Grant County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Grant County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Lake Ashby
Ash Lake Stony Lake
Ask Lake Ashby
Bah Lakes Ashby
Bailey Slough Trisko Lake
Barrett Lake Elbow Lake
Barrows Lake Niemackl Lakes
Big Lake Niemackl Lakes
Bolin Lake Hoffman
Briggs Lake Fourmile Lake
Burr Lake Niemackl Lakes
Church Lake Erdahl
Cormorant Lake Elbow Lake
Cottonwood Lake Niemackl Lakes
Doughty Lake Niemackl Lakes
Eide Lake Elbow Lake
Elbow Lake Wendell
Elk Lake Hoffman
Elk Lake Erdahl
Ellingson Lake Erdahl
Engralson Lake Wendell
Field Lake Fourmile Lake
Flekkefjord Lake Elbow Lake
Foss Lake Wendell
Fourmile Lake Fourmile Lake
Graham Lake Niemackl Lakes
Grinder Lake Fourmile Lake
Hagen Lake Fourmile Lake
Hibrooten Lake Niemackl Lakes
Hjermenrud Lake Erdahl
Hodgson Lake Trisko Lake
Horseshoe Lake Elbow Lake
Horseshoe Lake Fourmile Lake
Huset Lake Elbow Lake
Island Lake Elbow Lake
Jenstad Lake Erdahl
Jenstad Lake Erdahl
Johnson Lake Niemackl Lakes
Keitzman Slough Niemackl Lakes
Kenney Lake Elbow Lake
Larson Lake Fourmile Lake
Lee Lake Erdahl
Lee Lake Erdahl
Lightning Lake Wendell
Little Lake Ashby
Long Lake Elbow Lake
Lower Elk Lake Hoffman
Malmgren Lake Erdahl
Melby Lake Ashby
Melby Lake Ashby
Mill Pond Fourmile Lake
Moses Lake Trisko Lake
Mud Lake Stony Lake
Mustinka Flowage Niemackl Lakes
Mustinka River Reservoir Niemackl Lakes
Nelson Lake Niemackl Lakes
Niemackl Lakes Niemackl Lakes
Ohlsrud Lake Niemackl Lakes
Olson Lake Erdahl
Patchen Lake Patchen Lake
Pelican Lake Ashby
Peterson Lake Erdahl
Pletan Lake Wendell
Pomme de Terre Lake Fourmile Lake
Prescott Lake Trisko Lake
Pullman Lake Herman
Reed Lake Hoffman
Retzloff Lake Erdahl
Rhimey Lake Niemackl Lakes
Round Lake Trisko Lake
Round Lake Erdahl
Schmall Marsh Erdahl
Schram Lake Niemackl Lakes
Scott Lake Fourmile Lake
Shady Grove Lake Ashby
Shauer Lake Patchen Lake
Skunk Lake Fourmile Lake
Slotsye Lake Ashby
Spring Lake Erdahl
Stony Brook Lake Wendell
Stony Lake Stony Lake
Swan Lake Elbow Lake
Sylvan Lake Erdahl
Thompson Lake Erdahl
Thorstad Lake Erdahl
Torstenson Lake Erdahl
Trisko Lake Trisko Lake
Turtle Lake Erdahl
Werk Lake Niemackl Lakes
Werson Lake Ashby
Wilson Lake Hoffman

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Grant County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Grant County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.