Carlton County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Carlton County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bang Lake Sawyer
Bear Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Bear Lake Wrenshall
Benfield Lake Atkinson
Big Lake Sawyer
Black Lake Cromwell East
Black Lake Cromwell West
Blackhoof Lake Atkinson
Bob Lake Iverson
Cedar Lake Iverson
Chub Lake Wrenshall
Coffee Lake Moose Lake
Cole Lake Wright
Corona Lake Sawyer
Cranberry Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Cross Lake Cromwell West
Crystal Lake Atkinson
Dead Fish Lake Sawyer
Eagle Lake Cromwell West
Echo Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Eddy Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Ellstrom Lake Atkinson
First Lake Cloquet
Flodin Lake Atkinson
Flower Lake Cromwell West
Forbay Lake Esko
G-2 Pond Sawyer
Graham Lake Holyoke
Hanging Horn Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Hardwood Lake Martin Lake
Hay Lake Wrenshall
Hizer Lake Atkinson
Island Lake Cromwell West
Jaskari Lake Sawyer
Kahring Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Kettle Lake Cromwell East
Kettle Lake Wright
Lac La Belle Wrenshall
Lac Lake Sawyer
Lake Twentynine Barnum
Langhorst Dam Hanging Horn Lake
Little Hanging Horn Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Little Kettle Lake Cromwell East
Long Lake Cromwell West
Lost Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Lost Lake Esko
Mattlia Lake Wright
Merwin Lake Cromwell East
Miller Lake Sawyer
Moehrke Pond Wrenshall
Moose Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Moosehead Lake Moose Lake
Mud Lake Holyoke
Mud Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Munson Lake Atkinson
Ninefeldt Pool Barnum
Park Lake Barnum
Perch Lake Sawyer
Rice Portage Lake Sawyer
Rice Portage Lake Esquagamah Lake
Rogers Lake Cromwell East
Sandy Lake Atkinson
School Lake Wright
Second Lake Cloquet
Section One Lake Wright
Sofie Lake Sawyer
Soper Lake Holyoke
Spring Lake Atkinson
Spring Lake Sawyer
Spring Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Springer Lake Cromwell East
Spruce Lake Sawyer
Tamarack Lake Cromwell West
Third Lake Iverson
Thomson Reservoir Cloquet
Thomson Reservoir Cloquet
Torchlight Lake Sawyer
Venoah Lake Wrenshall
Walli Lake Wright
Wild Rice Lake Iverson
Woodbury Lake Cromwell West

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Carlton County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Carlton County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.