Schoolcraft County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Schoolcraft County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Creek Seul Choix Point
Bear Creek Merwin Lake
Bear Creek Thunder Lake
Bear Creek Cusino
Bear Slough Steuben NE
Beaver Creek Shingleton
Big Murphy Creek Thunder Lake
Birch Creek Hiram Point
Black Creek Merwin Lake
Black Creek Driggs Lake
Boucher Creek Merwin Lake
Brace Creek Smith Lake
Bulldog Creek Seul Choix Point
Bursaw Creek Point Aux Barques
Camp Eightthree Creek Steuben
Camp Seven Creek Seney NW
Carr Creek Thunder Lake
Clear Creek Seney NW
Clemons Creek Merwin Lake
Cold Creek Seney
Commencement Creek Creighton
Creighton River Marsh Creek Pool NW
Cub Bear Creek Merwin Lake
Dead Creek Hiawatha
Dead Creek Seney
Dead Horse Creek Point Aux Barques
Deer Creek Corner Lake
Delias Run Steuben
Delta Creek Marsh Creek Pool
Dougal Creek Merwin Lake
Driggs River Germfask
Dry Creek Manistique East
Ducey Creek Walsh
Duck Creek Merwin Lake
Dufour Creek Manistique West
East Branch Bear Creek Blaney Park
East Branch Fox River Hardwood Island
Fenton Creek Shingleton
Fernia Creek Seul Choix Point
Four Hundred and Five Creek Blaney Park
Fox River Seney
Gents Creek Gulliver
Gierke Creek Point Aux Barques
Goulds Slough Manistique East
Grassy Creek Corner Lake
Gray Duck Creek Hiawatha
Grays Creek Germfask
Grindstone Creek Marsh Creek Pool NW
Gronden Creek Seney
Gronden Creek Seney NW
Gulliver Lake Outlet Gulliver
Hay Meadow Creek Marsh Creek Pool NW
Hay Meadow Creek Steuben NE
Haymeadow Creek Seney NW
Hiawatha Creek Marsh Creek Pool NW
Hickey Creek Marsh Creek Pool NW
Holland Creek Seney
Hudson Creek Sunken Lake
Indian River Manistique East
Indian River Hiawatha
Iron Creek Hiawatha
Island Slough Manistique East
Johnson Creek Manistique West
Kilpecker Creek Thunder Lake
Leg Creek Steuben
Little Bear Creek Blaney Park
Little Duck Creek Merwin Lake
Little Fox River Sunken Lake
Little Indian River Corner Lake
Little Murphy Creek Thunder Lake
Little Smelt Creek Manistique West
Little Star Creek Thunder Lake
Mahoney Creek Driggs Lake
Manistique River Manistique East
Marblehead Creek Gulliver
Marsh Creek Marsh Creek Pool
Mead Creek Germfask
Merwin Creek Merwin Lake
Mezik Creek Marsh Creek Pool
Middle Branch Stutts Creek Steuben
Milakokia River Seul Choix Point
Negro Creek Driggs Lake
Nelson Creek Merwin Lake
North Branch Stutts Creek Steuben NE
Orr Creek Manistique East
Otter Creek Driggs Lake
Parent Creek Hiram Point
Pelky Creek Blaney Park
Pine Creek Germfask
Pine Creek Creighton
Poodle Pete Creek Hiram Point
Ross Creek Driggs Lake
Sand Creek Germfask
Sand Creek Driggs Lake SE
Section Nineteen Creek Marsh Creek Pool NW
Shotgun Creek Cusino
Silver Creek Cooks
Smith Creek Hiawatha
Snyder Creek Manistique East
Snyder Creek Point Aux Barques
Snyder Creek Seney NW
South Branch Stutts Creek Steuben
Southside Creek Steuben NE
Southtown Creek Manistique West
Spring Creek Seney NW
Star Creek Creighton
Stoner Creek Cusino
Sturgeon Hole Creek Smith Lake
Sturgeon Hole Slough Smith Lake
Stutts Creek Smith Lake
Tad Creek Germfask
Tebo Creek Point Aux Barques
Thompson Creek Manistique West
Trail Creek Hiram Point
Walsh Creek Driggs Lake SE
West Branch Fox River Sunken Lake
West Branch Hickey Creek Marsh Creek Pool NW
West Branch Manistique River Smith Lake
Williams Creek Manistique West

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Schoolcraft County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Schoolcraft County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.