Aitkin County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Aitkin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aitkin Lake Libby
Anderson Lake Bay Lake
Anderson Lake Tamarack
Anderson Lake Spirit Lake
Apple Lake Spirit Lake
Avenue Lake Esquagamah Lake
Bachelor Lake Spirit Lake
Baker Lake Waukenabo
Ball Bluff Lake Ball Bluff
Bass Lake Iron Hub
Bass Lake Libby
Bass Lake McGregor
Bay Lake Vanduse Lake
Bear Lake McGrath
Bible Lake Big Thunder Peak
Big Pine Lake Garrison
Big Sandy Lake Libby
Birch Lake Garrison
Black Shadow Lake Bay Lake
Blackface Lake Vanduse Lake
Blackwater Lake Swatara
Blind Lake Esquagamah Lake
Blue Lake Iron Hub
Bone Lake Wright
Boot Lake Libby
Brennen Lake Bay Lake
Brown Lake Libby
Browns Lake Ross Lake
Buss Lake White Elk Lake
Camp Lake Bay Lake
Camp Lake Kimberly
Camp Lake Tamarack
Camp Lake Bay Lake
Carlson Lake Bay Lake
Carrol Heft Reservoir Glen
Cartie Lake Ross Lake
Cedar Lake Isle
Cedar Lake Iron Hub
Chamberlin Lake Mountain Ash Lake
Christmas Lake Bay Lake
Clear Lake Bain
Clear Lake Glen
Constance Lake Spirit Lake
Coon Lake Ross Lake
Cornish Flowage Vanduse Lake
Cranberry Lake Bay Lake
Cranberry Lake Wright
Cranberry Lake Shingle Mill Lake
Cutaway Lake Balsam
Dagle Lake Hill City
Dam Lake Kimberly
Davis Lake Minnewawa
Deer Lake Malmo
Diamond Lake Spirit Lake
Dogfish Lake Iron Hub
Dollar Lake Minnewawa
Douglas Lake Wright
Drain Lake Bay Lake
Dummer Lake Bay Lake
Dutch Lake Lawler
East Lake Waukenabo
Edna Lake Edna Lake
Edquist Lake Spirit Lake
Elm Island Lake Spirit Lake
Esquagamah Lake Esquagamah Lake
Farm Island Lake Bay Lake
Fleming Lake Palisade
Flowage Lake Minnewawa
French Lake Waukenabo
Glacier Lake Balsam
Gregg Lake Wealthwood
Gun Lake Waukenabo
Hammal Lake Spirit Lake
Hammound Pond Balsam
Hanging Kettle Lake Spirit Lake
Hanging Kettle Lake Spirit Lake
Hanson Lake Aitkin
Hay Lake Vanduse Lake
Hickory Lake Spirit Lake
Hill Lake Bay Lake
Hill Lake Mountain Ash Lake
Hills Lake Big Thunder Peak
Holy Water Lake Big Thunder Peak
Horseshoe Lake Bay Lake
Horseshoe Lake Tamarack
Horseshoe Lake Bay Lake
Island Lake Tamarack
Jack Lake Edna Lake
Jacobs Lake Spirit Lake
Jay Lake Automba
Jenkins Lake Palisade
Johnson Lake Aitkin
Johnson Lake Spirit Lake
Johnson Lake Glen
Kangas Lake Swatara
Kelly Lake Spirit Lake
Kelly Lake Lawler
Killroy Lake Glen
Kingsleys Pothole White Elk Lake
Krilwitz Lake Esquagamah Lake
Lake Four Spirit Lake
Lake Four Bay Lake
Lake Minnewawa Minnewawa
Lake Three Spirit Lake
Landgren Lake Spirit Lake
Langs Lake Rabey
Laurel Lake Bay Lake
Libby Lake Libby
Lily Lake Kimberly
Lily Lake Aitkin
Linde Lake Glen
Lingroth Lake Glen
Little Ball Bluff Lake Ball Bluff
Little Hanson Lake Aitkin
Little Hill River Wildlife Impoundment Big Thunder Peak
Little Lake Wright
Little McKinney Lake Swatara
Little Pete Lake Bay Lake
Little Pine Lake Spirit Lake
Little Prairie Lake Little Prairie Lake
Little Red Horse Lake Ball Bluff
Little Ripple Lake Spirit Lake
Little Savanna Lake Balsam
Little Sheriff Lake Lawler
