannesburg
Little Bradford Lake Otsego Lake
Little Crapo Lake Johannesburg
Little Fawn Lake Lake Arrowhead
Long Lake Johannesburg
Long Lake Otsego Lake
Loon Lake Otsego Lake
Lost Lake Hardwood Lake
Lower Chub Lake Turtle Lake
Lynn Lake Otsego Lake
Mallard Lake Otsego Lake
Martin Lake Elmira
McCoy Lake Gaylord
Mud Lake Hardwood Lake
Mud Lake Johannesburg
Nisula Lake Lake Arrowhead
North Twin Lake Hardwood Lake
O’Rourke Lake Gaylord
Oley Lake Turtle Lake
Olund Lake Gaylord
Opal Lake Turtle Lake
Otsego Lake Otsego Lake
Ottowa Lake Otsego Lake
Pants Lake Otsego Lake
Paul Bunyan Punch Bowl Hardwood Lake
Pencil Lake Lake Arrowhead
Perch Lake Johannesburg
Perch Lakes Otsego Lake
Pettifor Lake Elmira
Pickerel Lake Green Timbers
Porcupine Lakes Elmira
Reardon Lake Vanderbilt
Round Lake Hardwood Lake
Round Lake Johannesburg
Round Lake Otsego Lake
Sand Lake K P Lake
Section Four Lake Hardwood Lake
Seminole Lake Otsego Lake
Seventh Spectacle Lake Johannesburg
Sixth Spectacle Lake Johannesburg
South Twin Lake Hardwood Lake
Storey Lake Green Timbers
Swan Lake Lake Arrowhead
Swede Lake Johannesburg
Thomas Lake Lake Arrowhead
Town Line Lake Turtle Lake
Traverse Lakes Johannesburg
Treetops Masterpiece Golf Course Sparr
Turtle Lake Turtle Lake
Viking Lake Turtle Lake
Ward Lake Otsego Lake
West Lake Elmira
West Lost Lake Hardwood Lake
Whispering Lake Otsego Lake
Woodin Lake Vanderbilt

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Otsego County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Otsego County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.