Little Spruce Lake Bay Lake
Little Turtle Lake Spirit Lake
Little Willow River Esquagamah Lake
Lizer Lake Esquagamah Lake
Lone Lake Spirit Lake
Long Lake Thor
Long Lake Bay Lake
Long Lake Palisade
Long Lake Ball Bluff
Loon Lake Balsam
Lost Lake Lawler
Louma Lake Wright
Mallard Lake Spirit Lake
Mandy Lake McGregor
McKinney Lake Swatara
Monson Lake Glen
Moose Lake White Elk Lake
Moose River Pool Hill City
Moose-Willow River Reservoir Hill City
Moulton Lake Ross Lake
Mud Lake Minnewawa
Mud Lake Wright
Mud Lake White Elk Lake
Muskeg Lake Edna Lake
Nelson Lake Automba
Newstrom Lake Hassman
Nord Lake Spirit Lake
Olds Lake Edna Lake
Olson Lake Aitkin
Otter Lake White Elk Lake
Oxbow Lake Libby
Packer Lake White Elk Lake
Perry Lake Big Thunder Peak
Petes Lakes Wealthwood
Pickerel Lake Aitkin
Pine Island Lake Bay Lake
Pine Lake Giese
Pine Lake Spirit Lake
Poor Farm Lake Iron Hub
Porcupine Lake Thor NE
Portage Lake Kimberly
Prescott Lake Bay Lake
Previs Lake Mountain Ash Lake
Rabbit Lake Glen
Raspberry Lake Aitkin
Rat House Lake Balsam
Rat Lake Minnewawa
Red Lake Waukenabo
Remote Lake Balsam
Rice Lake Waukenabo
Rice Lake Lawler
Rice Lake McGregor
Rice Lake Pool McGregor
Rice River Pool McGregor
Ripple Lake Spirit Lake
Rock Lake Palisade
Round Lake Palisade
Round Lake Esquagamah Lake
Round Lake Bay Lake
Round Lake Tamarack
Round Lake Garrison
Sandabacka Lake Lawler
Sanders Lake Sanders Lake
Sanders Lake Bay Lake
Sandy Lake Reservoir Libby
Sandy River Lake Minnewawa
Savanna Lake Balsam
Section Ten Lake Glen
Section Twelve Lake Glen
Section Twenty-Five Lake Glen
Sheriff Lake Lawler
Shovel Lake Shovel Lake
Shumway Lake Balsam
Sisabagamah Lake Hassman
Sitas Lake Bain
Sixteen Lake Spirit Lake
Sjodin Lake Glen
Smith Lake Hill City
Smith Lake Ross Lake
Soderman Lakes Aitkin
Spectacle Lake Bay Lake
Spirit Lake Spirit Lake
Split Rock Lake Split Rock Lake
Spring Lake Glen
Spruce Lake Wright
Spruce Lake Bay Lake
Starry Lake Edna Lake
Starvation Lake McGregor
Steamboat Lake Minnewawa
Stony Lake Balsam
Studhorse Lake Hill City
Sugar Lake Thor
Sunset Lake Spirit Lake
Sunset Lake Bay Lake
Swamp Lake Thor
Sweetman Lake Glen
Tarr Lake Aitkin
Taylor Lake Bay Lake
Taylor Lake Bay Lake
Taylor Lake Hill City
Thirteen Lake Spirit Lake
Thirty-One Lake Glen
Thomas Digman Reservoir Giese
Thornton Lake Bay Lake
Tiesen Lake Libby
Town Line Lake Bay Lake
Townhall Lake Bay Lake
Townline Lake Palisade
Turner Lake Kimberly
Turtle Lake Glen
Twenty Lake Malmo
Twentyone Lake Thor SE
Twin Lakes McGregor
Twin Lakes Libby
Vanduse Lake Vanduse Lake
Vorse Lake Bay Lake
Wakefield Lake Balsam
Washburn Lake Rabey
Washburn Lake Rabey
Waukenabo Lake Waukenabo
Waukenabo Lake Esquagamah Lake
West Lake Esquagamah Lake
Whispering Lake Waukenabo
White Elk Lake White Elk Lake
Wilkins Lake Palisade
Willow River Pool Hill City
Wolf Lake Balsam
Wolf Lake White Elk Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Aitkin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Aitkin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.